A year!

It’s a rainy, soggy & chilly morning here in Eastern Wisconsin.  It seemed to be a perfect Saturday morning to sleep in since sleep has been lacking for me lately, but instead our daughter decided it was time to get up at 6:30 am and that was the end of an extended Saturday slumber.  Although I woke up earlier then I had planned the morning still has that lazy feel to it so what better way to start the day then to reflect on how far we’ve come in this infertility and now pregnancy journey.  It was a year ago yesterday (9-9-15) that we embarked the first step in our journey with IVF with our initial consult with our doctor about IVF and today we are 30 weeks pregnant!  We’ve really come a long way and I couldn’t be more excited that we will be parents to another little girl come November 20th!

It’s really surreal thinking about how far we have come in this journey and all that we’ve gone through to get to where we are today.  I remember some parts like it were just yesterday, and other parts are a complete blur.  Honestly though, there are things I never want to forget about this process and there are things I do want to forget.  One thing I will never forget is the emotions that were going through my head during our very first consult to meet our IVF Doctor.  It was a very overwhelming, scary, exciting, anxious time that was filled with hopeful expectations.  During our consult we were only given about a 10% change of conceiving on our own and we were told that IVF was our best bet to make a baby at that point-I remember feeling both crushed and hopeful.  It’s just so hard to believe that it’s been a year from that date already.  It’s a time in our life I will never forget.

Skipping a lot of time and emotions in between, that brings us to now.  I am happy and so relieved to say that we are 30 weeks pregnant as of today.  We have 10 weeks to go (give or take) until we can welcome this long-awaited and loved so much already new bundle of love to our lives and our family.    We have waited for what feels like an eternity to meet this little girl and I am so excited.  Secondary infertility rocked our world and challenged us daily in more then one way.  I am thankful for our struggles, although at times my struggles made me feel incredibly heartbroken.  Our faith was tested and someway, somehow we came out above the water.  I am so thankful our journey is getting a happy ending. I know how truly lucky we are!


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