I just wanted to do a follow up from Thursday’s post. I heard back from my Nurse later on Friday morning about my next treatment plan plan of attack & wanted to update like I said I would. First of all, I really dislike that they use the words “treatment plans”.  I would really prefer they just say “plan of attack” as thus far they haven’t really treated anything.  To me, it’s just misleading.

Secondly, I apologize if I seem a bit snappy, overly sensitive, an emotional basket case, not completely present and simply just no fun to be around.  This time around has really taken it’s toll on me, and I’m having a much harder time dealing with things.  I’m going to be honest and say that I am in quite a funk and have been slow to snap out of it.  I feel depressed, mopey, unmotivated, sad, frustrated, wanting to be alone, and just off.  I have been strong for so long and carrying this heavy weight on my shoulders it is just really all so very overwhelming.  Most of the time I try very hard to have the very best attitude about our circumstances; however, sometimes I just need a good cry & some time to acknowledge my feelings-not all days are going to be bright and cheery.  I’m just exhausted, tired, and not feeling like myself.

Now, to follow up with what the Nurse told me was their next plan of attack: Originally, they said we could do 3 medicated cycles with 3 back to back IUI’s (if you remember we ended up having 3 medicated cycles and only 2 IUI’s) and then we were to take a month break to give my body time to cleanse before going back on more medication.  Well, Dr. P thought it would be just fine to press forward and she didn’t feel I needed to take a break unless we wanted to.  As much as a “break” would be nice from all of this, I know that it wouldn’t be much of a break as I would just feel it would be a month wasted, and this is all I would be thinking about anyways. Time is extremely precious and just keeps on ticking and I want to use it wisely.  So, the Nurse said we could press on by doing 1-2 more IUI’s back to back with 2 more medicated cycles with Clomid.  We also have the choice to try the HCG shot this time around.  If those happen to fail, then the next step would be for me to have the HSG test and then move on to seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist.

I really didn’t understand why they said HSG test last.  I think this is completely backwards.  She said we could do that test first but she said that it is extremely expensive (but what isn’t expensive in the infertility world?).   Our insurance will not cover that test, and it’s about $2500-3000 out of pocket. She said the main reason they tell patients to wait until last to do that is because of the expense of it.  She tried to reassure me that the Doctor does things in this order for a reason, but it is up to us if we wanted to do that test first, or not.  I would like to do it first, but like the Nurse said, it’s so expensive!  It’s just so sad to me that money is the reason that a lot of society dealing with infertility is the reason why they can’t have a family or expand the family they already have.

After talking about this with my husband, we decided that since we’ve never done the HCG shot before with clomid and IUI we would like to exhaust that option before moving on to the HSG test.  So, we are thinking we will do 1 more IUI and not do the #2 until I have had the HSG test done.  I don’t know how confident I feel in this decision, only because I know if the HSG test were cheaper I would be doing that first in a heartbeat.  It’s just so hard not knowing what to do.

Because you may be confused about some of the terms above I will explain what they are here:

HCG Shot information can be found at the following link:

HSG Test information can be found at the following link:

Reproductive Endocrinologist information can be found at the following link:

Please continue praying for us.  Your thoughts, prayers and support are appreciated more then you will ever know.  This has been very hard on us.

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