Yesterday marked one month until our due date, which is on November 20th.  We’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity for this baby and I’m still in this surreal state of mind that we will be able to love, snuggle, kiss and hold our baby soon. I cry tears of joy thinking about her birthday! We have loved this baby even when she was just a thought and have fought hard and struggled long for her and I can’t imagine the love she will bring to our hearts when she’s actually here.  Not only did we fight for her, she clearly fought her way to stick to be with us as well.  She truly is a miracle.

She’s already changed our lives in so many different ways. In light of her due date being a month away, I wanted to go back to the beginning and again share a little bit of our journey (for those of you who may have missed it) of how we made our blessing a reality!


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