Insurance Coverage

No part of our infertility treatments have been or will be covered under our insurance and this has included medication expenses.  All expenses are completely out of pocket for us.  This can make decisions hard in regards to what to do next because if you don’t have the money to continue on with procedures, you just don’t have the money and can not continue to move forward unless you borrow. We’ve been at a standstill in this journey now since March for this very reason.  This was after our last IUI failed and we had completely drained our savings in the process.  We were told our next step was IVF w/ICSI with only a 10% chance of conceiving on our own.

However, the cost of the IVF procedure was due the same day of service which would require my husband and I to borrow money and to pay off what we borrowed with interest over the next 5 or so years.  This is a hard pill to swallow, especially when we were faced to already have to take out a line of credit just to make ends meat for the rest of the year.  It is completely heart breaking knowing the chance to expand our family is sitting right in front of us, but because insurance doesn’t help cover this illness and true medical problem we are unable to continue on at this point.

Why is it that insurance companies are starting to cover gender reassignment surgeries, weight loss surgery, birth control pills, & viagra (to name a few) but not infertility?  In my opinion, everyone’s struggle is important and the struggle is very real- so why doesn’t society treat it as so?  The stress of this, and the general stress of infertility is just all too much to bear sometimes.  Stress alone can cause multitudes of health issues alone to arise in people and should not continue to be ignored.  Having infertility covered by insurance would truly change my husbands and my life and would truly help us to move forward in this journey and I know I am not alone in feeling like this.

No one expects to receive the diagnosis of infertility and when it happens you are completely in a state of shock.  Something that should happen so easily and naturally to others and is not happening in that same manner for you is full of gut wrenching pain.  Unfortunately, I am among the 7 million Americans who have received this diagnosis and although some states do mandate coverage, WI does not.  It’s truly unfortunate for my husband and I and makes an already difficult circumstance even more difficult.  No one should have to carry this burden, let alone the weight of not knowing how to pay for it.  I want to expand my family.  I want to give my only child a sibling-for me, it will always be complex with a web of false hope, heartache, stress, disappointment and a lack of support.

I have already started to advocate for all states to have mandated coverage for infertility and I am ready to do what I can to advocate more.  I am a firm believer that we can win this fight and our voices will be heard sometime in the near future.  Even if infertility has never touched your life, you never know if and when someone close to you now or in the future will go through this very thing or you may be going through infertility yourself and wondering what you can do to help.  Please make your voices be heard and help advocate for insurance coverage for infertility.  We are our own best advocate!

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What You Can Do

More and more women and men in their most active and productive years are being afflicted by the physical and emotional hardships of a treatable disease that continues to be inappropriately viewed as “elective.”  If you are infertile and your employer does not currently provide infertility treatment coverage, make a formal request for them to do so.  Get the support of others covered by the plan who are experiencing similar infertility problems.  RESOLVE encourages you to become your own best advocate for expanded health benefits.  The evidence justifying the cost-benefit of such coverage is considerable.

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