Luck of the Irish…I Hope.

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day!  I do have some Irish running in my blood so I wanted to acknowledge it, although I didn’t do much of anything in spirit of the holiday.  I did, like every year, think of my Grandma Lee a lot yesterday.  One of her favorite Irish Blessings was this:

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I hold this Irish blessing near and dear to my heart, and you’d be amazed at how many times it has popped up in my lifetime after my grandma’s passing (my high school graduation, church, funerals, to name a few) and it really has spoke to my heart and impacted me.  When I hear it being sang, it gives me goosebumps every time and I always choke back tears! Every year my grandma would crotchet 4 leaf clover pins and give them to my sisters and I.  I sure do miss those little things that are no longer present.  Traditions, so to speak.  My Grandma Lee was a very special lady who is missed by many.

I ran across another blog by Arlene Stafford Wilson who writes this,

The Top Ten Ways to tell if you’re Irish:

1. You have the ‘gift of gab’. There is an ancient rock near Cork, Ireland at Blarney Castle and they say that anyone who kisses the stone will have the gift of gab. If you are truly of Irish descent, then there’s likely no pressing need to make the journey, as you surely already possess the talent of talking rings around most other people.

2. You are musical. Maybe you play an instrument or perhaps you just sing in the shower, but the gift of music is in your Irish blood and you will not be able to resist tapping your toe or strumming your fingers on the table when someone gets their fiddle out and plays a tune.

3. You have strong convictions. Whether the topic is religion, politics or your favourite sports team there will be no point in challenging your beliefs which you hold dearly, and you will argue about these beliefs passionately and convincingly.

4. You have a gift for writing and story-telling. You will be the one at the pub or social gathering that will keep the crowd entertained with your vivid and colourful tales. There may even be a bit of exaggeration thrown in for good measure, but it just makes your story all the more interesting.

5. You’ve got lovely skin and pleasing features. You may have porcelain, pale skin, or you may have freckles that outnumber the days of the year, but your features will be pleasantly proportioned and your eyes bright, with a genuine smile that lights up your face.

6. Your dinner is not complete without some spuds at the table. Whether it’s home-fries for breakfast, French fries for lunch, or baked, mashed or boiled for supper, the humble potato is a regular, healthy staple in your diet and you wouldn’t think of going a day without it.

7. You will likely have a few Irish names in your family tree because people of Irish descent are proud of their heritage and often pass down the names of their ancestors: Sean, Shane, Annie, Maggie, Michael, Patrick, Francis, Kelly, Bridget, Daniel, Aiden, Liam, Eileen, Irene, Brian, Barry, Collin, Ryan, Katie, Thomas, Matthew, Molly, William, Robert, Mark, Elizabeth, Peter, Sinead, Eva, Fay, Julia and so on…

8. You are better at swearing than most people. Partly because of your natural gift of gab and partly because of your quick wit, the swear-words seem to roll freely off of your tongue. You have even been known to make up your own, or stick a word in the middle for good measure, like “abso-bleedin’-lutely”.

9. Nothing brings out your poetic nature, natural ability to talk non-stop, or your talent for swearing like a few pints at the pub. A drink or two or three tends to make your exaggerations a bit more colourful, your storytelling even more fascinating, and your talent for music and dancing shines even brighter.

10. You are loyal. Your strong convictions and unshakeable beliefs are the most visible when it comes to your family and friends. If someone insults your friend then they’ve likely got a fight on their hands that they won’t win. If someone says something unkind about your family then they will have a nasty surprise coming to them that they didn’t bargain for. You are fiercely loyal to all you hold dear.

So, what are the Irish really like? Perhaps the best description comes from the popular historian, Carl Wittke:

“The so-called Irish temperament is a mixture of flaming ego, hot temper, stubbornness, great personal charm and warmth, and a wit that shines through adversity. An irrepressible buoyancy, a vivacious spirit, a kindliness and tolerance for the common frailties of man and a feeling that ‘it is time enough to bid the devil good morning when you meet him’ are character traits which Americans have associated with their Irish neighbors for more than a century.”

I love this list because it does describe my Irish blood well.  1.  Although I can be very quiet at times, I am also a gabbing type of girl.  Get me in the right mood and I will gab non-stop and quite honestly, you will get tired of it because when I gab I also tend to talk in circles and talk fast!  2. I am not musical inclined so this is about the only thing on the list that does not apply to me.  I wish it did.  I’ve always envy’d those of you that have musical talent! However, I am known to belt out my favorite jams, very out of tune of course!  3. I am a girl with strong convictions for sure and when you get me on such a topic I will pour my soul into that conversation.  4.  I love to write, and I always have.  I may not be the best, but also not the worst either.  5.  I do have a genuine smile and bright eyes.  I can’t complain about my features for the most part.  6. I love me some tators!  Most meals growing up involved spuds of some sort and still do!  YUM!  7.  My Grandma Lee’s name is Elizabeth.  There were other names on the list too that are in my family tree.  8.  Guilty of a potty mouth.  9.  You will for sure see a different side of me when I drink.  10. I am extremely loyal and take this very seriously.

With our TWW coming to an end, I can only hope that the Luck of the Irish is on our side.  It’s pretty Ironic that our wait will end 2 days after St. Patrick’s Day.  Hopefully this is a good luck charm.  I do believe in those.  It’s been a very anxious filled, stressed out, extremely hard 2 weeks for me.  Typically I cave and test early, and did not not this time around mainly because I didn’t want to see a false positive which is what the shot can sometimes give you.  To me, this would be worse then seeing a negative.  Because this time around was so difficult, I feel like if we are cursed with another negative I am going to be feeling pretty down and out.  This is to be expected.  I’ve been  trying to prepare myself for this, but honestly it doesn’t get any easier unfortunately.  I’m really just hoping for the best.  Seeing E with her new baby cousin this past weekend melted me and honestly tore my heart in two.  She will be the best big sister ever and is very much ready for this role.  I just hope and pray that we don’t steal her of this joy.  However, like we tell her almost everyday when she asks about a baby, “Mommy and Daddy are doing everything we can to make it happen”.  I will leave you with a few more of my favorite Irish blessings and let you be on your way.  Please keep us in your prayers and pray for whatever God’s will is for us.  We appreciate it.

Featured imageFeatured image

Featured image

And, as my Grandma Lee would always say with a big smile, a big hug, and tears (my grandma always cried, and I mean always in every circumstance!) God bless your heart!


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