Rattled on TLC

How many of you have seen the new show, “Rattled” on TLC?  I, unfortunately, no longer have Direct TV so I do not get the TLC network anymore.  However, when I first heard about this show, I knew it was one I wanted to see.  I am fortunate that I was able to tune in via my computer on http://www.tlc.com/.  “Rattled” is a 60 minute long show that airs on Tuesdays (sorry, I’m unsure of the time).  It is about three couples from different states, who are all welcoming into this world their first child with each other.  I say “with each other” because one of the couples Mars and Doug, Doug already has three children from a previous marriage.  I should also say “welcoming babies” because another couple, Ashley and Tyson are having quads as their first time as parents.  They also struggled with infertility and went though IVF to have these miracle babies.  The other couple, Kristina and Jason are welcoming one baby and both new to parenting.  Each couple has such a unique situation and brings me back to when I was preparing for E’s arrival and all the over-whelming feelings of being a first time parent and trying to still juggle a relationship with your significant other.  Obviously, the couple I can relate to most on the show right now is Ashley and Tyson and I secretly wish the show was just about them.  I’ve been following them since I first heard of their story so I’m already a little bias. Sitting down and watching the first episode last week, my head was a whirl wind of thoughts, which brings me to this blog post because I want to discuss my opinions of each couple and thoughts of the show.

Lets start with Mars and Doug.  I have to say it bluntly, they are my least favorite couple on the show and I’ve already formed many judgments about them both as a couple and as individuals and also as parents.  Half the time that I was watching them I was either shaking my head in disgust or in shock at how clueless they both seemed.  They have had 9 months to prepare for the arrival of their daughter and literally had nothing prepared for her and they were just moving in together so their living space wasn’t even ready for them to live in, let alone a baby.  Not to mention, Mars was almost going to give birth at home and they called 911 because it got to that point.  It just seemed like they were uneducated and naive about the birthing process.  Mars, in my opinion, seems very immature and self centered and seems to be very depended on Doug who also seems like he’s a man child or going through a mid-life crisis.  Their relationship just appears unstable and just odd.  I was also disgusted with their selfishness at the hospital and disregard for their care staffs opinions.  Their baby was born and the nurses/doctors told them that Mars and Doug could be discharged but the baby would have to stay to be cared for and monitored.  Doug and Mars threw a complete fit about this and just seemed to focus on their own selfish reasons as to why they wanted the baby to go home with them and didn’t take into consideration it was for the babies health and safety as to why she truly should stay.    This couple is unbelievable-and not in a good way!  My honest thought after seeing this couple was that I will never understand why people like this are blessed with innocent children and then there are people like me-fully capable and loving and in a good place to have a family and am struggling.  It was very hard to watch this couple and stirred up a lot of emotions in me.  I am anxious to see how they are when they don’t have the care staff for the baby and for Mars and see how they do bringing the baby home.

Next up, lets talk about Kristina and Jason.  Although, this couple seems put together, loving, responsible and ready to start a family they are so clueless on what’s to come. Both are successful, busy and owners of their own company and their company seems to be their baby right now.  Little do they know that their baby will indeed be calling the shots and needing to come first.  Although they seem very organized-going as far as putting together a complete schedule of how their life will work with their new baby-all down to a nap schedule and feeding times-it just seems like they are very controlling.  I liked this couple and had no real negative thoughts about them while watching, other then getting a little humor about how this baby is going to rock their world.  When the baby comes they are going to have to learn to let go of that control an see it isn’t about their schedule, but the babies.   Some things they are going to have to learn to just roll with, but will they be able to do it?  I have my doubts.  I have strong feelings that not being in control will be especially hard for them.  I think Kristina is going to have a mental and emotional breakdown because of her type A personality and always needing a plan.  As a parent, we all know that no matter how much we plan things, oftentimes, plans are just thrown out the window when a baby comes into the picture.  I think this will be really hard for her and will also add extra stress for Jason.  I am interested in seeing how they balance work and baby.

I had to save my favorite couple for last, Ashley and Tyson.  I love, love, love this couple. I really can’t say enough great things about them.  The fact that they have struggled with infertility and went though the IVF process really tugs at my heart, because I can relate to all the emotions involved in the journey and all they’ve gone through to get to this point.  My heart is just so overwhelmingly happy for this couple and you can just tell how much in love, how supportive they are to one another, how humble and grateful they are to be pregnant, and what amazing parents they will be to their girls.  They honestly seem like the most normal couple on the show.  I honestly could care less about the other two couples and kept finding myself wanting to see more times spent focusing on this couple. I am truly impressed at how they are  handling their circumstance and trying to make the most of Ashley having to be on bed rest for so long.  It’s hard not getting emotional yourself watching this couple.  I can’t imagine how nervous they are to take care of four babies and the expense of it all.  You can tell it’s overwhelming for them, but given what they’ve been through, you can tell that their focus is on delivering 4 healthy babies and preparing for what’s to come.  They are just simply amazing.  Although, I know a little bit more about what’s to come for them because I follow their blog it will be interesting to see how the show continues to portray them and to see things that I otherwise have not seen posted on their blog.

So, what are your thoughts of each couple and the opinions of the show?








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