We are nearing the end of summer soon (^^^insert tears here^^^) and transitioning to the Fall season quicker then I would like.  One big sign that Fall is approaching is the temp drop and that it is chilly in the mornings.  BRR!  It sure does make getting out of bed hard in the morning, but makes that warm cup of coffee taste so much better.   When it’s cold, I simply want to sleep more and stay under my warm blankets longer.  However badly I want to snuggle in bed, I slowly work up the motivation each morning and jump out of bed and take on a new day.  As you well know, some mornings are much easier then others to roll out of bed and get going.  This is a true statement, even for someone like myself who is a morning person far more then I am a night owl.

As I think of how quickly the seasons change, and they do so on a routine rotation (we know when to expect them), it makes me think of the seasons of my own life. It seems there is no exact timing when a season in life will start, or when it will end.  Some life seasons are short lived, while others seem to linger a lot longer.  Right now, I feel like I am in a never ending season of waiting.  Although I know at some point there will be a better Season a head, it’s been a trying Season on my husband and I.  In the midst of it, I am so desperately trying to find meaning behind this season of waiting and take from it the life lessons it is trying to teach me.  I feel like when you go through something as heartbreaking as secondary infertility, you tend to grab hold of whatever hope you can find, and also dig deep for meaning, positiveness, and motivation to continue on.  I’ve never been a super religious person, but I do believe and have always had my faith.  It is no surprise to me that in this season of waiting, and like many past seasons in my life, I am trying to reflect on the beauty of God’s word.

As I opened my bible this morning I ran across Jeremiah 17:7“Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.”  As I read this, I felt God once again speak to me and try to assure me I need to trust more & worry less. I know that I need to continue holding onto God’s hand daily, especially now through this Season that has been such a trial. This has been a trial that has given me great heartache, and has left so much uncertainty in my heart, yet from it I really have learned so much. I just need to trust that by continuing to hold Gods hand He will lead me right to the place I need to be. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t worry about my future, but in this process I am slowly learning I don’t need to worry as much as I do, and I am finding peace in what is right now.  This Season is simply shaping me and preparing me fully for my future.  His word tells me that there WILL be good things in store.  I just need help being patient and wait for His perfect timing.  This is something I pray about and ask you to please pray about for me.

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