I Do…Forever & Always

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Five years ago today on a very beautiful April day, my husband and I tied the knot.  It was a wonderful day, one that I will cherish for as long as I can remember.  I spent a good half of my morning today looking at our wedding pictures and there were just so many good memories made on this day with our dear family and friends.  I have enjoyed the last 5 years of marriage with my husband and the life that we share.  We have ups and downs but I wouldn’t want to share them with anyone but him.  The good days most definitely outweigh the bad ones.  Through tears and also laughter I know he’s my best friend, my partner in crime and I love him more then words can say…forever & ever.  I’d say “I do” all over again in a heartbeat.

A lot has evolved and changed since our wedding day. One of them, is our strength and love as a couple.  Of the things in our marriage that we have struggled with, I’d say our biggest challenge that we’ve had to face so far is being diagnosed with Secondary Infertility.  When we got married, we both knew we wanted a family-and at least 3 kids, if not more.  It’s just crazy how fast that dream has turned into a nightmare. The heartache we have because of this is profound.  We never thought after our daughter was born that it would be difficult having another child.  The struggles that come along with that are just something I do not wish upon anyone.  The reality of this is in our face everyday and there is just no escaping it or turning off our feelings of wanting another child together.  Yet, we still have each other…

Thankfully, we were also blessed with our daughter and I am so grateful we have gotten to experience this bond we created together at least once in our lifetime. She is the light of our lives. Babies are truly miracles. Our miracle is a beautiful little girl with so much spirit and spunk.  She’s a good mix of the both of us even though I see more of her daddy in her then I see myself, but my husband begs to differ!  I look at this little person in my life and I just can’t believe that we created her.  I am so happy she is apart of our lives every single day.

Although, this struggle in our marriage affects our every day, I wouldn’t want to be on this roller coaster ride with anyone else. I also wouldn’t want to change it because it’s changed us.  The growth that has taken place in our marriage since this day is astounding.  What we have overcome in our marriage amazes me.  The bond we share is something no one can take away.  I am forever grateful I met this man and I only hope we can overcome our struggle and make all our dreams come true.  It’s faith, hope, love, family & friends that get us through everyday.  We can’t thank you enough for the impact you have made in our lives!

Happy Anniversary Maynerd…I know there will be many more!


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