…and just like that K can roll over from back to tummy.  It seems like she’s been working towards this for about a month now.  Once she finally accomplished this task last night, there was no stopping her.  She was able to do it over and over and over again, as if she’s been doing it for a long time.  It is always amazing to me how these milestones seem to happen in the blink of an eye.  Changes take place so quickly.  Once they accomplish one milestone it’s like they are on to the next and just keep on a going! It’s a fact… she is inching further and further away from that newborn we brought home from the hospital just 4 short months ago and it’s so bittersweet for this Mama. Time goes so quickly & I certainly cherish each and every single milestone.

As much as I cherish every milestone, each one comes with such mixed emotions.  I was crying both sad and happy tears for her last night when she first rolled over.  Sad tears because she’s not a baby-baby anymore and these moments come and go so quickly and will soon just be memories. Happy tears because she’s doing what she should be doing at this stage, is strong and she is thriving.   She even smiled and let out a little laugh when she first did this, almost as if she was proud of herself and her newfound mobility!  It was just so fun to see.  It made me want to call this milestone a smilestone because it was such a happy little moment we all shared and celebrated together as a family!

Of course, after she rolled, I wanted to see how old E was (our oldest daughter) when she rolled. So, I dug out her baby book and I had recorded in her book that she was 5 months when she first rolled.  With that said, K is a month ahead in her rolling skills then E was.  I’m anxious to see what she does next and will be interesting to see how her milestones will compare with E’s.  Each and every child does things at their own pace, so it’s pretty neat to see how things will differ.  I think my favorite milestones with E were when she started trying new foods and laughing so hard at all the goofy faces she would make with each new flavor.  I also enjoyed when she started to communicate with words-and how cute her pronunciation of each word was or names she came up with on her own for things.  I remember she used to call her pacifier a “BA” and she used to call her Grandma “Nama” and when she wanted to go outside she would point out the window and say “Sssssssidddde”.  It’s those little things that I miss so dearly!

When did your baby first roll over and what are some of your favorite smilestones of your child(ren)?!


3 thoughts on “Smilestone

  1. My babies rolled over really late. I think my daughter rolled from front to back at around 5 months and from back to front at around 7 months. My two boys figured out how to roll from front to back just shy of the 7 month mark. My favourite smilestones are the first giggles. There’s something so magical about hearing your baby giggle uncontrollably for the first time!

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