Me Time Indulgences

As a wife & mother, I know it can be very hard to find time to enjoy “me time indulgences”. However hard it can be though, it’s so important to make time in your day, each and every single day, to squeeze in a little something for yourself, no matter how big or how small. I know it’s easier said then done.  I also know that many days go without as much as 5 minutes to myself, as I’m sure most of you can relate to.  This last week was so hard for me with my husband away because there truly was not one moment where I had any “me time” let alone try to squeeze indulgences into my day.  It’s hard Mama, I get it!

I am happy to say that my husband is back & I am so grateful that he is.  Since he has been home, he has been so helpful in picking up some of the slack and by him doing so, it enables me to have some of those “me time indulgences”.  For me, an indulgence isn’t enjoyed to it’s peak unless I am getting time by myself while doing it.  However, there are days where indulgences have to happen while the kids are awake and around me (they are just not enjoyed as much).

I wanted to share with you a few of my “me time-indulgences” the last 3 days to give you an idea of what some of mine have been:


-While K was napping, and E was busy playing with her clip dolls, I painted my toe nails (this is something I needed to do and had thought about doing for the last 2.5 weeks).

-I ate some peanut m&m’s (secretly) in the kitchen while E was doing a craft at the table and K was playing under her activity mat.

-I went to bed at 8:30 pm.


-In the morning I worked out, and I was able to work out uninterrupted for an hour!  An hour people!  That’s a pretty big deal!

-My husband made me a breakfast sandwich and I didn’t help clean up the mess in the kitchen after (this is like a get out of jail free card for me).

-I took my time getting ready in the morning.  I did my hair, my make up, and actually had on a cute outfit.  I felt like a real person!

-My husband took E with him to Costco (a. I didn’t have to run this errand) and K was napping the entire time he was gone (b. this kind of quiet at home never happens).  I made myself a cup of coffee (c. it was warm from start to finish and I got to sit while I enjoyed it) and turned on Netflix and watched an entire episode of Nashville with no interruptions.

-Date night happened (kid free)!  …and boy did I indulge at dinner time (I ate dinner + an entire piece of turtle cheesecake myself)!



-I got an hour work out in again in the morning!

-I left the girls with Zach and went and bought myself new underwear at Victoria Secret.  This is a big deal for me as I haven’t bought new underwear in like 2 years (gross I know).  I lied-I have bought new underwear but they have Disney princesses or minions or trolls on them (for E, Hah)! I also wandered around target for like 45 minutes (without kids and without a shopping list and no agenda-just browsing!).

-While at target I bought a bag of Sweet Tart Jelly beans, which I was able to enjoy in the car, while listening to Y100 (not VBS songs) on the drive back home!

Here we are now, back to the hectic start of the week!  It’s Monday (blah!).  This Monday morning isn’t so bad though  and I am really lucking out because E is already off to school and by some miracle K is still sleeping.  I’m kinda indulging right now by being able to write this blog in the peace and quiet this morning and having my coffee in toe (I’ve only had to reheat it once)!  Fast forward to noon today and I am getting another “me time indulgence” because my  husband is going to come home and do his lunch break so I can go out to lunch (kid free) with my 2 amazing sisters. It just so happens to be my baby sister’s birthday today (Happy 28th birthday sis!).

I’m not sure what other “me time indulgences” will come from this day or this week but I do know I look forward to them no matter how big or how small they are! Sometimes these moments have to be planned ahead (like my lunch date today) and other times they are impromptu as you just need a little something-something to get you through the rest of your day.

So I ask you, what are your “me time indulgences”?  Hopefully you are making time for something-you deserve it!






2 thoughts on “Me Time Indulgences

    • Hey! I familiar face-thanks for checking out my blog and following! …and yes, sometimes sneaking in treats is the only way to enjoy something without having to share with the littles! If they see it, they always want it too! My husband is supportive, I’m very lucky! I hope you find some time to indulge, it can be so hard but it’s always so deserved!

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