No Bed is too Small for Cuddles!

My little has grown so much this past year.  I notice this significantly when she decides to climb into bed with us in the middle of the night.  This typically results in my husband rolling out of our bed and crawling into my daughters bed.  Then he lets E and I cuddle the rest of the night away in our bed so we can all get some sort of shut eye.  It’s official, the three of us can no longer co-sleep comfortably together in a Queen size bed.  It kind of makes this mama sad as I just can’t believe how fast the years have flown.  In 14 short days my little will be 4!  I can’t even fathom this.  How is this even possible?  I look at her and I can’t believe she was that itty bitty little baby we once brought home from the hospital. She’s now an almost 4 year old who is wonderful, amazing, smart, goofy, sweet, sassy, and stubborn.  She has my entire heart since the first day I saw her!

I’ve truly cherished the years with her so far. Although it’s sad to see the milestones pass by so quickly it’s also neat to watch how she’s changing and growing into her own little person.  I keep telling my husband as long as she wants to still snuggle with us, I’m going to let her because I know that soon her snuggling phase will be over too.  I’ve also tried to convince him multiple times that it’s time we just buy a king sized bed!  I realize that buying a King size bed won’t prolong the snuggle stage, but at least we could all snuggle comfortably while it lasts.  Also, she’s only getting bigger and what happens when we add our second baby to the mix? The bed will not get any bigger, only my growing children will!

There are just so many moments you  would love to freeze in time when you have a child. However, since that isn’t possible to do, all we can do is enjoy these moments to their fullest when we get the opportunity.  Embrace the little things and the big things! Enjoy those snuggles while you can get them and when another growth takes place and a new milestone ensues-hold on to those memories of the old and roll with and enjoy the new! My bed doesn’t feel as big as it once did, and my baby doesn’t feel as little-but there is always going to be room for snuggles in bed with Mama!  Always, always, always! As she gets bigger, my love for her gets bigger too!








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