The Last Diaper…

It’s official, E has crossed yet another milestone!  Our little lady is completely day time diaper/pull-up and overnight diaper free.  She wears her big girl undies 100% of the time.  She’s been wearing undies all day and using the potty shortly after she turned 3 BUT as of two weeks ago she decided that she did not want to wear an overnight diaper to bed either.  It was pretty nerve wracking for this mama BUT in the two weeks she’s worn undies to bed she’s only had 1 accident.  This all just happened SO fast.  She does wake up in the middle of the night again and calls out for “Mama” and “Daddy” to help her when she needs to use the bathroom-which is once or twice EVERY night.  We are not used to having to get up with her in the night much anymore, so we’ve been trying to get used to interrupted sleep again.  However, I am so incredibly proud of her. She’s doing fantastic!

With this elated feeling of joy of it being the “last diaper” for her and for her new “Big Girl” status, comes a bit of sadness.  Who knew it would be this bittersweet.  It seems every baby part of her is gone.  She’s now a little girl. It’s like that little baby I brought home from the hospital is just a distant memory shoved away in picture books.  Everyone teased me that I was a picture taking-aholic too…and boy am I glad I was and still am!  I can be certain that I cherished those memories and did not take a day for granted with her.  I just can’t bring myself to look at most of her baby pictures right now-it’s a little too hard on my heart at the moment.  It’s unreal how you just never know when it’s going to be your last moment with something big or small….as smelly as a lot of those diapers were, I’m going to miss them and that time in her life.  Isn’t it crazy how one can have a moment like this-where in the moment you were complaining about something (like having to change a dirty diaper or pushing your little to use the potty to be a big girl) and now you miss it and don’t want them to grow up so fast?  It’s hard.  What makes this hard is knowing she could be my last baby and that I may never get to experience moments like this again.  I love you E and I am so thankful you are my daughter and have given me this wonderful experience in life.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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Time just goes too fast.  Slow down.  Enjoy the moment.  What you take for granted others are praying for.


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