There are so many online support groups, namely on Facebook, for people who struggle with infertility.  I am in some of these groups and have found them to be extremely supportive and helpful while going through this journey.  It is so nice to find a network of people that 100% get what you are going through, do not judge, and who actually have experience that is deemed helpful in continuing forward in the process. Hearing other people’s struggles and being able to openly share my own has been therapeutic.  These people are understanding of anything I have said or feelings that I have shared and vise versa.

There is no denying that in the ‘real world’ it’s hard to live with  infertility and not be somewhat fake about how you approach the topic because of views people have on it and also because many are simply just uneducated about infertility.  Not only that, as I’ve mentioned in the past, infertility is misunderstood which is no surprise then, that family, friends, co-workers, even strangers do not provide adequate support to someone going through this, unless they themselves have gone through it first hand. However, on a side note, I must say I became less and less fake around people the longer I began to struggle because I wanted to be open and share our story with others.

With this said, I have found support groups to be lacking once I became pregnant after struggling with Secondary Infertility.  I have found only a couple online support groups on Facebook:  IVF/FET Baby Mamas! & Miracles after Secondary Infertility.  Most of the regular groups you sort of ‘graduate’ from and the women in there do not want to be surrounded with your pregnancy stories after IVF because it’s hard for them as they still have that dark cloud looming over their shoulders 24/7, and I get it.  Trust me, I truly get it!

I guess where I am going with this is that even though I got pregnant after IVF and I am happily 6 months pregnant now, I still struggle, I still need support, and Secondary Infertility is still very much a part of my story.  It is still something I think about.  It is still something I need support for.  This dark cloud truly never and fully goes away.  It’s always there.  Even though I am pregnant and things are going well, I still have fears.  I still have some anxiety and worry over what my future holds.  So for this reason, I linger quietly on the Secondary Infertility groups and the Support for IVF groups, etc.  I am just not quite ready to leave because I fear one day I may need them again.



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