I have to give my two sense on this show another week, so bear with me…

Mars & Doug:

-They said that Sophia was 6 months old already in this episode.  It seems like they skipped over a few months in their lives to get to this point on the show, but here we are.

-I had to laugh when Doug said that he does everything and he truly he believes that he does.  I think that Mars is slacking in some areas but if she truly is battling with postpartum depression it’s any wonder.  They both need to get help individually and as a couple.

-Gosh it’s sad how much they argue and raise their voice in front of Sophia.  I realize she’s still pretty little, but it’s still got to be scary for her at times.  I wish they would take this into consideration while they have their feuds.

-Every time they get in a blow up argument or Mars starts calling Doug out on things he can’t handle it and he always leaves.  It’s good if you know your limits in your argument and need to take a break and come back to it, but he needs to tell Mars that he’s just too upset to continue talking and let her know he will be back and will talk when he’s settled down.  If I were Mars I would just feel awful due to his behavior and lack of explaining where he is going and when he will be back.  It’s also not fair that he’s always the one that gets to leave to take that break-Mars is always stuck with the baby during these times (hence proves that Doug does not do everything)!

-I’m glad they had their little talk in the park and they both seemed a bit more calmed down which made it easier for them to both talk.  I am also glad that Doug agreed to go to couple counseling.

-I’m surprised how in counseling Mars just brought up postpardum depression to him then and not earlier.  Doug truly seemed shocked at first but then it seemed like something clicked, like that possibility made sense to how she was acting.

-I truly hope Doug can be better emotional support to Mars but I really think once she’s feeling better emotionally she should get a job so that is not an issue for them.  Clearly Doug feels better with two incomes and not having money to fight about is just one less issue to have which would also be good for Sophia’s sake.

-I find it crazy that they don’t know why they are even together or if they even still “like” each other and made it seem like they just moved in together because that was the thing to do at the time.  It’s sad to me when people feel like they don’t have other options, even when a baby is involved.

-I am still very interested to see if these two make it…I have my doubts.

Kristina & Jason:

-I’m so intrigued by these two in that they are able to maintain a relationship outside of the work place and also in the work place.  I love my husband but I think it would be unhealthy for us to be together that much.  Kudos to them for making it work.

-I think it’s awesome that they are trying to expand their company, however, I also think they need to somewhat choose where their priority is.  Is it with the company or is it with Lincoln?  I feel like although they think it’s the best of both worlds to bring Lincoln with them to work, is it really what is best for?  I felt so bad for him just sitting there in his stroller doing nothing while Kristina was trying to work.  Kristina said herself that she didn’t get much done with Lincoln there.  Since they own a company that deals with babysitting I wish they would find a babysitter for Lincoln that could watch him at work so he’s still getting his needs met, Mom and Dad can do their thing but still poke in on breaks or when they need to.  To me that would seem like a win-win situation.

-Lincoln has gotten big too since the last episode and he is adorable!

-I was shocked when Jason said he was thinking about interviewing for a different job.  It seemed as though it came out of left field and although it may be a good opportunity for Jason and for their family-I really didn’t understand why now?  With them trying to branch out and open another office somewhere else it seemed to be such bad timing.  Kristina handled it with Grace but you could tell she was on the verge of tears.  I honestly felt bad for her.  It will be interesting to see what progresses with this and how they will make it work if he has a job change.  Kristina said earlier in the episode that they both just work so well together and Jason does a lot for their company.  It makes me wonder how the company would do without Jason.

Ashley & Tyson:

-I just look at these two and I am tired.  They’ve got to be exhausted.

-It’s too bad Tyson has to go back to work, I truly could not imagine managing all four of those babies on my own and getting all of their needs met.

-I feel bad for Ashley that she can’t take the time to feed each of the girls individually.  To me, this part of infancy with E was so important to me as it was such a strong bonding time.  I feel like Ashley is being robbed of this and it breaks my heart.  I understand she may get some 1:1 feeding time with each of the girls but it’s sad it can’t happen every time. You also feel bad for the girls that her hands are just tied sometimes and their needs can’t be met immediately all of the time.  When I see this I just want to jump into the screen and hold one of those crying babies and help Ashley out.

-Ashley said in the episode they are doing this all on their own and they don’t have help.  I wonder if later on we see them getting more help or if they continue to do it all on their own.  I would be recruiting people, especially in the newborn stage, as Mom has to take care of herself some too.  If Ashley isn’t taking care of herself and getting some rest, she’s going to burn out more quickly and not be able to take care of the girls.  I’m already worried about this for her.

– I’m so sad for Tyson when he has to go back to work.  As much as I’m sure he enjoys the time away just for a sanity break, I’m sure it’s a really tough transition for him as well.

-Oh good, they do own a bigger vehicle and not just a car!  Uffda!

-I could feel their stress when they sat down to talk about their budget.  I could not imagine having the expense of 4 babies at once.  Diapers and formula alone are EXPENSIVE!  I’m curious though what they get in donations each month though and how much this helps their budget?  Talking about a budget is never fun though, I don’t care who you are.  I had to laugh at Ashley’s face when she found out that’s what Tyson wanted to talk about it was kinda like “Ah, crap…but ok lets do this”.   However, they seemed to talk about their budget with ease even though it had to have been stressful.  Not at my household, every budget discussion ends in an argument, tears, or frustration!

-I’m so glad they got a good report on Indie and her hole in her heart.  Thank god!

Sal & Destiny:

-Destiny seems so worried about whether or not Sal’s parents like her or not because they don’t meet her expectation of who Sal should have married.  Could this be in Destiny’s head?  Maybe.  However, they seem to get along with Destiny so I don’t know what she’s so worried about.

-It also seems like Sal and Destiny let the opinions of their parents get in the way of what they truly want and how they want to parent.  They quickly need to realize that they are the parents of Capri, nobody else.  I just want to tell both of them to grow a pair and to squash the crap that is going on NOW.  If they don’t it will just enable their behavior to continue.

-Destiny’s mom is really behaving while Sal’s parents are visiting…I feel like we rarely heard a peep from her this entire episode, which is saying a lot compared to the last episode.  I bet she was ready to burst at the seams though!

-I think it was hilarious that Destiny calls Sal out on the fact that he lets his mom baby him.  I think Destiny has some of her own issues in regards to how she lets her mother treat her, but Sal just kept his mouth shut about it.

-The whole baptism conversation was annoying.  I would never have had this conversation with my parents as I would have done what I wanted because I was the parent, not them.  I don’t understand why they continue to let their parents make all of the decisions for them.  They clearly are swayed by what their parents think even if they think they are not.  It’s really frustrating to watch.

END OPINION!  Please comment and share yours!


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