Mrs. Potato Head

I just had to share this picture of my daughter from last night.  I was mid workout when Mrs. Potato Head came in and made me giggle so hard I almost peed my pants. She’s such a goof ball and I am glad that she is my goof ball! Between her silly personality and her now being in the “why” stage and asking me a million and ten questions (Mama, why are you bending like that?  Mama why are you running and not really moving? Mama why do you have water on your face?  Mama why are you exercising?) it was just too much (the good kind of too much)!

It’s these kind of moments that I cherish and want to freeze in time. These kinds of moments make the sadness in my days just a little big brighter, and make that weight just a little bit lighter because I know how fortunate I am.  I am just so incredibly thankful for my ray of sunshine.  I love her over the moon and back and then back again.  However, it also reminds me why we are in this journey now and why we keep going, even though it’s been struggle after struggle, heart break after heart break.  It’s moments like this with E that will make it all worth it in the end.  I just have to keep the faith and keep believing our miracle baby #2 will come. Some days just deem harder then others.  If it doesn’t happen, there is one thing that will always be: we have the cutest, smartest, silliest,  most beautiful little girl in the whole world.  There are days I snuggle with her longer, hug her tighter, kiss her multiple times, and tell her “I love you” a million times a day and hopefully one day she will know and understand how much she truly means to me & how much I love her!  She’s my something good in my everyday!Featured image


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