Rattled-Ep. 3

Like I mentioned before, my husband and I don’t have the TLC network because we discontinued our Direct TV to save money.  Instead, we just have Netflix and Hulu and an antenna  that gives us basic channels.  I was just sitting down yesterday to watch Rattled online, and it said that I was only able to watch the first 2 episodes for free and if I wanted to continue watching I needed a network username and password to get into it to continue watching.  Ah, crap!  I was in full out panic mode, haha!    However, thanks to my older sister who has a network with TLC, I was able to watch it.  So, a big thank you to my sister! I got my Rattled fix last night, it was much appreciated!

I did not however, write down thoughts as I was going, it was the evening and I simply just wanted to sit back, enjoy and relax.  E had also went to bed early (yesterday also happened to be a no nap day, oy!)  which is a rare occasion so I could watch with no interruptions.  I also made an amazing fruit smoothie so my hand were not free to write!  Excuses I know.  So, you’re getting a day old opinion of what my thoughts were on the show this episode.

Sal & Destiny:

-Destiny seems a little too dependent on  her Mom while she is here, but later in the episode I was happy to see she admits that she needs time to figure things out on her own.

-I was also happy to see that Sal was there and not at his soccer game for the birth!

-However, I thought it was odd at how modest Destiny was trying to be about the whole giving birth thing.  By saying that Sal couldn’t watch the actual birth because she was afraid she would scar his image of her was so ridiculous.  Birth is such a beautiful moment and the father should be able to witness any part of it that he so chooses to see.

-Destiny really surprised me and did a great job at birthing her baby-I really thought she was going to be a giant baby.

-Destiny seems kind of clueless to about aspects of birthing and what it all entails but she also seems like a go with the flow kind of woman and one who does better without knowing all the finer details.

-Capri is a beautiful baby!

-Destiny’s mother is too much for me. I would have asked her to not be in the room with me while giving birth.  She truly acts like she should be taking the baby home with her and that she knows everything.  However, she’s forgetting what being a first time mom is like. I just want to shake her and tell her to back off!

-Capri has a lot of baby clothes!

-I was shocked to see that when they brought Capri home that they instantly put her in the crib and walked out of the room saying she was fine and they would check on her later.  As a first time parent, I was always too paranoid to do that-never taking my eye off E!

-It will be interesting to see how Sal and Destiny do with both their parents around “helping” on the next episode and also how Sal and Destiny do parenting with them around.  Hopefully Destiny continues sticking up for herself-which we got a taste of in this episode.  I was proud of her when she kicked her mom out of the room!

Mars & Doug

-My first thought while watching this, and excuse my french:  Doug is a selfish asshole.  Mars had every right to be pissed off at him after Sophia’s doctor appointment.

-Doug could have waiting until after Sophia’s appointment to take all of his work phone calls.

-For Doug to not be present and be of support to Mars during the shot appointment was so rude.  She flat out told him he needed to be there and he wasn’t.

-I think it was good for Mars to meet with her Sister and talk through some of the things she needed to get off her chest.  It doesn’t seem like her and her sister see each other often, but it’s nice to know that Mars does have some support if she needs it.

-I was surprised to hear that Mars thought she was dealing with postpartum depression because I would have to agree that she is to some degree.

-I was surprised to see also that Mars lost her job and really didn’t seem to be too concerned, but I am proud of her that she said that this lapse in time will giver her time to focus on Sophia-which someone needs to.  It seems like both Doug and Mars are a little on the self-absorbed side and don’t put Sophia’s needs first.

-I couldn’t believe how big Sophia was already in this episode, what a cute little girl!  I really hope that Dough and Mars get their crap together for her sake.

-It’s nice that Mars and Doug had a little date night, but it seemed like it was the first time they were meeting their sitter.  Although she looked normal and fully capable, it made me even nervous.

-I wonder if Doug was thinking “I wish you would have told me about losing your job before I took you out to eat at this expensive restaurant and bought a bottle of wine.”

-Again, Doug is an unsupportive a-hole!  I could not believe (well I could considering it was Doug) how he responded to Mars losing her job-he treated her like she was a child (although she does act like one sometimes).

-I would have been peeved too if Doug woke me up in a dead sleep to feed the baby.  If they are using bottles to feed Sophia there is no reason why Doug couldn’t have taken care of it himself and just let Mars sleep.  They need to figure out how give and take works in a relationship.  They bicker over such stupid stuff-but I do get it to some degree.  Being a new parent is hard and trying to balance a relationship being a new parent is even harder-especially when sleep is lacking.

-Mars makes the comment that she wonders if she’d be better off “doing this herself”.  However much of an a-hole Doug is-I really don’t see Mars doing anything herself!  I really think they both need to work on themselves before they can even work on their relationship.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

Kristina and Jason

-Kristina seems too happy about going to work initially; however, I was actually glad to see her break down and say it was harder to leave Lincoln then she thought it would be.

-For Kristina, I was honestly glad to see her go back to work though.  She needed a breath of fresh air and for her own mental well being needed to feel like she was more then a mom again.

-Kristina looked genuinely happy to put herself together and looked even happier while at work.

-I think it was good for Jason to be home with Lincoln and experience some of what Kristina was feeling.

-I am so proud of Jason for being so supportive and making it work for them to have a give and take relationship.

-You can tell Kristina and Jason love Lincoln, but still seem to focus more on their company.

-Dang their apartment is small.  I also didn’t realize they had a dog.

-You can tell that Kristina appreciate’s Lincoln so much more now that she’s had a break from him.  So much so, that she was brought to tears over his reaction to her coming home that day.  Although that clip made me laugh “he said goo, and then I said goo”-haha!

Ashley and Tyson

-I can’t imagine the overwhelming feelings these two had upon bringing their 4 girls home.

-I can’t imagine how crazy stressful it was that first night-but to have all those cords and beeping monitors to deal with must have added to that stress tenfold.  Kudos to these two, for real!

-They really do work together well and compliment one another.  It seemed as though they had a true routine down well and supported one another with every aspect of their day/night.

-I appreciate that Tyson gets emotional and is able to show his emotions on camera.  You can just tell the love he has for Ashley and all of his girls and that he is a man with a big heart.

-I wonder if it was hard for Ashley to not experience breast feeding her girls. It doesn’t appear she does or even uses breast milk.  She seems like the type that would have loved to have been able to have this experience.

-Tyson and Ashley also need a bigger place.  I will probably say this every episode, but now we see their living conditions after they bring the girls home and they truly just don’t have enough space.

-Ashley and Tyson looked SO tired this episode.

-I truly would be terrified when Tyson goes back to work.  I am curious to see what type of support and help these two get when he does go back.

-The babies are so tiny!

-Again, Ashley looks wonderful for just having Quads!

-These two can’t even sit down for 2 seconds to catch their breath.  I just could not imagine having quads-but what an amazing experience and miracle these two have been blessed with. God doesn’t give us more then we can handle and I firmly believe these two are capable of whats in store for them!

Hopefully I am able to tune in for Ep. 4 again with the help of my sister:)  What were your thoughts on Ep. 4?




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