NIAW day 3-Coping…

On to day 3 of NIAW, and I want to talk a little bit about coping. One of the hardest things about being diagnosed with Secondary Infertility is finding ways to live and cope with it. There isn’t one day that goes by where it isn’t hard to put one foot in front of the other. Tears are becoming a part of my daily accessory-along with many new wrinkles caused by stress (ugh)! Finding the positive among all the negative is grueling-but it has to be done.

As much as I try to find positive outlets or ways to cope with the intense feelings and stress that come with this, I never seem to be able to turn off how I feel completely. There are daily and constant reminders of my infertility and it’s painful and very overwhelming at times. It’s even harder when others do not understand my roller coaster of emotions.

The emotions that come with this are very raw. Triggers are everywhere…I’ve learned I can run, but I can’t hide. Like anything, there are good moments and there are bad. I never knew my own strength until going through this…and it’s not even the end of our journey yet. I have a feeling I will be learning much more about myself in the months to come.

Coping is something I have had to learn to do to survive each and every day…and it is crucial to my everyday living with Secondary Infertility. Coping is a very important aspect to any hardship so it’s important to learn different mechanisms to get you through.

“Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.” This is a quote I hold near and dear to my heart and when I have downer days I just think of this quote and try to focus on the good, even if it’s only one thing and this will oftentimes brighten my mood just a little! My hope is that you find the good in even the hardest of struggle and keep fighting and never give up. Life is precious and the gift of life is truly a miracle. Love yourself and live your life to the fullest…even on those hard days!  

Below are twp great links to check out :  5 Ways to Cope with Secondary Infertility & Coping with Infertility

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