A Gentle Reminder…

With April 1st quickly approaching, I wanted to remind everyone that making a joke about being pregnant, when in reality you are not just to play what might feel like an innocent April fools joke on someone, can be extremely hurtful to certain people and can be a huge trigger to them emotionally.  A joke like this has the potential of taking them to a very painful place.  You just never know who in your life may be experiencing pregnancy loss or struggling with infertility or those who are enduring painful treatments just to try and achieve a pregnancy or even those who can’t get pregnant at all. Pregnancy is not a joke. A fake announcement that you think is a brilliant and funny April Fools joke, just to be funny can be an extreme trigger for someone on the journey of a loss or infertility.  This joke is not a funny one.  Please think before you choose to go this route.

Rather, here are a few other April Fools joke ideas that deem more appropriate and truly are innocent fun:

-Cover the toilet seat with plastic wrap.

-Glue all your eggs to the egg carton.

-Put a rubber band over a hose on the sink and wait for someone to turn the water on.

-Fill a room up with balloons.

-Make an ice cream sundae for someone with mashed potatoes and gravy and a cherry on top.

-Scrape all of the cream filling out of oreo cookies and replace with toothpaste.

-Wrap up your co-workers desk chair in wrapping paper.

-Add to someone’s t0-do list with your to-do’s.

-Make caramel apples that are really caramel covered onions.

-Tape a small piece of paper under someone’s mouse pad so it appears broken.

-Fill your husbands underwear and sock drawer with packing peanuts (watch out Zach)!

See, there are definite ways to have innocent fun on April Fools Day without truly hurting someone (either physically and/or emotionally).  Just use your heads and keep my gentle reminder in the back of your brain!  Those of us who know this pain, truly appreciate you keeping a fake pregnancy announcement out of April Fools Day!




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