Wondering On Wednesday

Getting sick as a mom is rough. Being a stay at home mom, I do not get any sick days. I can’t call my boss and tell them I’m not coming in to work today. I can’t ship my kids off to day care, so I can rest. Instead, I have few choices but try to still function and do my mommy duties on top of not feeling well. There is a reason why M-O-M, when flipped upside down is W-O-W! We are extraordinary and one of a kind. However, that doesn’t mean that we still don’t need and deserve a little rest and TLC when we are not feeling up to par. So, when you are not feeling well, I am wondering what you do in your day to take care of yourself, while you are still doing everything else too? I hope you share with me your secrets.

I am currently running on little sleep. I can’t breathe through my nose. My ears are pluggled, my eyes are watering. My throat is sore. My head feels like it’s being squeezed like a lemon. I was up multiple times with my little during the night, up at 5 am on the dot, showered, got my oldest ready for school and on the school bus, and although I have nowhere important to be today, I do have a 1 year old (a very busy 1 year old I may add) to keep entertained & happy. *Deep Sigh* Here we go.

Since I asked you what your secrets are in taking care of yourself while you are sick and still taking care of your kids, I thought I’d share with you some things that I’ve been doing in case you are wondering. Lets compare notes.

  1. When my child is content, I let them be content. I don’t look at them. I don’t talk to them because if I do they will start to cry and quickly decide they need me. Basically, I ignore them for a bit in fear I will disrupt that contentment. While they are content, I rest on the couch. Sometimes this lasts only 5 minutes. Sometimes, it’s 20 minutes. A mama takes what she can get.
  2. Although the mess of toys drives me crazy. I do not waste any energy on picking a single thing up all day. I let the mess take over until it actually bothers my husband enough that he decides to pick up the toys when he gets home from work.
  3. I drink warm beverages to soothe my achy throat. The last few days I’ve been loving hot water with lemon and honey. I treat myself to warm beverages after my daughter is down for a nap because they help my entire body relax enough to close my eyes while she is napping. Otherwise, it’s hard for me to nap.
  4. I don’t feel guilty about giving my child tv time when I am sick. On a normal day, yes. On a sick day, no. Anything to keep them quiet, especially with this headache!
  5. When my child wants to snuggle I say yes always! This allows me to sit down without feeling so guilty.
  6. Cancel all play groups or neglect doing anything outside the house. As a SAHM, I am constantly doing this, running there, going to this play group, going to the library, etc. When I’m sick I make staying home a priority because running everywhere just runs me down more.

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Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday…

  1.  Starting my morning with hot honey & lemon water to soothe my sore throat, now if I could only find something to help my headache and congestion…😣🤧🤕😩Image may contain: drink and food
  2. “A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you really are.” -Unknown
  3. 4 years ago today our sweet Wynnsor passed away.  I can’t believe it’s been that long.  I’ll never forget that dog and how special she was to Zach and I.  So today, I remember our sweet Wynnie and hope she is having fun up in doggy-heaven chasing squirrels, playing chuck it, and eating all the treats her sweet heart desires.  We love and miss you Wynnsor.No automatic alt text available.
  4. It’s 24 degrees outside right now and it feels like a heat wave in Wisconsin.  The negative temps and horrible windchills we had been having made it feel so incredibly cold.  However, I have to remind myself that 24 degrees is NOT warm.
  5. This week is my week to host play group on Thursday which means I need to clean house today and tomorrow.  Let me tell you, it’s going to take me a while because our house is filthy.  In the hours I spend cleaning though, it takes mere seconds for it to look just how it was before.  How does that happen?  For real.  It makes me want to cry.
  6. My daughter got multiple toys that sing songs and make animal noises.  O.M.G I seriously want to drop kick them all across a football field.  I can’t take the annoyingness of them anymore.  I cringe at the very sound of any toy that makes noise right now.
  7. So…what are you all thinking of the Bachelor?  I keep thinking that Arie will show us something more or come out of his shell and be less ZZzzzzz!  I know we are not too far into the show yet and there’s more to come but I get this feeling that this is it.  I personally don’t find him that attractive and the majority of women on his season seem too young for him and not on the same page in life as he is.  I can’t say that one girl stands out more then the other for me right now.  I’ll have to keep you posted on my thoughts as the show goes on.
  8. My daughter calls her special blanket her “Mimi”.  I don’t know why, but I do think it’s the absolute cutest thing in the world.  My oldest daughter used to call her nuk, her “Bah” which was equally as cute.
  9. Recently I followed and liked a botique in Rockford, Ohio called Betsy’s Botique Shop.  I’ve been swooning over all the clothing and outfits and accessories they’ve been posting.  It’s been so tempting to purchase from them, but I haven’t yet pulled the trigger.  I wish I had a closet full of their style though because I love everything!  I just wanted to give a little shout out to them and if I am ever in Rockford, Ohio I am going to stop in and do a little shopping!
  10. I still would like to know more about the Ava bracelet from someone other then a celebrity who is trying to endorse it.  …and why, oh why is it so expensive.  It’s currently $249 and I only see a $20 discount when you use a code that a famous person gives you for a discount.  If you know more about this, tell me more.
  11. Even though I’m not feeling 100% today (and K still has a yuck nose) I’m going to take her to toddle time at the library.  We’ve just been so cooped up we need to get out, even if it is only for a couple hours.  This winter has been the pits.  I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to start taking daily walks outside again.
  12. It’s funny because I’ve been wearing leggings pretty much daily since Fall.  It’s rare that I ever wear jeans anymore; however, when I have my period I just don’t feel comfortable wearing leggings, I prefer to wear jeans for some reason.  My husband said to me this morning, “Wow, this is the most I’ve seen you wear jeans in a long time.”  It made me laugh.
  13. My oldest daughter sleep walks/talks.  Last night she came to my bed at 11:30 and asked if she could have a snack.  She was clearly out of it so I walked her back to her room and when she crawled back in I noticed she didn’t have a shirt on.  When asking her what happened to her shirt she mumbled, “I threw it in my laundry basket ok.”  However, it was laying at the end of her bed.  You guys, sleep walking and being disoriented is so crazy.
  14. Is anyone’s kids into those Little Critters?  My daughter got some for Christmas.  She has been playing with them a lot and loves them but why oh why do their accessories have to be so tiny?  How do you deal?  Where do you store these pieces?  With having a little in the house, I don’t enjoy the little pieces that come with some of these toys for the pure fact that my little puts every thing into her mouth.  She also enjoys the girls lego sets.  Talk about a mother’s worse nightmare!Image result for lego memes
  15. My daughter got invited to her first classmate’s birthday party coming up in January.  After talking to her mom we realized that we live in the same neighborhood, only a couple streets away and I played as a fill in on her soccer team this summer.  We also go to the same church.  Small world.  Is this how adults make friends?  Haha.  I always find it nice when there are things that connect you to people and the potential is there for a friendship.  The struggle is real.
  16. Speaking of soccer, I hope I can play more this summer.  It was fun getting my feet wet in that sport again.  I missed it, but it wasn’t as easy as it once was on my body.  It took a lot longer for the aches and pains to go away, haha!
  17. My shutterfly order is taking a lot longer then normal to get to me.  Hmm….
  18. My grandma is in the hospital.  She’s been in the hospital since last week.  She is 94 and had a bad UTI and also had 2 strokes that affected her thalamus.  The end is near for her and although I never had a relationship with her, I do have some childhood memories of her  that I cherish and my heart is of course sad for my mom.  No matter the dynamic, it isn’t easy to lose someone who is in your family.  She is a part of me no matter how close we were, or not. I also put myself in my mom’s shoes as she is currently watching her mom die…this, this is hard because I just can’t imagine the emotions she’s going through and it makes me sad for her.  Prayers are appreciated.  My grandma is stubborn and strong (both qualities that I have as well) and is fighting hard but she is also tired & the stroke greatly affected her.  We just want peace for her.
  19. I’m donating another 849 oz. of breastmilk tomorrow.  This donation will completely wipe out my upright freezer.  I still have the chest freezer full though.
  20. “If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else up.”-Booker T. Washington

Motivation Monday for Mombies

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To all you Mama Bears out there, I truly believe that the above words are words we need to tell ourselves every.single.day.  It’s hard being a mom and juggling our time with our kids.  We are not perfect, therefore, we also are also never perfect moms.  However, if you are like me you’ve probably experienced moments where you feel like a failure as a mom.  I’ve been having some mom guilt lately.  As many of you can relate to, there just never seems to be enough time to in the day to do all the things you imagined you’d do upon waking up.  The good intention is always there, but something always gets casted aside.

Mom Confession:  Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been casting aside quality time with my oldest daughter.  Instead of taking the time to actually sit down and play with her I have been making myself busy around the house or letting distrations take priority.  Admitting this to myself has got me in a funk, feeling down right awful and questioning if I am a bad mom and if I am failing when it comes to not taking for granted these precious moments with my child while she’s still young.

The other night, I actually went to bed so mad at myself and nearly in tears that the day just passed me by and I literally didn’t play with her once.  She was happy and content doing her own thing, playing with her sister and also the neighbor boy so I didn’t bother to intervene. There was a couple times she asked me to play and I told her “later” and because she didn’t come back to ask me to play again I didn’t bring it up. However, as bedtime neared and the weekend slipped away fully knowing school was to start back up again and she would not be home, regret started to eat away at me.

At bedtime, I made sure to engage with her and have a conversation about her day.  Read her 3 bedtime stories, while also letting her practice reading to me.  We said our prayers and our I love you’s.  However, I noticed when she hugged me, she held on a little tighter and I made sure to not let go of that hug until she did.  When she finally let go, she looked me in the eyes and said “I love you mom” with such compassion and truth in her eyes.  This was followed up by, “You are the best mom a girl could ever have.”

In that moment, I realized that even though I didn’t spend the quality time with her that I probably should have that day and was now regretting not spending with her, that my daughter still loved me just as much.  She may have noticed the lack of attention and time I gave her, but in her big beautiful Hazel eyes I was still her mom and the mom she thought was the best mom for her.

It’s amazing how our children can teach us so many things.  Grace is one of them.  In that moment I realized if she could give me a little Grace for not being a pefect mom then maybe it was time to cut myself some slack too.  I am not perfect but I truly am doing the best I can do and I am a darn good Mama Bear to my kids.



Simple Saturday

A prayer by Luci Swindoll:

“Creator of joy, help me this very day to look around and find something to laugh about.  Doesn’t have to be big.  Doesn’t have to be unusual.  Just some little thing to remind me you  are a God of jubilation.  Keep me from being a stick in the mud!  Help me to have fun today, and not put it off until tomorrow. Amen.”

I thought this was very fitting for me today.  A great reminder that we need to live today because we never know what tomorrow can bring.

Fit or Fab Friday

How do you define ‘doing your best’ for yourself?  Doing your best means different things to different people.  It is not the same for any one individual.  There is no universal meaning for what defines ‘doing your best’.  For some, doing your best simply means getting up and getting through the day by putting one foot in front of the other.  For another, it may mean they accomplished a half marathon and for another person it may mean being the first at the finish line.

This is why it is so important to stop comparing ourselves to one another, we all don’t need to make it to the finish line to feel like we are doing our best.  If you have things in your life that you need to improve on, or things you know you wish to change, it is important to not let those things get clouded by another person.  This is easier said then done because we are human and we all have feelings that affect us differently.

I like to keep this in mind often:  I will focus on doing me and you need to focus on doing you.  What you think about me doesn’t matter.  What I think about myself is ALL that matters.  It is the healthiest way to be.  It can be hard to stay in that place though when some individuals don’t think before they speak.   We all know that one instance where some people need to just keep their comments, opinions and judgements to themselves when it comes to other people’s business.  Being that we are all humans and we are not perfect, I am sure we’ve all been guilty of this.

Have you ever truly thought about how one single comment could affect a person?

I have one example for you that I see happening a lot in our society:

A mother who is struggling to conceive a second child (unknowingly to others) posts a picture of her and her child enjoying an activity together.  Out of nowhere, another person comments on said picture, “Isn’t ^insert fake name here^ almost ^insert fake age^ now?  He/She is getting so big and is cute as a button.  However, when are you going to give him/her a brother or a sister?  It’s about time you get on that!

Things like this are none of your business and the comment should never have been made. It’s not ok anymore.  While dealing with infertility it was comments like these that triggered me deeply sometimes knocking the wind out of me so hard I couldn’t even breathe, sometimes wounding me very deeply too.  Some days, when I was having one of those days where doing my best was just getting up and going through the motions of the day, a comment like this would have quickly destroyed my best day.

To be a better person in 2018 and while you all are making resolutions for yourself, I beg for you to simply add: think before you speak to others on that list too.  Think about those comments you make to others, where although in your mind may be harmless to you, could quite possibly affect another person very deeply.

Lets continue to be better people.   Lets help to make someone’s definition of doing their best involve it being because they were able to add that someone in their day was kind to them or someone was non-judgemental, or a good listener, or because maybe just maybe they kept innappropriate comments to themselves.

Think before you speak for the sake of making another person feel fabulous today.

Throwback Thursday

Remember when there was no such thing as Grocery Pick Up? I mean that time when you actually had to go to the store & do your grocery shopping on your own (likely with your screaming kids in tow)…the time you accidentially got the crappy cart with the bad wheel and by the time you were done shopping it felt like you got a mini workout in…the time where you had to load up your car with all those groceries you just bought.  Me neither!  That’s because I can’t remember the last time I did a large grocery shop in a store because I now use the amazing Grocery Pick Up service that Wal Mart and Pick n’Save offers.  If you haven’t used this service before y’all are crazy!

Grocery shopping yourself is a thing of the past (for me it is anyways, especially when my list involves my 2 week meal plan items).  I can’t tell you how excited I am that this service exists.  I mean how did mom’s past survive and keep their sanity?  I truly wonder this.  It’s the little things that are really the big things.  Instead of cringing when it’s time to grocery, now I look at things a bit differently…


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Wondering On Wednesdays…

Imagine yourself walking.  You are trying to get somewhere and you begin walking at a fast pace.  Maybe you are on park trail & get stuck behind a family of bikers or  maybe you are in a mall trying to get to your favorite store or perhaps your kids are fussy and you are just trying to find an exit in church quickly because people are staring and you suddenly feel uncomfortable disturbing the peace.  No matter the reason for your quick steps to try to get where you are going,  you feel anxious, perhaps even a bit excited to get to your destination.

Suddenly, your fast pace walking lands you directly behind someone, or a group of people, who are walking or moving rather slowly.  You first slow down and try to go at their pace to be respectful and not seem like you are in a hurry or maybe there isn’t a way around them at all.  However, you can’t shut down that hurried feeling and you find yourself getting rather annoyed and frustrated getting stuck behind slow pokes.  This is because you know that your quick steps could get you to where you want to be much faster.   You simply feel like you don’t have time for this nonsense in your day.  You start to sigh and feel relief as soon as you get an opening to pass them up and continue at a pace that is satisfactory to you.  That feeling of behind stuck is diminished and behind you.

Have you ever experienced this in real life?  I have and I’m sure you have as well.  In fact, this happened recently to me and it got me thinking about the deeper reason as to why God places roadblocks in our lives, whether they be big roadblocks or little roadblocks.  He places them in our lives to force us to slow down, to look around, and to help us realize that everything is in His perfect timing.  He places roadblocks in our lives so that we don’t miss things that are important.  I believe he places them in our lives because sometimes our personal roadblocks lead to helping others out.  He also uses roadblocks as a teaching tool.  Sometimes we think we are heading in the right direction at exactly the right time and a roadblock detours us and helps us actually get out of a rut or in some instances keeps us safe. Roadblocks also help to put life into perspective and we all need a shift in perspective at times.

Think about the last roadblock you encountered in your life.  How did it make you feel in the moment?  What was the outcome?  Did the roadblock help or hinder you?

I recently took my daughter to the Mall because she earned her reward to go to Build-A-Bear.  It had taken her many months to earn the priveledge to go here and she was very excited.  The second we got to the Mall she was on cloud 9 and her mind was set to getting to Build-A-Bear.  In her eyes, it seemed like we couldn’t get there quick enough.  While walking to the store (at a rather quick pace) we had that small roadblock where we got stuck behind a family walking.  The family was walking side by side holding hands with one another the width of the asile.  It was hard to go around them and my daughter was pulling and tugging at my hand saying, “C’mom Mom why did you slow down lets go.”  I explained to her that we had to be patient and wait.  While we were walking I could feel the annoyance my daughter felt that she had to wait to get to her destination.  However, the little girl in front of us had dropped what appeared to be her special stuffed animal.  She was trying to get her families attention and desperately get them to stop.  However, being she was the smallest they kept telling her she needed to stop whining and keep going, but in reality she was trying to tell them something.  My daughter quickly let go of my hand and ran back to get her stuffed animal and then handed it to her.  Now, if God hadn’t placed us behind those people and we had made a different choice to walk past them that little girl may have lost her special item because her family hadn’t noticed.  God placed us there in that moment to slow down and be helpers.

It’s important in our daily lives that we pay attention to God’s little and sometimes big roadblocks in life.  Sometimes they are inconvinent to us.  Sometimes they feel frustrating and annoying.  Sometimes they make you think, “why me?”.  However, these roadblocks are important and they are trying to tell us something.  We can’t control when roadblocs occur but we can certainly slow down, stay patient, trust in Him and pay closer attention to them.  It seems that negatives have a way of bringing some sort of positives and for every con there is a pro to be found.  Maybe your roadblock isn’t a roadblock at all, but rather it is a stepping stone to something greater!