Cindy is here…

Yesterday, the grass was out and proud and I spotted Robins galore outside.  Today, the grass is nowhere to be seen and white snow is instead covering all of the grass. I have yet to spot one Robin either.  Those poor Spring birds must be so confused this morning! Heck, I think people are confused too-it’s not winter anymore but it surely feels like it is. Regardless, I’m still trying to think Spring!!!

However, Eastern WI was hit yet again with another Spring-time snowstorm.  This time her name is Cindy and I’m really not impressed with her visit.  In fact, she’s really not welcome but she decided to visit us anyways-apparently she didn’t get the memo that Winter is over and it is supposed to be Spring. Actually, most of the school districts near us are closed down for the day, which is good for safety reasons.  However, if you are like my mother-in-law (who works for a school district) or the students you may not be too happy about the snow-day make up days, which one may be around Memorial Day vacation this year.  Such a  bummer!  However, as a kid I always enjoyed those days off-it’s just really too bad those days have to be made up!

As for me, I don’t really plan on leaving my house today.  E and I will kind of have a snow day ourselves at home.  There is no point in getting all bundled up to run errands (especially because I packed away a lot of our winter gear and don’t feel like digging it out) or endanger our safety by driving on the poor road conditions.  It would be so easy to snuggle up and cuddle under a blanket and watch a movie together and sip hot cocoa BUT I have to remind myself that it’s Spring, not Winter.  Spring has always motivated me in that the world begins to come to life again after a long winter.  The birds sing, flowers start to bloom, trees begin to bud and our neighborhood comes to life with playing children!  There is so much to love and enjoy about Spring!  So, in your face Cindy-I’m not going to let you take away my Spring-time motivation!

One thing that comes to mind that I am motivated to do this time of year is Spring cleaning.  Although I don’t enjoy the task itself, the reward can be great.  I am a person who likes cleanliness, organization and little to no clutter.  Over the winter, my household (even vehicles) become the complete opposite of those things-to the point where I just can’t take it anymore.  At the end of winter, E may as well take her sand shovels and beach pails to my cars sandbox!  Well, needless to say I’m to that point where everything (and I mean everything) needs to be Spring-cleaned!  It all of course can’t be done in one day-it’s quite the process BUT once it’s accomplished you can sit back and finally relax and enjoy the newness again!

With that, Spring also always makes me realize how much stuff we’ve accumulated and how little space we have to store everything.  This is why I am having a rummage sale this year.  Anything that doesn’t sell, I plan on donating to a second hand store! Clutter and junk is especially true with having a 3 almost 4 year old!  E has become quite the little pack rat.  My best time to de-clutter, clean, and organize is when my little is at 3K.  I typically raid her room, do my thing, and try to make it the least bit suspicious that I was in there at all!

Yesterday, while doing a room raid I found a pile of papers in E’s room that she had water color painted at one time.  So, I folded them up and placed them in the garbage in the kitchen.  However, E got home from school and of course threw something in the garbage and noticed her prized art work in the trash and got very upset with me.  Lets just say, I felt like the worst mom in the world because E laid it into me and expressed how she worked very hard on making those pretty pictures and they do not belong in the garbage.  She even went on to say that she even made one of those especially for me and questioned if I loved her and that I shouldn’t throw away “love-work”.  So, feeling guilty I dug the papers out where they are now sitting in a pile (untouched since yesterday) on my kitchen counter. To me this spells out clutter and it’s already driving me bonkers that I didn’t get away with my mission to throw these out.

A well seasoned mom would have thrown those papers out in the garbage in the garage-never to be seen or thought of again!  Although, I felt guilty for hurting E’s feelings I know if I give it couple days she will forget (and lets face it, as moms we can’t keep every single piece of paper and artwork our child has ever made us-I already have a large bin of stuff I’ve chosen to keep and she hasn’t even entered into kindergarten yet)! Lesson learned quickly on my part as well!  By the end of the week I know I can dispose of those papers as they will make it out to the garage garbage & tear free!  I don’t know what I’m going to do about all the other junk she’s collected.  In her mind, I know they are treasures and each come with a memory of how or where she got them and she deems them special to her, but like I said we can’t keep everything.  If we did, we’d be seen on your next episode of hoarders buried alive!  It’s amazing how much she remembers and how much she doesn’t forget!

As a mom (and/or even a pet owner), you quickly come to the conclusion that your house will never look or feel like that of a home in a Better Homes and Garden Magazine, rather its quite the opposite in comparison!  I’ve also learned very quickly the difference between dirty and messy. No matter how much I clean, my house will always be messy BUT it is rarely dirty!  That’s something I can live with.  I love the quote, “Please excuse our messy house, the kids are making memories”.  It’s just so true!  I’d rather have a messy house and a child that is making memories then a clean house where a child isn’t allowed to have fun or be a kid!  With that, I take pride in my home and while the mess may bother some (and if i’m honest at times it bothers me) I know the reason for the mess and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  That is why I also like the quote, “Our house is lived in, it’s not for show.  If you don’t like the mess, you know where to go!”.

So, although it’s Spring and I should be starting my Spring cleaning today, I’m going to take advantage of Cindy’s visit and help my kid be a kid.  I’m going to enjoy the memories and messes we make together.  Messes can always wait-but time with your children can’t! Enjoy them, the time you have with them in insanely precious!


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