Sick Baby Bear, Sick Mama Bear

There is nothing worse then having a sick child.  What makes this even harder is I am starting to get sick too.  My sister and her family have been sick this past week and I recently told her that we have been really lucky as we’ve been relatively healthy this winter.  Well, I should have found a piece of wood to knock on because Sunday afternoon, Etta woke up from nap with a fever and it was all down hill from there.

She developed all the classic symptoms of a cold:  Cough, congestion/runny nose, hoarse voice, fever, restless nights, extra sensitive mood, and fatigue. When she woke up yesterday and tried to speak, a little squeek came out and not the voice of my normal baby bear, so I said, “Awh, baby you have a hoarse voice.” and Etta responded very upset, “Mama, I am not a horse, I am Etta.”  I tried to explain to her the difference between hoarse and horse but inside, it really made me chuckle. Oh the minds of babes!

Her cold hasn’t developed into anything serious where we have to see her pediatrician, but I should really find that piece of wood to knock on after saying that!  I, on the other hand, started to feel sluggish yesterday. I woke up this morning extremely congested, sore throat, and a headache.  Moms really can never afford to get sick- Dun, dun, dun.  This probably comes from the lack of sleep due to being up with Etta in the night and taking care of her and not myself.  However, that’s what Mom’s do..put everyone first before ourselves!  I would rather see my baby bear feeling better and she is number one right now.  It’s hard to take care of yourself when you are so worried about another human being.  It’s almost as if you don’t even think twice about yourself because you just want to see your little one well.

I must admit though, I am loving the extra snuggles I’ve been receiving from her the last 3 days.  However, I really don’t like the circumstances.  Hopefully, this cold passes as quickly as it came so we can get back to the swing things again-I miss my active, happy, fun-spirited little girl.  Being cooped up in the dead of winter is really just no fun.  We absolutely can not wait until cold season is over and summer is here.  Summer.  Just thinking about that season brings a smile to my face.  The best part about summer is one rarely catches a cold!

On that note, I’m going to come to a close today.  Sorry for such a brief entry but Mama and Baby Bear have some snuggling and TLC to attend too.  May health be with all of you and if you are battling a cold may the warmth of summer be in your hearts.


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