In need of Positive Vibes

My HSG test is tomorrow.  I am incredibly nervous for this test even just thinking about it.  I think I’ve psyched myself up (in a bad way) and am fearful of how bad it is going to hurt.  Even worse, I don’t think I can handle getting any negative results. I am a person who always thinks of the absolute worst before the best.  I have been praying that this is not the case with everything else we already have going against us. Best case scenario is that my tubes are clear and my uterus looks healthy.

If you are reading this, I just please, please, please ask you to send some positive thoughts my way.  I’ve really been struggling this week.  If you could also keep me in your prayers today and pray for calm nerves and to not let anxious thoughts affect my day in a negative manner I would very much appreciate it.  Secondly, if you could pray for positive test results tomorrow and strength to get through the test with minimal pain, that too would be appreciated.  Don’t forget my husband in all of this, please pray for him as well as he has expressed his nervousness about this test as well.  We both just need the extra support right now.  Sometimes it’s just hard to stand on your own two feet and you need an extra person to lean on for support.

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