I first of all wanted to thank all of you who said a prayer for us on Friday or kept us near in your thoughts.  Your “silent” support is very much appreciated.  I also appreciate those people who called or texted us to let us know we were thought of. Your support, is appreciated more then you will ever know.  A special thank you to my father-in-law, who took time off from work yesterday to watch E so we could go do what needed to be done!  With all these appointments, it’s oftentimes hard to bring E with as there are things little ears should not hear and things little eyes should not see.  Not to mention, it can be a huge distraction from the support I need while I am there (my husbands).  We need to be completely present at these types of things and find it hard to be the few times we’ve had to bring E along with.  We also have one smart and observant child on our hands and she picks up on things pretty quickly–and has indeed repeated certain things that do not need to be repeated.  She also seems very concerned for Mommy when I am at the doctor and almost scared for me at times.  So, it’s important to me that we bring her with us as little as we have to.  My older sister has also been there for us a lot in times when we need someone to care for E and we greatly appreciate her being there for us as well.

Next, I will update you on my HSG test.  PHEW!  I am just so glad and so relieved that this is over with.  I really had myself worked up, and really for no reason whatsoever.  As my mother in law said to me, the unknown is always just scary and it’s so true.  I took 800mg of Ibuprofen before my test as recommended by my doctor and  I really attribute my comfort level during the test to this.  The worst part of the entire test was putting the catheter in as there was a slight pinch.  I briefly felt some cramping when the dye was first injected, but after that I really felt nothing.  I had no cramping and no side effects from the test after, except slight bleeding…but that only lasted a few hours.  One of my biggest fears was the pain that I have heard this test can cause and I am one lucky lady that it didn’t cause me much pain.  It was uncomfortable yes.  Painful, no.  I told my husband that my last IUI was unbearable compared to this test.

My next biggest fear was the results.  I am beyond relieved to say that my Fallopian tubes are clear and my uterus is normal/healthy.  Praise the Lord!  My doctor said she has high hopes for us this cycle as typically after the test, like I’ve mentioned before, women tend to be more fertile 1-3 months after this test.  She’s hoping with the tweak in our medication, and now this test that this is what we needed to have a desirable outcome.  I really hope and pray she is right, but really not getting my hopes too high.  I am just focusing on being grateful that nothing was wrong in that department as it answers more of our questions and puts our mind just that much more at ease.  It’s another step forward in the process and any positive news in the right direction relieves the weight on our shoulders just that much more.

Other then that, I have a mid cycle ultrasound on Monday and will know more after that.  So, until next time…

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