November & Thanksgiving

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This meme captures perfectly how I feel this time of year!  What ever happened to the classic phrase, “Stop and smell the roses?”  It seems as though we live in a fast pace world where we are not allowed to enjoy one thing at a time to it’s absolute fullest. Instead we are overwhelmingly reminded of what is coming next all. of. the. time.  At Halloween, I was already seeing Christmas all over the stores.  What is wrong with that picture?  EVERYTHING!

May I remind you that it’s the month of November right now, it is not December.  I thought I would just clarify that in case you are confused. I can see where you would be given the environment every time you go shopping.  In many places it’s like walking into a winter wonderland.  For me, this is a complete nightmare.  It down right stresses me out and makes me feel overwhelmed.

It’s amazing the kind of pressure seeing Christmas decor up early puts on a person.  It makes you feel like you are behind in your agenda and need to start your holiday prepping too, whatever that may be. Admitting this myself, I did jump on that train- I must say that is marketing at it’s finest, because I was already suckered in to do some holiday shopping (crap, what is wrong with me!). Every year I vow not to be this person, but it just happens.  I have also already received all the toy land catalogs in full swing in our mail box and my daughter is literally drooling at it’s contents. Although I must say, it’s super cute seeing her eyes light up while she’s looking at the catalogs and hearing her talk about all her wishes for the holiday season. However, I also want to instill in her the true meaning of Christmas but even before that, I want her to understand the Thanksgiving holiday and the meaning behind it all.

Society barely got through the joys of the month of October and many are rushing to see the jingle-jangles of December already making it hard to teach a child the different meanings and concepts of each holiday.  Instead it’s all about greed and wants.  I just don’t think society sets a very good example for our children. I’m doing the best I can as a parent to teach her about each holiday but it’d be nice to have a little help from society to just slow it down a bit and enjoy each one individually.  What about the month of November and the very important holiday of Thanksgiving? It seems like this holiday doesn’t get to be in the lime light much anymore. As the meme says, “Slow Down!  Let’s eat the damn turkey first!” 

I for one, truly enjoy the month of November and the Thanksgiving holiday.  I have many reasons to be thankful for this month.  My older sister and my niece share a November birthday and I am so thankful for both of them.  For the last 8 years, I have been able to spend an entire week back home with my Mom and Dad, and have created the tradition to spend a lot of quality time with my Dad and go gun-hunting with him. Lots of amazing memories have been made during this week.  It is the one time of year we should truly stop and reflect on all we do have to be thankful for and see all the many ways we are blessed.  I am glad this Holiday does force me to stop, and truly slow down.  There is also some great history behind the holiday of Thanksgiving and how it came to be and it’s great to take time to look back at that and be grateful.  I also feel like you are reminded in this month that less is more-an important thing to remember.  The turkey is pretty darn good too!

With all of those reasons, why would one want to rush through this amazing month and Holiday?  Is our society really losing the true meaning of each holiday and what they are about?  I am not quite sure what it is…but I am certain we could all benefit from slowing down and enjoying the moment, especially these moments with our children.  There is so much to teach our little loves over the holidays and so many special memories created in each month. I find when I slow down, I am amazed at how much more I have time for and how much more of life I enjoy.  Life goes by too fast as it is, so my advice to you is to stop living life in fast forward more then you have to because the beauty of life is in all these little moments that we are just rushing through and missing.

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