Well, I watched another episode of, “Rattled” on TLC yesterday. Of course, I didn’t watch it Tuesday when it aired, rather I watched in on the internet because we don’t have the TLC network.  There is going to be no formality to this blog, rather my random thoughts I had about the show.  A friend of mine sent me her thoughts on the show that she said she kept track and wrote down while watching the show-genius!  I will have to remember that for next week.  This week thoughts came a day after watching the show so I’m probably really missing some of what I was really thinking…so again, tune in to my blog next week on Episode 3.

Sal & Destiny:

-I had no idea that there was going to be a 4th couple on the show.

-I really hope this is the last couple coming on the show or they will take time away from the Gardner family (the one I really care to hear about).

-Destiny, Harmony and what was the 3rd sister’s name?  Not a fan of any of those names and they all sound relatively the same.  Interesting.  Were their parents Hippies?

-I really hope they don’t name their baby Chandelier.  Her mom seems cray-cray.

-Oh good, they are naming their baby girl Capri, not Chandelier.

-I’ve never heard of Capri for a name.  It’s different.  I kind of like it.

-Did you see how young Destiny’s brother was?  Did her parents steal him since it seems the want to steal Capri?

-Sal is a professional soccer player and Destiny a model-Damn!

-I am close with my mother, but not so close to have her taking pictures of me while giving birth.

-I most definitely nip Destiny’s overbearing-mother attitude in the butt before the baby was here.  I couldn’t handle that at all.

-Having both sets of parents there for extended period of time after Capri is born just seems like a bad idea.

-Will Sal be playing soccer when the baby is born or will he be a part of the birth?

Mars & Doug:

-Cripes, where do I begin? *slapping palm of hand on forehead*

-I do feel bad that they could not take their baby home with them right away from the hospital and you can tell Mars is clearly heartbroken over this. I could not imagine not taking E home with me when I was discharged.  It would have been very hard.

-However, they make it seem like the hospital is holding their baby hostage for no good reason.  It truly is for her health and safety at this point and if I were them, I would want her to go home when she was good and ready.

-Doug please confirm you are going through a mid life crisis.  I still believe you are.  You are a man child.

-I again, feel badly for Mars that it’s been 6 weeks and she admitted that she does not feel a bond with her baby yet.  It really saddens me.  I know this happens, but I just could never imagine because my bond with E was instant.

-Mars seems jealous of Doug that he can calm the baby and has somewhat bonded with her better.  Although I would feel sad too that there was a lack of a bond, I would be grateful that my baby was being soothed by someone and able to be content.

-Did you see how rosy the babies cheeks were in the car seat because she was all bundled up in that warm suit?  Babies get hot and sweaty fairly quickly, especially when left in a car seat.  I was so upset watching this and wondering how long he was going to leave her in that while he was working.  Very annoyed.

-Did Doug even change the baby at all while she was in his care?  Maybe that’s why he told Mars he lucked out and didn’t have any poopy diapers.

-Doug, you are an idiot.  Don’t eat hot soup over a baby.  I don’t care if you covered her head with a blanket or not.  Use your head.

-Mars, can you just try to have some personality?  You just seem like you don’t care and are very blah?

-Also, it seems Mars is used to just doing her own thing and only having to worry about herself.  Partly why I think she doesn’t feel a bond to her baby is because she is still more worried about herself at this point and thinking she’s the one who should be cared for and doted on by Doug-I think there is some jealously right now.

Kristina & Jason:

-There is no doubt in my mind this couple is more then capable of taking care of Lincoln.

-However, my mouth dropped when Kristina said, “This baby needs to start fitting into our lives, not the other way around.”  News flash for you the baby should be your life right now!  They run their own schedules.  When will this couple understand this?

-I was also shocked at how much Kristina seems to hate breastfeeding.  Honestly, if you think it’s so much of a chore she does have other options!  I just had such a wonderful bonding experience breastfeeding E and never looked at it as a chore, I looked at it as quality time spent with my baby and knowing I was doing the best thing for her made me feel like it was the right thing.  Never once did I take it for granted and I’d give anything to be in Kristina’s shoes right now.  The first few weeks are hard for sure, I get it but stop complaining lady.  He’s going to grow up right before your eyes and you’ll never get these precious moments back.

-Also found it strange that Kristina needs an alarm to tell her which boob to feed from.  I breast fed from both boobs every feeding and then pumped after.  No alarm needed.  I still think it’s an OCD issue with her, where she needs to plan, schedule and be in control.  Plus that damn whistle alarm tone makes me check my phone every time I hear it on the show because I have that same damn alarm as my text tone-I am gonna have to change it, I never realized how annoying it is!

-I loved Jason showed such love and support to Kristina by buying that boob bottle contraption.  I’ve never seen one before.  I think Kristina found not only humor in this but also felt supported and like Jason was trying to better understand what she is going through and really appreciated his gesture.  Way to go Jason

-Loved also how Jason seems so supportive of Kristina’s desire to go back to work.  Some people are just not cut out to be at home with their kids and Kristina is not one of them.  It definitely isn’t easy.  It must be hard too in that she feels confined to their tiny apartment.  I’d feel like I was suffocating in that too.  I don’t get why she feels like she has to stay there-she can take the baby outside or to a store-anywhere to socialize so she doesn’t feel so isolated.  However, maybe there is some post pardem depression going on well?

Ashley & Tyson:

-I was looking forward to seeing more detail about their birth story and they truly moved me to tears.

-Everyone that was involved in the quads birth were simply amazing.  From Ashley to Tyson to their amazing care staff.  Really-kudos to this hospital staff.  I can’t imagine all the planning and prepping that was involved to make their births a success. Simply amazing.

-I thought Ashley and Tyson really held it together well considering all they knew could happen and go wrong.  I can’t imagine it’s easy seeing your baby in the NICU, let alone 4 of your babies in the NICU.

-I couldn’t believe how pale Ashley was the first time they showed her visiting her babies after birth.  I know she is pale in complexion on a normal day but she was almost transparent.  They never really talked much about her health or how she was feeling after birth which was a disappointment to me because I was curious.

-This couple should be role models to the rest of the couples on the show.  They seem to have their shit together more then the rest of the couples on the show and they have FOUR babies to care for and bring home, the others are having trouble just with one.  You guys are ROCK STARS!

-I really wonder how long recovery was for Ashley and how long her hospital stay was.  The part where they were trying to put the car seat in, she truly looked amazing for just having quads.  She’s beautiful!

-They must live in a town house of some sort-holy small.  I complain about the size of my house even with just the 3 of us and a dog and a cat.  I couldn’t imagine needing 4 of everything for a baby all at once and trying to squeeze it in the space they have.  TLC please give this couple a house with adequate space-they deserve it!

-It was so scary when the one quad started to turn blue.  It goes to show how quickly things can change-and they will in a matter of seconds.  I would truly be terrified to bring those babies home without care staff 24/7, especially because I have no medical background.  They seem to be handling this well and are very hands on.  Again, amazing!

-Ashley and Tyson are so brave and true role models to all couples.  They are so down to earth, appreciative, giving, humble, grateful, and loving and supportive to one another.  I just love watching them and can’t get enough of them on the show!

-If you don’t follow them on facebook, you need to.  Also follow their blog/vlog!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Tune in next week as I express my opinions of episode 3!


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