1 Year Anniversary

March 1st we celebrated! A year ago on that day, marks our transfer day anniversary when My husband & I were going through the roller-coaster ride of Secondary Infertility and the IVF process. I remember this day like yesterday and the emotions we were feeling are ones we will never forget. I am so grateful we took all the chances we took to get to our today, because without taking the giant leap of faith that we did, we would never know this beautifully sweet little miracle God blessed our lives with. K, you are incredibly special and I look at you daily and wonder how we ended up so lucky? You have helped heal our broken hearts and filled our lives with so much joy. Although the wait was long, the roads were bumpy and it wasn’t easy, we can say with 100% truth we loved you when you were just a thought. We fought so incredibly hard for you & prayed for you daily. You were worth the wait and then some! I love my husband and wouldn’t have wanted to go through this journey with anyone else. Just looking at this baby girl we created makes my heart swell and eyes fill with happy tears!







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