Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

  1. Here is your daily reminder to stop what you are doing and drink a tall glass of water.
  2. The girls are in VBS Monday-Thursday this week. It is Etta’s last year. Next year, she can participate as a volunteer. This is Kynnslee’s second year of it.
  3. My husband’s birthday is in 10 days. I have no freaking clue what to get him this year. It’s funny because I looked on his Amazon wish list and all the things on there are stupid. The ironic thing is, I hate when people are looking to give me something and look on my wish list and tell me my items are stupid because I personally put those things on there because I want them. However, my hubby’s list is stupid, which means I have to come up with ideas all on my own and that takes time and effort, which I don’t have right now because I am preoccupied thinking about all the other 498094803984093840 I need to do and buy before school starts.
  4. Etta has her 3rd Band lesson today. She is getting the hang of things slowly but surely and we are so proud of her.
  5. My Traverse has a recall on it that I need to get fixed. When I got to put my car in park and shut the car off, it says on the screen “car must be in park before you can shut down engine”. Except my car is in park so there is some computer glitch or something. Never fails there is a recall. Dumb.
  6. We finally have a trip to Amery penciled in on our calendars. We haven’t been there all Summer. It’s really sad.
  7. There is a mama killdeer with two baby killdeer in our neighborhood. They’ve been fun to see and watch. If there is anymore of a dramatic mama then the killdeer though, gosh-she is overkill on being a mama bear.
  8. It was really foggy out this morning but sure did make a beautiful scene with the sun coming up in our backyard.
  9. I’m waiting for my background check to be cleared by the school district. The next steps are to meet with the business admin and talk about payroll and get set up to do my Physical and TB test. I haven’t heard about that 2nd job I applied to through the district yet.
  10. I’m getting really frustrating with my POS treadmill. The incline button isn’t working well at all these days. I am really trying to hold on until it dies for good but know that with how often I use my treadmill I should just buy a new one. We just have so many other things that we need I can’t make a big purchase like that right now and would feel guilty when I can run outside for free. However, I like running inside in my own little bubble on the mill.
  11. Our neighbor, who we haven’t met yet, got a yellow lab puppy. It is so cute!!!
  12. The board we needed to put put up on our back porch was finally delivered. Zach put it up himself. Now we can stain. This is about the only progress, besides burying the down spouts, we have made since moving in. Hopefully we can finishing staining everything that needs to be stained before the snow comes again. I am so impatient to get all the things done. It’s really frustrating. I really thought we would have a driveway and a yard put in by summers end. It’s not looking to be the case though.
  13. I’ve always wanted to go to the sunflower fields. I see they are open right now. They sure would make for some awesome pictures.
  14. I’ve been seeing people already decorating for Fall. Are you a person who considers August, Fall or is September the start of Fall. I have always been a September Fall decorator. No way am I giving up August as Summer. Summers are too short lived in WI.
  15. This mama needs to find more work appropriate clothing to have for when I sub. I don’t even know what that looks like because 95% of my clothes is activewear, haha!
  16. I’ve already sold $40 on VarageSale this week. Woo-hoo! Now, if more stuff would disappear that would be awesome!
  17. I started watching a new Netflix series called, “The Women in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window”. It has Kristin Bell in it and it is so good! I love that they are only like 30 minute episodes. I can usually binge like 2-3 a night!
  18. I’m currently reading 4 books right now. I’m almost finished with 3 out of the 4. I’m excited to dive into the rest of my pile.
  19. I have to go pick up the girls soon from VBS. These 2 hours always and never fail to go by fast.
  20. I’m excited that I can say that I am easing back into running after my calf injury. I’m feeling stronger each day and my calf is feeling better and better. However, since hurting my calf I’ve noticed other body parts hurt. My knees and hips especially. Ugh.

Mombie Monday

It is August 1st. AUGUST 1st people!!!

I’m feeling very much in denial that we are in our last month of Summer break. It feels like we were just celebrating the last days of school and getting excited for Summer and BOOM!!! …just like that I’m stressing out about setting my girls up for success of their first days of Kindergarten and 5th Grade Middle School. Like what is happening?!

In my office at home, I currently have two backpacks full of brand new school supplies and the at home Target deliveries keep on coming with more to add to them. Personally, I like to get the school needs list taken care of first thing in August and not wait last minute. I never find this task fun. In fact, it feels down right overwhelming. It seems like every year, the school expenses get to be more and more money and the list of needs grow.

Here are a few ways I am saving money on school this year and I refuse to let the mom guilt take over me:

  1. I am not buying my girls brand new back packs (gasp). My girls will re-use the backpacks they had last year. I know there is some strange high that moms and kids alike get from picking out a brand new backpack at the start of every school year. For the first year ever, I am breaking this tradition or expectation (whichever you like to call it). Lets face it. This past year has taken its toll on our bank accounts. In WI we’ve been paying well over $4/gallon for gas and the expenses of groceries and everything else has been high. I have 2 girls who would need 2 new backpacks which are typically $30-60 a pack. I’ll let you do the math but until a Zipper breaks or there is a whole and they are losing things out of their back pack, they will use what we have. They will also do so with a smile on their faces and gratefulness in their hearts.
  2. I am only allowing them to pick out a first day of school outfit and then the rest of the week they can wear the clothes that fit that are already in their closet and as the days go on and more growth takes place we will determine what they actually NEED for new clothes. More often then not, that perfect first day of school outfit will only get worn one anyways and come home with marker, paint and ketchup stains.
  3. Once the school list is received, I will determine the brands that I want to buy even if the school list is brand specific. For example: my younger daughter’s list is very brand specific but upon inspection what really is the difference between a Fiskars Pointed Scissors and an off brand Pointed Scissors. I’ll tell you what the difference is… $1.29! Those differences add up quicky when you are buying 50+ difference school supplies for each child.
  4. Before even shopping at the store for new school supplies, I do a little at-home shopping first. It never fails, I can find over half of what is needed in my own house every year. Try it! I bet you find more then you would think.
  5. The bus comes by my house, both of my girls are going to start using the school bus transportation. Not only will this save wear and tear and gas on my car, but it also saves me time having to wait in the loop line to pick them up. As the old saying, time is money! Not going to lie though, this one will be the toughest on me this year.

Lastly, I know that your needs list for your child for school probably feels overwhelming. It can be expensive, even with all the money saving tricks tried in the book. It can also be time consuming going store to store collecting supplies, trying on clothing and shoes, etc. Mentally, it can be draining and stressful. My most recent experience at Target shopping with the girls let me to a mild panic attack. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. Start now and get things little by little and sooner or later we will get there. Even if you don’t have everything come of the start of Day 1, I promise you, your child will survive and still have a great first day of school. This is all harder on us then them anyways! In the meantime, breathe and enjoy the last tastes of summer.

Happy August 1st Mombies!

Free Friday

If you are looking for a wonderful State Park to visit in the state of Wisconsin, add Devils Lake State Park to your bucket list. We just got back from a 3 night 4 day camping trip there. It was actually the first camping trip we have taken this summer. Sadly, it’s almost August already and Summer almost over. Needless to say, it was long over due for us to go and unplug, have a change of scenery and enjoy another part of Wisconsin we haven’t visited before.

The park had beautiful views, nice hiking (and somewhat challenging) trails, a clean beach with plenty of space to enjoy, individual showers for families, and the Ringling Circus Museum is only a hop skip and jump away with a cute little down town area to explore with fun little shops. We like to visit different State parks every time we go camping, but this one surely will go on our list of Parks to visit again in the future.

If you are “lucky” you may even get to view a huge Timber Rattler snake like we did. This would likely be the highlight of the trip for my hubby if you asked him. For me, not so much! I get the creepy crawlies just thinking about seeing it. It was pretty cool though seeing a Wisconsin Timber Rattler. We have heard from numerous people who frequent that park over the years have never seen one before and we were lucky to have gotten to see it. We also lucked out and saw a bobcat crossing the road on our way back from an evening drive from the beach.

There is a rule at this park that there is no rollerblading allowed. The hill itself is very hilly with some dangerous curves so I can for sure see why this rule is in place. In fact, we took our bikes alone and we never even took them out of our truck. My husband wanted to go for a bike ride, but personally, I didn’t think it was the best park to bike at with kids. Thankfully, there were plenty of other things that kept us very busy!

Free Friday

We cannot control exactly what happens around us, but we can control how we respond. In your response is your freedom.“-Marc and Angel Hack Life.

I received an email with this quote in it this morning and I can’t even begin to tell you how badly I needed to read and feel these words. Also, I’ve been reading these words on repeat. I can NOT be responsible or control other people’s thoughts, actions or opinions. I can only control and focus on mine.

Lately, I have been feeling so much discontent because of certain people in my life, situations and circumstances. There is no doubt that we as humans impact one another, which can cause an array of emotions. Know that is something or someone is making you unhappy, you have every right to take charge of yourself and take agency in your own life and choices you make.

We can never change other people. Sometimes, certain situations and circumstances are even out of our hands and you can’t specifically turn around what is causing you to hurt, stressed out, frustrated, sad, etc. Instead of fixating on blaming others for our disappointment and discontent, we instead need to turn our attention to ourselves. It’s called self investigation. It’s a step that involves creating freedom from all the negative things that are weighing on you that you are carrying around that feel heavy.

It’s important to do some self reflection and ask yourself some questions. Maybe reflect on what is triggering you to feel some type of way about this person or situation? What pain are you feeling that stirs inside of you when dealing with this specific person or circumstance? When you take the focus off the person or situation you’re blaming your discontent on and get curious about your own experience you may discover something profound and actually start to heal from this type of burden you constantly carry around like a ton of bricks. It also will help you to stay calm and less reactive when you come in contact with these people and situations again and again, because lets face it sometimes you will continually face the same thing over and over again in your lifetime. It’s just how it is.

However, when you find your freedom in controlling yourself and worry less about others and truly believe that you can’t control them or some situations then you better are able to deviate some of what feels so heavy for yourself. As much as we’d love to change others, we can’t. We can only control ourselves, our actions and how we react. You always have the power to shift your focus on yourself and really look inwardly. By doing so, remember it is not condoning someone else’s behavior that triggers us. Instead it is freedom for you to acknowledge how you feel, and then make choices for yourself in how you will respond or not respond. You deserve to give yourself this compassion. You deserve happiness. You deserve to choose to not be apart of things that cause you distress. You are certainly not to blame for other people’s actions. You are responsible for you.

Happy Friday!

Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

1. Here is your daily reminder to drink a tall glass of water. It’s supposed to be a scortcher out there again today, so staying hydrated is especially important.

2. Day 2 of Polar Bear Soccer camp for my girls. It’s safe to say they both are having fun!

3. Etta’s softball season wrapped up on Saturday and Kynnslee’s Tee Ball season wrapped up last night. Gosh, what ever are we going to do with our free time a couple nights a werk now, haha!

4. I’m working at applying to another position within the school district. It’s a consistent 1 day a week thing, so if I got it I would still be able to sub too. I’m not sure that I will get it, but it can’t hurt to continue to apply and put myself out there.

5. My calf is still not up to par. I am walking better and getting more steps in which makes me happy, but I notice the more walking I do the more pain my leg ends up being in. I still can’t crouch, sit with my legs folded in any capacity, jump, sprint, run etc. I know I can’t speed up this recovery process, yet here I am hoping it gets back to the point where I can run again sooner, rather than later.

6. Etta has her very first band lesson today. She is excited.

7. I am working on getting us packed and prepared for our camping trip. We leave Sunday. It’s always such a chore for me, but the girls, especially Kynnslee is very excited to go camping so it makes the headache of it all a little more worth it.

8. Etta is already on the 4th Harry Potter book. The girl is hooked and always has her nose in her book. I’m happy she has developed a love for reading.

9. Has anyone watched “The Bear”? It has the guy from Shameless in it. I have heard good reviews, but always like other opinions too.

10. I’m currently reading, “Someone We Know” by Shari Lapena. I like it and am plowing through it pretty fast!

11. The farmer behind us got his hay all in bales and now we see these huge hawks sitting on them. It’s unreal how large they are! We have also been enjoying watching a doe and her 2 fawns come out.

12. I was asked yesterday if I started school shopping yet. Ugh! Heck no. Although, I did print out the school lists and hopefully will switch gears to school shopping in the first week of August.

13. Do you buy new backpacks for your kids each school year? So far, I have. However, I spent a little more on E’s backpack last year and it’s still in pretty good condition. K’s isnt bad either so I told them we will use the same ones and they both looked disappointed. I get it…but backpacks are not cheap and with the world we are living in I can’t buy new right now when they have bags in perfectly good condition they can use again this year.

14. I am going to need to buy some clothes for interviewing in. As a women, what does your go to interview outfit look like for summer and then for Fall?

15. I scrubbed our floors on Sunday. Like…got down on my hands and knees kind of scrub. It took me almost 2 hours. It wasn’t fun. However, it felt so much better on my feet to walk on for the 2.2 seconds it stayed clean.

16. Lux continues to be just fine after her tummy scare. I’m so grateful. Its so easy to love our kitties. They are so sweet.

17. Haddie had a new bump appear above her left eye. I think it’s shrunk a bit, but it’s still there and we are watching it. Other then that, I can tell her allergies/ears are really bothering her and I feel terrible for her.

18. Yesterday and today I stayed to watch the girls at soccer camp. I’m grateful its grey overcast skies today and a slight breeze. Yesterday it was full sun and really humid.

19. Kynnslee went to put on one of her swimsuits yesterday and was like, “mom why is this suit going way up my butt”…it was funny. Then I had to explain that ger suit appeared to be wayyy to small and that she must have grown…again.

20. Better days are ahead right? They just have to be.

Mombie Mondays

This weekend marked the end of the softball season for my 10 year old daughter. She has played for GYS since the age of 4, starting with Tee ball and has worked her way up to Jr. league softball. It has been a joy watching her grow and play this sport over the years. The weekend ended with a tournament, starting on Friday and ending on Saturday. Although the season didn’t end in the way we had hoped, I can say with confidence that Etta had fun and had some great learning lessons along the way.

The girls started out their tournament Friday with an awesome game. I am not saying it was awesome just because they won, rather, I am saying it was awesome because the girls played smart, confidently and had smiles on their faces while out on the field. The ended up beating the number one seeded team in the league, which was an accomplishment in and of itself. Etta was hitting well, made it around the bases and had a couple great plays.

Because the girls won their game Friday, they moved on to play Saturday. Saturday’s game was a nail biter and truly could have gone either way. The girls ended up in extra innings, but lost their game 7-8. This loss ended their season and they did not make it to the championship game. As expected, emotions were high and lots of tears were shed. However, there was also a lot to celebrate too. Win or lose, I think it is so important to highlight all the gains this year, which are essentially wins in my book. It’s also important to point out the things learned by the loss and to emphasis the positive and throw out how proud you are of your child no matter what. Yet, it is also equally important to acknowledge that it is perfectly acceptable to feel sad and disappointed about a loss and the season coming to an end.

When you are part of a team, it is always a special feeling. New friends are made. You have positive connections with your coaches who also become role models. With as much time as you spend together, a team becomes like a family. An ending is always hard. Navigating these feelings with your child is important. Allow them time and space to feel all the feelings but as parents, make sure to come back full circle and check in with your child and talk about all things necessary to talk about.

Although we didn’t win a trophy or came out as #1. I think one of the biggest lessons is to go on to watch your friends who did make it to that next level, be their cheerleader despite your own loss and be there to congratulate other friends in the league. So, that is exactly what we did after E’s game Saturday. We also took her to get some ice cream on a season well done because we are super proud parents and are excited to see her part of something so special and see her learn and grow this softball season. We certainly will miss going to her games and watching her play and anticipate another fun season next year. The night ended with hanging out with softball families and watching the fireworks!

Win or lose, community, uplifting and encouraging one another and fun is truly what this is all about. I hope one day my daughter sees the bigger picture too because that is what we are trying to teach her now! As a 10 year old, it can be harder to see. Hug and love on your kiddos who have had full summer sports schedules because they really give it their all!

Thankful Thursday

Sometimes the best way to start your day is waking up thinking of things you are grateful for. It’s so easy to focus on the bad or the negative and let it consume us and a lot of us spend so much time focusing on those things that it can get us in a rut and drag us down. If you have a moment to stop what you are doing, I encourage you to close your eyes and simply list 3 things you are grateful for. It really won’t take you that much time to do this simple exercise and give yourself a minute of feel good thoughts. You deserve it!

Here are my feel good thoughts:

  1. I am grateful that I was able to hit my step goal for the first time in a week yesterday, do a moderate workout and start PT stretches at home. I am in week 2 of this calf injury and I am grateful for these baby steps and forward motion.
  2. Woke up to the birds singing, the breeze blowing in my window and the sun shining. Grateful for another day!
  3. The girls are entertaining themselves this morning, which is nice. I’m grateful to have a little time to get some things done while they play. Some mornings are not as calm, so I really appreciate the mornings that are.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

  1. I have a very strong willed, “I do what I want” 5 year old who I love very much, but makes me extremally frustrated when it takes forever to do the most simple of thing because she wants to be defiant and do the opposite of what is asked of her. More days then not, my patience is hanging on by a string.
  2. The school supply lists are posted. It is July. There is also Halloween stuff out in some stores already. WTF.
  3. I have been terrible and posting daily in this blog a lot lately. It has taken a backseat for various reasons. I appreciate those of you who still read & comment.
  4. Here is your daily reminder to stop what you are doing and drink a tall glass of water.
  5. You can tell I’m inured if you go to my fitbit rankings. I’m always in the top 10 spots, normally in the top 1 or 2 places. As of yesterday, I’m 9th place. I got the highest amount of steps yesterday since I’ve gotten my calf injury, which was just over 9,000 steps. I have no patience for injuries. It’s been such a downer week.
  6. Yesterday, it’s been a week since I hurt my calf by the way. It was also the first day I forced myself to take a short walk around our hood, start a couple stretches and foam roll. None of these things were fun. Baby steps. However, I just want to run.
  7. The girls both have an eye appointment this afternoon. I wonder if they will tell us Etta is going to need glasses this time, or not.
  8. I started listening to the Bellied Up Podcast and it’s pretty funny. If you follow Charlie Berens and Myles the You Betcha Guy and like their podcasts, this is the two of them giving midwestern advice to people who call in!
  9. I finished watching, “The Girl from Plainville” on Hulu Sunday night. I had followed the story when it first happened, so watching this was just nuts. Although, some of the things in the show were not factual. It still made me have so many thoughts and opinions after watching it.
  10. I need suggestions of what to watch on Hulu or Netflix…and go!
  11. I am loving my Traverse. I realized I haven’t updated since I got it. It’s been a fantastic SUV thus far and the only complaint I have is the fact that I have a car payment again. That part is no fun.
  12. I’m to the point in summer where I am really sick of eating, hotdogs, brats and burgers. Anyone else?
  13. The girls and I spent the day with my sister, niece and nephew. It was a nice visit and I’m glad we could finally find a mutual day to visit.
  14. I sold my baby stroller. Like everything baby that I sell there are so many memories attached. Sad to see it go, but happy someone else can get some use out of it. Also glad to have one less thing in this house taking up space go, that we no longer use. I’m so tired of the junk and clutter.
  15. It doesn’t feel like summer today. It almost feels like the beginning of Fall outside–I do not like it one bit.
  16. We’ve been making Crew and Lux wear collars. I’ve never had a cat that has worn a collar before and I feel indifferent about it. I’m so nervous they are going to get caught on something and choke themselves. I’m also not sure they enjoy wearing them. However, they are always at the door and are so quick to slip out I’m afraid they will escape. Since we living more in the country, if they do slip out, I’m afraid someone would just assume they are outdoor kittens or barn cats. My hope is that if they were to slip out and someone found them that if they are wearing a collar that they would more likely make it back home to us.
  17. Even my planner feels unorganized these days. I just need a hot moment to get things in order so I feel less frazzled. Also this is my anxiety at play here. I know this.
  18. I miss being able to work out and it’s only been a full week. It’s going to be a long 6 weeks or more recovery.
  19. I haven’t been sleeping well the past few days. I have been having a hard time falling asleep. Then I do fall asleep and I have been waking up and tossing and turning. Then fall asleep and really start to sleep later morning and don’t want to get up early. What the heck is going on with me.
  20. Things are still in limbo with me subbing in the school district. My short term license is still pending. My application is still pending to interview. I need time to look at other options and apply to other things as well. Bottom line, life has just felt busy lately.

Aimless 20 Talk Tuesday

  1. I hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend. I can’t say that mine was wonderful BUT it had it’s moments of enjoyment.
  2. Here is your daily reminder to stop what you are doing and drink a tall glass of h2o this morning!
  3. I got to play tennis with my sister yesterday. It was fun while it lasted, until I heard a pop in my calf and felt instant pain and dropped to my knees. Yep…pretty sure I have a mild calf tear in my inner left calf muscle. There goes soccer, running and everything else I enjoy to help my peace of mind. Ugh! I’ve been icing it, resting it and taking ibuprofen. This will probably be my life the next few days until I can lightly start stretching it and massaging it, along with some PT movements. This isn’t fun at all and it makes me so incredibly frustrated and mad. It’s such a set back for me. Guess I will have to focus on my arms and core when I get the itch to need a workout. Glad I got to play soccer and tennis once this summer because I have a feeling that’s all I will get to play.
  4. Lux finally had a healthy poop yesterday and seems maybe a little better (knock on wood). I’m grateful she is feeling better and did not need exploratory surgery. That was such a scary ordeal for all of us.
  5. We’ve been up late the last few nights so we have slept in later too and it throws off my entire being. I hate feeling off schedule. I also hate waking up later in the day because it feels like half the day is gone (at least the better half of the day because I enjoy my mornings).
  6. I finished the book, “Where the Crawdads Sing”. It was such an enjoyable read and I highly recommend reading it if you have not. I can’t wait to see the movie!
  7. I’m almost finished reading, “Angels Fall” by Kristin Hannah too, which so far I have enjoyed.
  8. I look like a scary monster today. Not only am I limping around on one leg, but my eye is all red and half closed because I lost my contact in my eye yesterday and I couldn’t get it out for the better part of the day. I finally got it to come out but I’m wondering if I have a slight infection or possibly just really-really bad eye irritation. You guys, this mama is a hot mess today.
  9. Etta is supposed to start summer bad lessons for her sax for school this month, but I haven’t seen any information come out about it yet. I messaged the band person and she hasn’t replied to me either. I just want to make sure I’m on top of this stuff, gah!
  10. It’s cloudy today, but humid. Looking like it could rain.
  11. I need to recharge and get my poop in a group and start doing more job searching and applying. There are a couple jobs that are floating around that I’m interested in but afraid to apply. Rejection is hard and I feel like I will be rejected more then given the opportunity to interview given my work gap and being a SAHM the last decade. On the other hand, what if I get hired to a place I interview for? I feel so scared to take this next leap.
  12. I had Kohlrabi for the first time last night-both raw and cooked. I had no idea what it was as I’d never heard of it before. It’s fun trying new things. In case you are wondering, cooked it tasted a lot like cauliflower. Raw it was between a cucumber and cabbage, but more on the woody taste.
  13. Why is it that coffee just hits you harder then other days and you just need to bolt to the bathroom, bahahaha!
  14. I need at least one project to get finished at this house before summers end or I feel like I’m going to lose my mind.
  15. If you need a good prank to pull on your hubby get him dissolvable swim trunks and bring them to your next pool party. We were witness to this stunt this weekend at a friend’s pool party and it was hilarious! I don’t know if my hubby would have been as forgiving BUT this hubby handled it very well considering. What’s a marriage if you can’t have a little fun and humor I guess right?!
  16. I need a good show to start binge watching again and also a new book recommendation….ready and go!
  17. Today is story time at the library but the girls both just woke up so I guess we will be missing it today. I let them sleep in since we were up so late last night. Figured if I woke them, I’d be dealing with crabby pants which is not fun for anyone.
  18. We were able to pick strawberries over the weekend so we made two batches of strawberry jam and a strawberry pie and also had a little leftover to just eat.
  19. I have some deals going on in my VIP ZYIA group if you are in need of any activewear! If you don’t have my VIP link feel free to comment and I will get you the link so you can join.
  20. Hopefully everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. That’s right, it isn’t Monday but I’m sure you’ve been confused already multiple times today! This is your reminder it is indeed Tuesday!

Thankful Thursday

Lux update…

We took Lou-Lou back to the vet yesterday for her follow up x-ray to see if the object that was present the previous day was still there. We are thankful because the object was no longer seen in her stomach on the x-ray. This is the good news because it means it has moved and hopefully will make it’s way out somehow.

The bad news is, she is not out of the woods for exploratory surgery. She still has symptoms that are telling us the object has not come out of her body. We are grateful (knock on wood) that the vomiting has subsided. Our vet told us that if Lux vomits at all, that we need to call them immediately as this is not a good sign at all. So far, so good.

All over symptoms are still present though. She is not eating or drinking much that we have seen. She has had a bm twice but very-very small amount and it’s is purely liquid. She hasn’t had a solid poop for at least 3 days. When she pees, she is only able to pee a pea size amount or strains and nothing comes out. She will go in and out of the box several times in a span of 3-5 minutes before leaving the area to go do something else. She has been napping and resting a lot, which is good because she needs rest. Her overall spirit seems good, she sill wants to play a little and mood wise seems good. She doesn’t seem distressed or in any pain that we can tell. However, I know cats have a high pain tolerance and often times hide or do not show when they are in pain.

The vet is going to be calling us Friday to check in on her. In the mean time, Lux is on a y/d digestive health wet food-bland diet. She can drink as much water as she wants. We have to give her a laxative 2x a day and she is also being administered a pain and anxiety med at home 2x a day. Administering these to her are not fun for us or for her, but we know we are helping her and not trying to hurt her. We are giving her the best care we know how and loving on her lots.

I’m thankful that she is not vomiting.

I’m thankful she did not need emergency surgery yesterday.

I’m thankful that there is hope that this object will come out on it’s own and she will be feeling better soon.

I’m thankful she doesn’t seem to be in a great amount of pain.

I’m thankful for the vet care she has received and that the vet office was able to get her in to be seen asap.

I’m thankful for my hubby who holds Lux so I can administer her meds.

I’m thankful for my girls, who both have tender and caring hearts and are giving Lux lots of love but being respectful of her when she needs to rest, and listening to me when there needs to be calm and quiet so she doesn’t get stressed out more.

I’m thankful Lux is part of our family. She has truly been a joy and helped our hearts after the loss of Osama.

I’m thankful that although she is not feeling 100%, she is not any worse.