My Priority: Now, Always & Forever

As I was trying to get some house hold chores done yesterday: laundry, dinner prep, picking up to name a few I had a little lady come up behind me and say, “Mama, will you cuddle with me?”  Now, I could have easily said to her, “Sorry, Mama has a lot to get done so I can’t cuddle with you right now.” Instead, however, I knew what was most important in that moment.  My daughter.  Although, I was feeling behind in my chores already, I gladly took her hand and we walked into the living room.  We proceeded to sit on the couch together and snuggle under a warm blanket.  First we read a few books.  Actually we read 6 books and then we picked out a movie to watch together on Netflix.  We decided on watching a classic, Charlotte’s Web. E has never been told the story of Charlotte’s Web & I had never seen the Nickelodeon movie version of it. It was a hit and E & I had great dialogue throughout the entire movie, shared laughter, and a few tears (more so coming from my end). Snuggles with her are by far the best and something I cherish.  They do not happen as much as they used to and I know they will continue to get less and less frequent as the years go by.   By the time I got back to my chores, it was about 4 PM and I was left with little motivation to do anything but finish making our dinner. Oh well!  However, I had no regrets with how I chose to spend my time, as the time I shared with my daughter was precious and created a memory.  I want my daughter to feel and know she always comes first.  She is the most important and will always take priority over anything.

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E you are my priority:  Now, Always & Forever.  I love you to the moon and back.  Thank you for asking me to cuddle with you yesterday.  We had the best time together!  It warmed my heart.  I feel like you teach me so much about life and what my true priorities are.  I am thankful you are apart of my life and I am blessed I can call you my daughter and you can call me Mama. And what an honor it is to be your Mama!  I wouldn’t trade it for anything. XOXO.


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