Recovering from a busy weekend…

This weekend was jam packed with excitement and fun, which also meant we were go, go, go for practically all of it.  So, what was so exciting may you ask?  Well, on Friday I celebrated my 32nd birthday.  On Saturday, we had some very exciting news to share (I will get to that later) and it was the ending of my PIO shots (yes, I’ve got some explaining to do).  My husband also bought a ‘new to him’ truck.  On Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day.  Uffda!  I told you it was  busy!

Let’s start with Friday.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about being 32 as the years go by so fast and just start to blur together after a while BUT one thing is for sure, I am grateful to have seen it to another birthday.  I’ve wrote about it before how birthday’s are truly special and a day in our life that we should never take for granted.  With that being said, I’m embracing this new number in my life and looking forward to what the year ahead will bring for me.  It’s a blank page in my book of life and it will be so exciting to fill the pages! My husband surprised me in the morning by going to my favorite bakery and getting me my favorite donuts and a birthday cake (delicious)-it was a nice surprise! I didn’t do too much during the day to celebrate, but I did have an extra kiddo at my house and E who kept be very busy and constantly smiling and laughing.  I enjoyed a picnic lunch outside with them and when they napped I enjoyed some quiet, relaxing time outside.  God surely blessed me with beautiful weather on my birthday!  When, my extra kiddo went home my mother in law joined us to go out to dinner.  We came back to our house, visited more, had some birthday cake.  My mother in law went home, E went to bed and I ended my evening watching a movie with my hubby on the couch. I was also surprised by my husband and E when they gave me a nice shiny kitchen aide mixer as a gift-wow, this man knows the ways to my heart!  I had a very enjoyable birthday and I think 32 is off to a wonderful start!

Speaking of wonderful, I have some amazing news to share that I’ve been holding out on.  We are expecting baby #2 November 20, 2016!  Some of my followers may be in complete shock right now but this slide show that my husband and I made should clear some things up.  If you click the following link, it should take you there:

While going through IVF, I was not quite comfortable talking about our journey openly but I will surely have some posts in the near future regarding our experience more in detail and all that we went though now that I am feeling up to sharing more.  We couldn’t be more excited and overjoyed!  Since we’ve been on the other side of a pregnancy announcement before, we know how badly it can trigger someone who has been struggling to conceive, so this slide show is how we announced to our family and friends over the weekend!  Anyway I can continue to spread awareness and also give others hope I am all for!  I thought this was also the most respectful and tactful way to announce and stay true to my still struggling infertility sisters.  Saturday also ended my PIO shots.  I’ve been doing one of these daily since February 29th.  Although, I couldn’t be more thankful for this shot I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with it and on that note so glad to be done-and my butt is even more thankful to me done.  My rump is where my injections took place, alternating sides daily.  The needle was 1.5 inches long and not very pleasant.  I am happy to have crossed yet another milestone.

Also on Saturday, my husband bought a 2013 Ford F150 truck.  He’s been truck shopping for a while and we stumbled upon the one he bought at Broadway Automotive in Green Bay, WI.  Although, we were so close to paying off his old truck and NOT having a truck payment would have been nice there are other reasons as to why it was beneficial for us to buy now.  One of the biggest being his old truck needed a lot of work, and due to using our life savings on IVF we just couldn’t afford a major repair to his truck if something went wrong.  With the new truck comes a 2 year warrant so anything major that goes wrong will be covered and no out of pocket expenses.  He was luck to get his payments close to what he was already paying as well so it’s already in our budget to pay it we really won’t notice a difference.  It will also get better gas mileage then his older truck, which helps a ton too since he drives his truck a lot back and forth to work projects and what not.  Overall, we know it was the right decision.  There is something very nice about that new ‘car’ smell.  We will for sure enjoy it for a couple months until that smell wears off!

Moving on to Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day.  My morning started off with cuddles in bed with my little lady followed my lots of hugs and kisses.  She had made me a mothers day gift in her 3K class so she was very excited to give me that too.  It was this adorable flower made out of egg carton and pipe cleaner placed on a canvas to hang on the wall.  Honestly, these are the best types a gifts a mommy could ever receive-they are simply priceless.  E was so proud of her gift and I made sure to show her how much I loved it too.  We then went and visited my husband’s mom and grandma (his mom’s mom) and went out for a nice lunch together.  It was very special!  Then we headed over to his other grandmas for a short visit.  After that, we got home and I went grocery shopping.  Even on mother’s day, a mother never gets to rest!  I dislike grocery shopping, but someone had to do it.  E was napping and my husband was trying to read his trucks new owners manual…so I figured I’d just go!  Once that was done with, E was awake and outside and played with all the neighbor kids and we visited for a while with their parents.  It was a nice evening but by bedtime I was exhausted!

Before I move on from Mother’s Day I wanted to take the time to remember those who never got to meet their child, those who experienced the loss of a child, those who ache so badly to be a mother and those who helped someone else become a mother.  Mother’s Day can be a hard day for so many and we oftentimes forget that. Experiencing a few hard Mother’s Days myself in the past, I wanted to acknowledged that I had these thoughts yesterday and always will on this day.  It’s tough and some will never understand how tough it really is.

…and now it’s Monday.  The whirlwind of the weekend is behind me and I’m trying to slowly recover and switch gears.  However, my to do list is a mile long and my morning was a rough start due to a little lady who was having a major melt down.  I am sending her off to school here in about 20 minutes and then I am going to go enjoy a lovely belated birthday brunch with my sister and then hopefully get home and start tackling that never ending list of to-do’s.  May this week be kind to all of you.

Much love,





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