Family Time

In the midst of all life throws at you, especially in dealing with secondary infertility, it is so important to slow down and not let your circumstance overshadow your blessings.  Life can get so busy that we don’t take time to slow down and actually experience it.  I am guilty of this very thing.  We also don’t make an effort for quality family time when we allow circumstances to consume us.  This is something I have been reflecting on lately and want to make a strong effort to change. Life really is too short to be anything but happy-to live, to laugh, to love.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, having positive things to look forward to make all the difference in making it day to day and they also shape you into having a better outlook and attitude. When  you  have a positive attitude it makes all the difference in any hard struggle you are going through.  We are all allowed bad days, and I’d be lying if I said I don’t have them a lot lately.  The important thing is, is that we don’t take for granted our blessings and we focus on them instead of all of our stresses.  I firmly believe that when we are grateful for what remains, we allow ourselves to actually look forward to what is coming instead of stressing about what may or may not be coming.  This also helps you experience true happiness, when you accept where you are in life and try to make the most out of your everyday!

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One thing I am trying to do is think of things we can do together as a family on a more regular basis that involves quality time spent together.  All too much, at the end of the day during the week I find ourselves sitting on the couch watching TV or playing on devices such as our IPADs after dinner, instead of fully engaging in one another. It’s much harder too with the time change now and it’s dark outside at 5pm (whereas before we’d be outside playing or taking walks or going to the park, etc).  So much is missed out on because of this.  It really is a terrible thing.  So, spontaneously I suggested we go to the Peanut movie last night.  Although this involved sitting and staring at the big screen, we were all engaging in something together.  It was also my daughters first experience at a movie theater so it was so much fun to experience that together as a family.  We gave her the whole movie theater experience-popcorn and all.  We also watched an entire movie together as a family without the interruptions of iPad or cell phones, which allowed us to engage in conversation about the movie afterwards.  Being fully present during the movie, I also was able to enjoy my daughter-her facial expressions, her cute little giggles and her comments throughout the movie.  We also got some quality cuddling time together-all three of us holding hands and all!  It’s little things like this that just bring so much joy to my heart.  The movie was absolutely adorable, a must see for everyone!  All in all it was just a great evening–I’d say I could really enjoy more like that.

Featured imageMy aunt shared with me that she too went to the Peanut movie and it brought back many memories for her because going to the Peanut movie was one of her first memories when she was about 5 or 6 years old and it was that movie when she was little that started her love for drawing and painting.  If you knew my aunt, she has such amazing talent and does such beautiful drawings and paintings.  I was very thankful for her sharing that memory because it’s so true that it is important to give children as many experiences as possible in life as you never know how it can affect them or inspire them in a positive way.  Quality time as family is so important oftentimes it gets lost in the hustle and bustle of life-and swallowed up in technology time instead.  It is amazing what positive quality time did for my mood, my heart and just my overall demeanor. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t go to bed sad-but I went to bed feeling joyful and I am pretty sure my husband and daughter were feeling the same way.  Who doesn’t feel better when you’re dancing!

This morning I asked E who her favorite character was from the Peanut movie and she said, Charlie Brown.  When I asked why she like him best she said, “I liked his silly dance and that he was a nice boy to his friends.”  Then she randomly said, “Mama, can we go bowling tomorrow?”  Although we may not go bowling tomorrow-that may have to be our next family day spent together and another first experience for E!  …and I am looking forward to it very much!

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