Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

  1.  Yesterday, my oldest was home sick with a low grade fever and complaining of a headache & stomachache.  She’s had a cough and has been congested for about a week now.  Lets hope this is the last bout of sickness that my girls get now.  I’m over it.
  2. With her home yesterday, I had to miss getting my allergy shot AGAIN and rearrange my entire day.  It’s so hard to always have to put off doing things because it just makes me feel overwhelmed.  I haven’t been able to get my allergy shot at all this month due to other things coming first.  On Sunday, I ended up needing to use my emergency inhaler twice too because of asthma flare ups.  Seriously, I need to get my allergy shot.  It can be so difficult being a mom and never putting yourself first.
  3. Yesterday afternoon I had my first PT appointment for my injured calf.  I am likely going to be out of any intense workouts & out of soccer for at least the next 6 weeks.  My PT had me do some light stretching and she massaged it.  She also took measurments.  It’s pretty swollen, although there is no bruising which imo is so odd for me.  I always bruise.  She is also having me wear lifts in my shoes.  I go back on Thursday for my next set of instructions.
  4. Intense workouts/soccer are my go to outlets for relieving stress.  It is so depressing not being able to do the things I love.  Yesterday was a really stressful day, so my hubby took K to swimming lessons and I stayed home with E and I did a low-intensity arm and ab work out.  It’s not the same as high intensity but I needed to do SOMETHING.  My PT eventually wants me to start using a stationary bike or elliptical machine for part of my rehabilitation.  I’m going to have to figure that one out since I no longer belong to a gym and all I have at home is a treadmill.
  5. On a positive note, we are finally seeing signs of spring here in WI.  We have a bird that we’ve been watching sitting on her nest already.  I’ve been seeing more and more robins, the snow is melting & I officially saw the temp hit 40 degrees.  It’s that strange weather where WI people are still cold but also warm.  So you see people wearing shorts with coats, flip flops with pants, light jackets with scarves, hats and mittens, etc.
  6. Yesterday since I was stuck at home, I went through all of E’s old 3t/4t clothing and got it all washed up for K.  She seems like she will be mostly set for the change of seasons.  She will need a jacket and shoes.  E on the otherhand is in need of everything.  It gets harder and harder to buy for her as she grows too.  We need a free day to do some shopping together so I can see what sizes she fits into and what styles she likes so I can later just buy most of it online for her.  It’s hard shopping with a 7 year old…and I hear it only gets harder.  It’s so much easier when you can just guess their size and pick out what you like for them and they go with it!
  7. I just RSVP’d to my first wedding of 2019 that is the first weekend of June.
  8. My younger sister and her family are in FL right now and she keeps posting all these beachy, balmy pictures.  If you are reading this right now, I kinda sorta hate you, haha!
  9. My dog ripped her paw pads while running outside.  We are pretty sure she tore them up because the yard is partially ice.  We are guessing the ice is what cut it.  She seems to do this every year around this time and I know it’s really painful for dogs.  She’s been limping and not getting to play much frisbee or chuck it.  You can see the depression all over her face.  What we’ve found helpful to heal her pads, in case your dog ever does the same, is to take some gauze and put some udder balm on it and them wrap it up with that sticky tape (that the vet uses to keep an iv in).  Works great for healing and soothing.
  10. K is still not making any progress in the potty training department.
  11. I started decluttering and organizing my closet on Sunday.  It’s not where I want it, but I made some progress.  I also was able to put together a few big boxes of items I am going to donate.  Right away, I loaded them up in my Traverse because I figured if I didn’t then they would continue to just sit.  My plan is to donate them after K and I get done at the library today.  Why does Spring always put you in this mood to declutter and get ride of all the “stuff”?
  12. My lab and ultrasound orders have been sent from the Advanced Fertility office in IL to my OBGYN office here in WI.  This is for the purpose of getting my ovarian reserve tested as a starting point for us deciding on how to move forth in our next decisions with doing IVF or not.  Now, I am just waiting on my period to show so I can schedule to go in on the specific day of my cycle to have my labs and ultrasound done.  Here we are again…waiting.  It’s not a fun place to be in.  All the emotions and feelings are flooding back from before.
  13. I’ve completed 1/4 books I’m currently reading.  Down to 3 and always looking to add more to add to my pile!  Throw your good read book suggestions in my comments section please!
  14. My and my daughter’s 90 day gratitude journals came.  I’m looking forward to starting this with her!  I showed her the journal I got her last night & she asked me, “Mom, what’s gratitude?”  Yes…I’m so glad I decided to do this with her!
  15. When I left the library today, there was a lady that was washing her clothing near the entrance, then laying her wet clothing on the sidewalk, in the sun, to dry.  My guess is that she was homeless.  Part of me wanted to ask her if she wanted to go through the boxes of things I was about to donate, since they were in my car anyways but then the other part of me was scared to ask her because I didn’t know how she would react if I so boldly asked her if she wanted to look.  You just never know how people can take things when you offere to help, especially if you don’t know their story.  So, instead of “helping” I turned my back and went to my car.  Now, I’ve been sitting at home feeling kind of guilty that I didn’t try to help.  However, I also know there are a lot of pan-handlers in this area and maybe she was standing in the middle of the sidewalk, washing her clothes because she knew she’d get the attention she wanted.  It’s so hard to judge a book by it’s cover.  It’s also hard listening to that little whisper inside you when you are torn on what to do in certain situations.
  16. My dog is just loving life right now.  She’s laying on the deck enjoying the warmth of the sun with not a care in the world!
  17. We are a week and a half away from it already being April.  Where the heck did March go?!
  18. No calls from the school today saying I need to come and pick E up from school.  That’s got to be a good sign!
  19. I really need to start switching gears for Easter shopping for the girls.  Thus far the only idea I have is Chalk.  They were outside this weekend and used what we already have drawing and my husband informed me we could use new chalk.  Hmm…what else do you stuff in the good old easter basket, extra points if they are ideas for a 6 and 2 year old girls!
  20. My favorite kind of jelly beans are sweettart jelly beans.  What are yours?

Motivational Mondays for Mombies

Whatever this morning threw at you or whatever lies ahead in your day, just remember to breathe sweet mama.  Breathe in and out.  Feel that?  That is life and your life is precious and it is beautiful.  Remember that, overwhelming and stressful moments are just that.  They are moments.  These moments will pass and you will be ok.  Bad moments do not need to make your entire day awful.  Choose to move past them and think positive from here on out in your day. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to do it all.  Putting yourself last all of the time is exhausting.  Give yourself permission to do things in your day to take care of yourself.  Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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Thankful Thursday

For whatever reason, Facebook & Instagram were not working yesterday.  Most of you know this because you likely experienced the problem for yourself.  I have yet to really hear the facts or “whys” behind this little glitch.  However, so many people were commenting that their photo albums were missing, comments/stories were not posting and/or they were not receiving messages.  Actually, I sensed some panic from some of the people that were able to post about the issue.  Isn’t it kind of sad to think that we get panicked over something like this?  It’s so sad.

I have to say, at first I didn’t know that this was an ‘everybody’ kind of problem.  I just thought it was my phone working incorrectly for whatever reason.  Honestly, I tried multiple times to get a couple stories on Instagram to post with no avail.  I got a little frustrated when I tried watching stories and they would freeze or I’d watch the “thinking circle” spin round and round.  It was hypaotizing really!  I probably wasted a good amount of time trying to get my social media accounts to work and also to get my content posted-more time then I care to admit.

However, I quickly started seeing other people on Facebook saying they were having issues as well.  Well, cripes…I guess I didn’t need to restart my phone 50 times!   Knowing that it wasn’t working well for everyone and not just me, I made the personal decision yesterday to put the phone away.  Obviously, there wasn’t any point in wasting more time and I was so thankful that I came to that conclusion.

…and you know what, I was truly thankful for this forced break from my phone and glitch on social media.

It truly got me thinking that I need to start scheduling more breaks in my days from this very thing.  I have to admit that it was a strange feeling not being able to access nad use social media in the way I do 24/7 day in and day out.  Out of habit I found myself just walking back over to my phone and putting in my hand.  Out of habit y’all.  Wow, seriously it was yesterday that I realized this is a problem for me.

Instead of being on my phone, you may be wondering what some of the things I did with  my free time were?  Well, here is a small list:

-Finished reading Girl Wash Your Face and started reading Break Through.

-I called my dad.

-My floors finally got swept and scrubbed.

-I sat on the floor and colored with my daughter for half an hour without interruption or telling her “just a second”, because when I tell my kids this it usally means need to do something on my phone.

-I played frisbee with my dog.

-I cleaned out my purse (something I’ve needed to do for a long time now)

-I watched an episode of This Is Us while I folded ALL my laundry.

You guys.  When we say we “don’t have time” to do the things listed above…we really do have the time, we may just be spending our time foolishly by being nose deep on our phones.  It truly wastes so much of our time.  I knew this to be a fact before, but I truly felt it yesterday and it make me think.  I spend a lot of time on my phone.

I will be the first to admit it.  My phone consumes me.  They always say the first step to fixing or changing a problem, is admitting that you actually have one in the first place.  Here I am, in my raw honesty, telling you that instead of living and enjoying my life first hand, a lot of the time I spend it by living it through other people on social media or by thinking I need to display every picture, story, or fact about my personal life for all to see.  It’s a little crazy when I stop and think about it.

Life is meant to be lived.  If this were your last day here on Earth, could you say you were living or would you say you were nose deep on your phone.  Seriously, the things we miss out on because of this little devise.  One of the most important, is missing out on my children because I let my phone take priority.  It’s easy to get sucked into a habit like this but it is not living.  I vow to be better from here on out.  My children deserve it and I owe it to myself to live life and see the moments around me.  Life is too short.

So, thank you social media glitch yesterday.  I am truly thankful that you broke down and helped me to feel and see how spending my time with you affects me, my family and my children.  It was a wake up call.  Maybe if you felt lost with it not working yesterday, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and look around and how you use your time as well.  In a world where phones have taken over everyone, it’s never to late to make the change to step away and unplug daily.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.  You will feel alive once again.

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Wondering On Wednesdays

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Asking for a friend, erg…ok, asking for myself:  Does it make me a bad mom if I sent my daughter to school in a damp shirt?

I can’t even tell you how stressful my morning was.  It was one thing after the other that kept making me feel stress upon stress upon stress.  I felt my emotions spiraling out of control the second I got my daughter on the bus.  Y’all, I literally shut the door behind me, sat my back against the door and slid my body down the door until I was in a sitting position on the dirty entryway rug.  I had my hands to my face and was sobbing out the stress I had felt accumulated in me this morning-all the while, my two year old daughter was looking at me very confused.

Now, let’s back track a bit.  Last night around 8:30 p.m. I got a memo from my daughter’s teacher that said, “Don’t forget, tomorrow is twin/dress a like day.”  That was it, the whole memo in one non-informative sentence.  By this time, my daughter was in bed sleeping and I wasn’t about to wake her up to ask her what the heck this twin/dress alike day entailed.

Clearly, it was the first memo I had gotten about this special dress day it.  I was clueless.  At that hour of the night, the last thing I want to be doing is worrying about something for school the next day and scrambling around to put together an outfit, for a day at school that I am just hearing about.  This is especially true when this new thing I need to do for my daughter and figure out is interrupting my time watching the draumatic finale of the Bachelor.  Who’s with me on that one?  Just no…no… and no!

Luckily for me, my friend texted me not even 5 minutes later and was like, “Um, apparently tomorrow is twin/dress alike day at school huh?”.  Apparently, she was confused too and and I could tell that it must be the first time she was getting this information too.

In the moment, I felt a wave of relief that I wasn’t the only clueless parent because at first I felt like the only reason I didn’t know about this was because I must be a bad mom. Maybe, just maybe and it was very likely, I just didn’t pay attention to a previous email or note about this.  However, this wasn’t the case at all-WHEW!  Also lucky for me, her daughter was still up and explained to her that twin/dress alike day is simply dressing up identical to a friend at school of your choice. Sounded simple to me.   Even sounded like an easy last minute to-do, right?!


Although our daughters are not in the same class this year, they are still very good friends and in the same grade.  In fact, their class rooms are right across the hall from one another and they also ride the bus together.  We decided that we would have those two dress a like.  Since they went to the same soccer camp last summer we knew they both had the same Polar Bear Soccer Camp T-shirt, again-WHEW!

They would for sure be rocking being TWINSIES tomorrow at school!

Knowing that I wouldn’t fall asleep without finding this shirt before bed (and the fact that I would likely forget come morning) I decided to grab a flashlight (so I didn’t wake her up by turning on her bedroom light) and start digging in my daughters dresser for this shirt.  It was just a matter of remembering where this shirt could be.  I knew it would be in her PJ drawer because she’s worn it as PJ’s before.  After much digging, I found the shirt!  Score! That was so much easier then I thought it would be.  My brain was settled since I accomplished that task, so I settled back on the couch and could thankfully continue with my tv show!

Now, in my opinion, no matter how much your plan or prepare for your mornings to run smoothly, it never fails to blow my mind how quickly a good morning can turn to a bad one in a matter of seconds.  This was my case this morning, hands down.  I won’t go into details about all the things leading to my break down, but the biggest frustration came when my daughter was goofing around at the breakfast table.  This was truly the icing on the cake and obviously my breaking point.

I had given her several warnings to sit her  butt in her chair and eat her breakfast.  I had told her over and over to stop bothering her sister and to keep her hands to herself.  However, despite my warnings and attempts to get her to behave, she failed to listen or behave.  Next things I know, she is crying and frantically yelling my name as I was trying to unload the dishwasher.  I ran over to her and saw that her entire bowl of cereal with milk is spilled all over her shirt and pants.   It was 6:38 a.m.  She typically starts to get ready to get on the bus at 7:08 a.m. and I’m thinking is this really happening right now?!  Typically, it wouldn’t have mattered so much about spilling on her clothes because any other normal day I would have just had her change, throw her clothes in the laundry, and she’d be on her merry way…the end.  Not today.

If you forgot…today was dress alike/twin day at school.  Your kids don’t forget little details like this.  By this time, my 7 year old was having a full blown melt down. Obviously, I had already told her that she was going to dress like her friend by wearing matching t-shirts. I had even shown her the snapchat picture of her that my friend had sent me of her daughter wearing the same outfit to get my daughter on board and excited.   The last thing I needed was another meltdown from her because she couldn’t wear this specific outfit.

I knew I needed to get a quick wash going (which taks 28 minutes) and get her items in the dryer stat to be ready for school.  I realize I could have just put it in the dryer and sent her to school smelling like dried milk.  However, instead,  I had her strip down and so I could throw her outfit on that quick wash cycle.  However, 7:08 a.m.  arrived quick and the outfit was still in the dryer.  At this point, I had to decide to send her to school in something entirely different OR send her to school in a damp shirt.

Well folks, the damp shirt won.

Now, in my defense she was wearing a long sleeve shirt under her damp shirt so its not like she was wearing a damp shirt that was touching her skin.  Her damp shirt was also more dry then it was damp.  However, I was still left with that twang of mom guilt after she got on the bus and feeling like I was a bad mom (worrying about what others would think of me as a mom if they realized my daughters shirt was damp and I sent her to school like this).  What is more maddening is that I had planned for this morning to go smoothly and the whole array of events leading up to her spilling her milk was not my fault.  It was NOT my fault, but I’m still the one feeling stressed, awful, and like a bad mom.

Why do we do this to ourselves mamas?  I know I’m not the only one who has negative self talk as a mom.  Not only this, but we are so incredibly hard on ourselves, and we are hard on ourselves more often then not.  If I look at the entire picture now, I see that I did the best I could this morning.  I really did!  Nothing that I did should put me in the category of a bad mom and I know you would see it that way too if you were visably a part of my morning.

I literally did all I could to set us up for a successful and smooth morning.   Yet the events that unfolded were anything but smooth.  I think that’s where we doubt ourselves as moms.  I think this is where we feel like we are failing our children.  I think this is where we allow negative self talk to come into play.  In reality we should not be doubting ourselves and we most certainly are not failing our children as their moms.

In the book, Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, she has a chapter (Ch. 9 to be exact) called The Lie: I’m Not a Good Mom.  Ladies, if you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend you to do so.  This chapter really resonated with me.  One thing she wrote was this, “A single day, or even a handful of days, when you aren’t mom of the century won’t make or break your kids.  It’s the intention to do well that will see them through.  It’s the lessons in grace and self care and realistic expectations, where you teach them about what you’re capable of, that will truly serve them later on.  Choose a handful of things that you rock as a school mom, then knock those out of the park as often as you can.  The other stuff?  Give yourself the permission to do the best you can and the grace to be peaceful on the days when you miss the mark.”  Wow!  Just wow.  I think this is something we all need to read and let soak in a minute.

After my little cry fest at our entry door, which for me was just how I was relieving the stress I was feeling, I took a deep breath and pressed on with my morning.  We all know, that life keeps revolving even after morning that didn’t run smootly.  There is no room for a long drawn out pity party.  It is, however, important to have an outlet and a way for you to let go of this stress.  For me, this morning, it was a good cry.

The fact is, there are more days like this ahead for me in motherhood.  It will be completely normal for me to again question if I am a good mom.  I believe that if I truly wasn’t a good mom, that I wouldn’t even care to question myself.  I am going to feel overwhelmed, and stressed, and feel like I’m doing it all wrong.  It’s not an easy role to take on and it doesn’t come with any right or wrong way to do things.  Mom-ing is going to look different for everyone.

However, I know in my heart I really try to do right by my kids.  I really do the best I can and be the best mom I can because I love them.  I love them so much.  I mean, if I interrupted my me-time last night to look for a stupid T-shirt that’s got to speak volumes, am I right?

At the end of the day, it’s not a question if I’m a good mom or not, because I know I am a the best mom for my kids and you should believe that you are too.  No matter what shit storm rolls through your day.  Like any storm, it passes and the birds always come back out to sing.

End of story.

Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

  1.  My throat is scratchy, my head hurts and I’ve got the sniffles and runny nose today.  Since K has been sick and coughing, sneezing, and breathing in my face I assume I’m doomed to get the crud soon too.  Overall, this has been a healthy Winter for my family and I (compared to last Winter) and if this is the worst of it, I’ll take it.
  2. When it comes to your kids, do you error on the side of caution and take them to the doctor when they have cold symptoms or do you let nature take its course?  I feel like K likely just has a viral cold, but I don’t know how to rule out a cold coming out of her eyes vs. pink eye.  Also, the green thick snot coming out of her nose is constant and it worries me she could have a sinus infection or with her eyes and nose bugging her it could be her ears.  My gut says cold, but the mom in me wants to error on the side of caution and just take her in.  …which I am, her appointment is at 11:45.  It’s likely just a viral cold and I’ll be paying $175 for them to tell me this.
  3. I’ve been trying to work out at least 3 days a week at home.  I’ve been doing the T25 workouts and my husband has joined me for them the last four times I’ve done them.  The last couple days he’s been complaining that he is sore and inside I’m dying laughing when he mentions anything about it.  He isn’t one to typically work out with me, so maybe that’s why I find it kind of funny.
  4. Have you guys seen the trailer for the movie, Break Through?  When a trailer brings me to tears, I know it’s going to be a good movie.  My friend and I pre-ordered the book to read (and it’s coming today) before we see the movie with our church (they are reserving a theater room when the movie comes out for the people who go to church that want to see it).  I’ve always been one to want to read the books before seeing the movie.  If I see the movie first, I rarely read the book.  If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out here:
  5. This is a reminder that if anyone is interested in doing the gratitude journaling with me for 90 days, please shoot me an email at and I can give you all the details.  Your kids can join in too if you’d like to make it a family affair.  I’m going to have my 7 year old join along side me!
  6. My two year old, when asked something that she doesn’t want to do has been responding very boldly, “NO NOT”.  I am not quite sure where she picked up saying not but I can’t help but laugh, even when I’m frustrated trying to get her to cooperate in the moment.  For example, I just asked her to lay down so I could change her diaper and she looked at me and said, “No, Not” and proceeded to run around the house away from me.  Isn’t it crazy how frustrating and how cute your kids can be all in the same second?!
  7. Spring can get here any day.  I’m so anxious to be able to get outside and get my daily walks in (without being cold and/or slipping on the ice).
  8. On that same note, who is excited to eliminate hats, coats, mittens, boots, scarves, gloves, etc from your entryways…GAHH, I am so tired of the extra clutter we have due to Winter attire.  I’m ready to pack that stuff away!
  9. Well, since writing #2, I’ve taken my daughter to her appointment and she has a double ear infection…gahhh!  So glad I took the poor little nugget to go get checked out!
  10. I have to get my drivers license renewed by May.  I actually really love the picture of myself on my current license because I got it taken shortly after my honeymoon.  I look young, tan, and well rested…unlike my current self now.  I dread this new picture on this new license!
  11. I got my doctor bill from when I thought I broke my nose…yup $372 later.  Guess it’s better to be safe then sorry…but seriously, that was an expensive blow to the nose!
  12. Easter is quickly approaching.  I have to be honest and say I am dreading putting together Easter baskets this year.  I’m seriously exhausted just thinking of the task…mainy because it will require me to actually go shopping AT the store instead of online shopping…I used to love shopping, but it is honestly the last thing I want to do in my free time now.  If anyone has any brilliant ideas for a 7 year old and 2 year old girl send them my way.
  13. Speaking of….I really am trying to embrace these last moments with believing.  it’s crazy that my first born is almost to the age where she will discover the truth.  Gosh, it’s truly sad to think about.  If you have any stories on how you handled this stage and telling your children the truth, I am all ears.  I believe a parent can never prepare yourselves for this conversation too soon.
  14. Preparing a lame dinner tonight…baked chicken, green beans and either rice or a cold pasta salad.  Putting a ton of thought into this one tonight…heh.
  15. My oldest has her showcase on Saturday.  She’s been preparing for her play for almost two months.  Last night was rehearsal and it was adorable.
  16. I’m getting my hair cut and colored at the end of May.  It’s the longest it’s been for a while.  I kind of like the length, but it does need at least a good healthy trim.  if it were not for soccer and being so active I would chop it off again.  It’s been a long time since I’ve chopped it.  It’s so tempting (especially this time of year)!
  17. When I picked up E from school yesterday upon entering my car she told me that two boys barfed at school…lovely.  This is just what I want to hear upon picking her up.  Crossing my finger she doesn’t get the bug.
  18. I’ve been slacking at my water intake lately.  Anyone else?  There has got to be a water app or something that helps to hold you accontable.  I will have to look into it further.
  19. My oldest is all signed up for summer soccer and coach pitch!  I’m so glad she’s been wanting to stick with these sports.
  20. I stumbled across a preview for This Is Us for this coming week.  Anyone else watch the show?  What is your verdict on what happens to Kate?  I am always so thrown by what these writers of the show come up with next.  I do wish they would start adding some positive outcomes…it seems like it’s been really heavy material (but oh so good)!

Motivational Monday for Mombies

Raise your hand if, like me, you are a constant busy body?! This is not to be confused with the actual definition of a busy body, which if you look up, says is a meddling or prying person.  I’m talking about this kind of busy body:

-You always have to be doing something. 

-You always need your hands moving, even when you are sitting. 

-You always need to feel like you are accomplishing a task. 

-You actually have people in your life telling you that you are a ‘busy body’.

You literally can not sit still or sleep or enjoy anything unless your to-do list is tackled or the obsessive thoughts in your brain that you feel need to be done are in fact done.

If any of the above resinates with you at all, then there is no denying it that you are in fact a busy body.

This morning, my toddler is sick.  This throws a curve ball in my day because there is no way I am leaving my house or taking her with me to get things accomplished.  She has goopy, red, watering eyes, a constant runny-thick-green nose and a nagging cough.

Seriously, I went from having my whole day mapped out to having to cast it all aside to take care of my sick child. This tends to happen when you have kids.  Originally, my day was going to be full of being busy.  Well, it went from busy to being low-key in a matter of seconds.  I do not do well with low-key, especially when I have a million things on the old to-do list.  My daughter just wants to snuggle and selfishly I’m super anxious about sitting, because in my mind, I don’t have time to sit today.

Oh contraire, said a little voice in my head.  This little girl needs snuggles and extra TLC today and nothing-NOTHING-else matters right now. The only things that should be on my to-do list today are taking care of my sick child and also taking care of myself.  All the other things can wait.

Life happens.

Today, it just so happens my child is sick.  Sometimes, these life circumstances are out of our control.  Lets face it, we can only plan our days to an extent. We (and I mostly mean me right now, haha) need to just learn to roll with the punches.  We (*cough, me) need to learn to quiet the anxiousness inside and suck up the fact that we can’t be and do everything all at once…and that mombies, is ok!

One day of casting aside the busy work, doesn’t mean you’ve failed.  It doesn’t mean that it will never get done.  It certainly doest mean the world is ending.  You will survive this low key, unplanned day.  For me, it’s hard because when I think of the opposite of being busy I think of these words:  ignoring, neglecting, laziness, canceling.  Sometimes, I feel like if I am not busy doing everything else then others associate me with these words, that in my mind are almost negative.  Can you relate?

However, today my child trumps anything else that I could be doing.  When I really evaluate my day, nothing was pressing or so important that it couldn’t wait.  The only thing today that can’t wait, is helping my child feel well again.  What this looks like for me is slowing down, making her a priority and making her my soul focus.  It was a no brainer that my plans needed to change in order for me to put her first today.  Nothing else matters.

When you remind yourself to slow down, prioritize and focus on what (or who) matters it can make a huge difference on how you see “being busy” in your life.  Even me, the biggest busy body, has an “aha moment” and can quiet the anxiousness of everthing else that needs to get done when I remind myself of this.  As long as my child and myself are taken care of, I’d say it’s been a successful day.  Depending on what life throws at you each day, being accomplished will look and feel different depending on just that.  We are too hard on ourselfs sometimes as moms, so if no one has told you lately I think you are amazing and doing a wonderful job!  Sometimes, just taking care of your child is enough.  Let that be enough for you too!


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