NIAW Day #4-Insurance and Infertility

“No one expects to receive the diagnosis of infertility. Yet more than 6 million Americans will. No one expects that their insurance company will deny them coverage for this medical condition, but most do.”-Resolve: The National Infertility Association.

For us, this has been a very hard aspect in making decisions about moving on with treatments. As soon as we were diagnosed with Secondary Infertility, our insurance stopped covering all our medical expenses regarding infertility-which included medications, office visits, testing, lab work, and the treatments themselves. Also, because it was infertility realted, most clinics expect payment up front or they will not be able to help you-they do not work with you on monthly payment plans. This made an already stressful situation even more stressful on us and made decisions along the way more difficult because it always came down to money. Many days in the last couple of years we’ve spent in distress and tears over this. This longing in your heart for another child is just something that doesn’t go away and the heartache of not being able to make it happen is very frustrating. Currently, we have exhausted our entire savings that we’ve worked so incredibly hard for and then some, in the hopes to expand our family-something that should just come naturally. The sacrifices we’ve made have been great and it’s come at a very high cost, not only financially but emotionally, mentally, and physically as well.

It’s my hope that one day insurance covers infertility to lessen the financial burden it puts on couples struggling to get pregnant on their own. It’s sad because for some it does come down to money as to why they are unable to try treatments. Treatments that could quite possibly make all their dreams come true. It’s truly heartbreaking. This is happening to lots of people struggling with infertility and I guarantee it’s happening to someone you know. Please help to be a voice and spread awareness during ‪#‎NIAW‬.‪#‎IAm1In8‬ ‪#‎StartAsking‬


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