Help Be the Voice Behind the Disease

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning I was a bit saddened by the fact that there is little to nothing about ‪#‎NIAW‬ or information being shared about infertility. I see on a daily basis so many other diseases being discussed on Facebook openly and honestly multiple times a day, but why is there rarely ever anything shared about this disease? Is it because of the stigma attached to it? Is it because people are hesitant to open up? Is it because many feel shame or embarrassment? Is it because it’s misunderstood?

If you choose to stay silent about your struggle, I by no means want to put any pressure on you to feel forced to share.  It is such a personal struggle and I for one know that it takes the right time to open and to be able to be vulnerable enough with friends/family to share such a private part of your life, let alone the entire world. For me, it took about 1.5 years to get to that point.  We all struggle and grieve in our own way and that’s is perfectly fine.  More of what I am talking about is that infertility always seems like something we have to whisper about or it get sidelined completely.  Because of this many individuals going through it don’t know where to go for help, they are uneducated about the topic itself, feel alone and like they can’t talk about it.  

It’s time to ‪#‎StartAsking‬ those important questions and start helping to spread awareness about this disease that affects more then 7.3 million Americans. If you have never experienced infertility, likely someone in your life has-someone you may not even realize that has. Today, I challenge everyone, both Men and Women, to help be a voice behind this disease and help break the stigma that surrounds it. This could be sharing a fact about infertility on your Facebook page, reaching out to someone you know struggling with the disease, or even having courage to share your own personal struggle, even if it’s starting out by telling a close friend or relative. Below is a wonderful article about reasons why Infertility isn’t talked about more.




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