Financial Side of Infertility

NIAW Day 6: One thing I wanted to touch on was the financial side of Infertility. Like ours unfortunately, infertility is not covered by insurance. It is a pretty sad deal when you think about it. The costs of “treating” infertility is not cheap. After all we are going through emotionally, physically and mentally it seems unfair to have the financial stress on top of it.

You get mad because something that should happen so naturally isn’t and it’s costing you everything we’ve worked so hard for. Not only are we sacrificing, but so is our daughter. Sadly, we are at a place where our decisions in this journey are being ruled by money. It is honestly devastating.

Here are a couple of good links. has information on making treatment affordable.…/making-treatment-affordable/ and the second is a good article on the cost of infertility.…/the-cost-of-infertility

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