A Poem I wrote…

Dreaming of You

I cried myself to sleep last night

But that isn’t anything new

This Season of waiting has been a constant struggle and a fight

I’m worn from feeling blue

I try to wrap my head around all we’ve been going through

I just don’t understand why?

My heart is about to spew

I’m doing what I can just to get by

The nights are short and the days are long

The thoughts of you constantly stay

I’m trying with all I have to be strong

I know this is out of my hands, so I pray

I pray for this sweet miracle to bless our lives

The ache for you is deep

But the disappointments have been to our hearts, sharp as knives

Feeling so broken down, I weep.

Do we put this behind us, or continue with no guarantee?

This is tearing us in two

This journey in life is not how I want it to be

This is just too much grief to go through

I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight

In my dreams, I’ll be dreaming of you

A dream I am holding on to so very tight

Baby, if you only knew.


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