Thank you!

One thing I am truly grateful for in my journey with secondary infertility, motherhood and being on the opposing side of secondary infertility is being able to openly and very honestly share how I feel and talk about exactly what I am going through.  I know that being as open as I have been with all of you is simply not that easy for some individuals, which is understandably so.  It takes time; I know it did for me.  I know some individuals who never get to the point of feeling comfortable to share at all, and that’s completely ok too.  I did get to the point where I needed an outlet, a connection, and support so I made the decision to start sharing.  Again, I know everyone is different and handles circumstances differently.  My only hope of sharing was that my story would hopefully reach someone else in a similar situation and be helpful in some way, shape or form and also give me someone to connect with.  With a very happy heart, I can confidently say I there have been many of you who have reached out and I’ve had such a genuine connection with many of you.  Therefore, I have no regrets about becoming vulnerable and risking my privacy to share.  It’s all been worth it–the good, the bad and the ugly.

Furthermore, our world today is filled with so much judgement, so much hate, and so much cruelty that some times simply connecting with another human being and sharing your truth in a compassionate, loving, and understanding way can mean so much to someone going through a difficult time. You really never know who you can help by sharing your raw emotions.  It has simply amazed me the individuals who have reached out to me and have “come out of the woodwork” so to speak after I have shared my struggle, and have said “me too”.

Although I never wish hardships or tough times on anyone, simply hearing someone else say “me too” can be a breath of fresh air because that means you’ve found that connection with someone who you can truly relate with, who understands you and what you are going through, and who can give you the support you’ve been longing for.  Suddenly, you feel less depressed and less alone and feel like you don’t have to isolate yourself any longer.   Infertility, motherhood, and getting to the other side of infertility can be very overwhelming, lonely, and depressing.  The irony of being open about your truth is that not only can your story help someone else, but it can also be therapeutic for yourself as well.  I encourage you to be vulnerable because we are NEVER alone.

I’ve been sharing my raw emotions with you now for over a year, and I just wanted to thank all of you for giving me a “safe place” to do so.  I want to thank you for being brave and reaching out and sharing with me your truth.  I want to thank you for the support, love, empathy, and understanding you have all graced me with.  I also want to thank you for making this a non-judgmental zone.  It’s been such a great experience for me to be able to share my thoughts, feelings, and struggles along with my joys.  I am not perfect and this life does not come with instructions by any means.  I am human.  I am a human who just wants to feel a compassionate connection with other individuals doing life.  Life is not easy, but it has the potential always to be so good.  Even in our hardest times, we have the potential to seek joy, show others love and compassion and to be kind.  I can’t say it enough how much I appreciate all of you who have been these things and more.  I hope you have felt it back from me!  Although it’s been a roller coaster ride so far-this blog has been a beacon of light for me and again, I hope for you too!

If there is anything I can do with you with my blog never hesitate to reach out.  If there are topics you’d like me to talk about within the realm of infertility, motherhood or the opposing side of infertility let me know.  I’d be happy to touch on them, especially if you have not found your voice yet in this-I’d be happy to be a confidential voice for you or if you just need someone to talk to to connect with, I’m your girl!

Thank you again, my love for you all is huge!









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