Fear Helps You Grow

You may have thought that it’s Wednesday, and  you were going to get yet another opinionated post on the TLC series, “Rattled”.  I hate to disappoint, but I’ve decided to hang up my towel and be done with my posts about the show.  I am still very much watching it and I am still very much full of opinions about the couples on there, I just wasn’t getting a lot of feedback on what you all thought about it and really, what fun is a one sided conversation?!  With that, I am changing gears and today I am going to reflect on a quote that I read this morning that came from Mark and Angel Hack Life.  They said, “When you have two good choices, always go with the one that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.”  I truly love this quote and will also give this advice to others in the future.  It really is sound advice.

If you’ve ever heard the quote by Robert Frost, “Two Roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by.  And that has made all the difference.”  you can see where this one, and the other one go hand in hand.  It’s amazing how much fear can take the wheel and steer your decisions and mold your choices.  Most of the time, because we are human, we take the easy way because we are too scared to do something different.  No one likes the unknown, but unfortunately the unknown is a part of every single life that exists.

Take a moment and think back to a major time in your life where you were stuck between 2 choices, either in your past and/or currently.  Which way did you go with your 2 choices and what was the main factor in the final outcome of your decision? I can think of a major decision I was faced with recently and although both the choices I was given were not per say good, I knew I needed to pick one. However, one was definitely more scary then the other with a lot more risks involved.  For that reason, it was easy to not pick the scary choice for quite some time.  However, when my heart was still heavy with the same burden a year later, I knew I needed to go the route that scared me most.  Although, there is no guarantee’s to this choice I made, I certainly without a doubt, know it will help me to grow and will give me the clarity to move forward.

With that, one of the biggest lessons I learned when being faced with a tough decisions is that if you choose one way, but you are still constantly thinking about the other option that was presented to you, it’s never too late to change your mind and start walking on that path that is less traveled.  At first I felt so mad at myself for not making this choice to begin with, but then I also realized that we all get from point A to point B differently and although I may feel time was wasted before getting there, there were many little lessons along the way that are making me who I am today and have gotten me to option B.  Never regret what you’ve done or where you are currently at.  Ultimately, you WILL get to where you need to be!

You just never know when that once choice you make can lead to the best decision for you. Be scared.  Have fear. Take the road less traveled.  It’s only then, that we do those things, that we can grow as individuals. It may not be easy, but trust me when I say it will be worth it!




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