Pessimistic Monday or Grumpy Mama?

Ten reasons today has already sucked for me-and it’s not even 8 a.m.

  1. I got in the shower about 5 a.m. (typical, but never fails to still suck).  I picked up my bottle of Dove soap and opened the top to get the soap out (like I always do) and like an arrow flinging perfectly to it’s target, a big amount of soap flung into my right eye. A giant curse word was screamed as the burning and stinging ensued. I couldn’t even open my eye to rinse it out it was burning so badly.  I continued with my shower with one eye open and the other eye closed.  This basically set the tone for me on how the rest of my day will probably go.
  2. Today was not supposed to be a glasses day.  My shower mishap has now caused me to look like I have pink eye.  My eye is watering non-stop and is all red.  There is no way in hell I would even attempt sticking a contact in my eye.  So, glasses it is.
  3. With one eye all red and watery, that also means a no eye make up day-oh good Lord, I was not prepared for this today.  I look like hell.
  4. Looking at my calendar, I realized E has a Girl Scout informational meeting tonight (I’m an introvert, so this sucks for me already).  I’ve already been trying to think about ways to get out of this (Does this make me a terrible mom?).
  5. Because we have the Girl Scout meeting this evening, that means I will miss Dancing with the Stars (the one show I actually watch because E enjoys watching it too) and I also won’t have time to get my workout in this evening (this Mom is always sacrificing “me time”).
  6. Spring break is over (which I have mixed feelings about). This means the daunting task of having to wake up E in the morning and deal with the E-Monster and get her ready for school begins again.  This is not enjoyable for anyone.
  7. Ordered a sample pack of K cups for my Keurig last week and I was mostly excited for the one mint-mocha sample in the box.  Here I was thinking it would be mint mocha because that’s what it said.  Nope.  It was mint mocha flavored coffee.  I like mocha.  I love flavored mocha.  Not much of a fan of mint mocha flavored coffee-coffee-EWWW.  One sip and I spit that nastiness out and dumped it down the sink.  I am recovering with an actual caramel-mocha, but my tongue is scarred for life. Disappointed to say the least.
  8. I’m already a day ahead of myself.  This is not only confusing but it makes for a long week ahead.  It is not April 4th.  It is April 3rd.  It is April 3rd.  It is April 3rd. It is April 3rd!!!!!!!
  9. My to-do list isn’t any smaller then it was last Monday at this time & I’m so frustrated by feeling stressed & overwhelmed by it.  Remember-I would much rather finish reading the book I started reading last Tuesday (which by the way, it’s like 20 pages short of being a 300 page book and I’m not even halfway done yet-I’ve had it almost a week people).
  10. It’s grey and gloomy outside and sprinkling a little-I am so glad I have the option to just stay home because all in all I’m just feeling a little depressed today (not like I have anywhere to really go today, besides that meeting tonight though).  I just hate feeling like I am living in some sort of time warp where each day just blends in with the next.  I mean, it just gets old.  Blah.


Thank you for letting me get those rants out of the way.  Every Mama has got to have some sort of outlet, and mine just happened in my blog this morning.  After getting my feelings out though I was feeling a little guilty because I didn’t want my negative mood to affect any of my readers day.  I believe that a negative mood in contagious.  I owe it to my readers to change my negative rants into something positive.  I have mentioned in the past how negative thinking can greatly impact not only your entire being in an unhealthy way, but it can also impact the entire outlook you have on your day.  Quite frankly this way of thinking can be responsible for a bad day because when something bad happens it triggers a domino effect.  I can’t afford my entire day to be bad-so I need to start spinning my gripes into positive thoughts.  This can be hard because being negative is sometimes so much easier then being positive.

Here is my attempt though and I will try to remind myself of these today:

  1. I’m so blessed to be able to have the option to take a shower every morning and most days I have warm-hot water.  I can afford soap to keep clean, and although I had a bit of a mishap with it, I am so glad that I did not get soap in both of my eyes.
  2. I’m so fortunate I have glasses to wear to see with as a back up plan when I can’t wear my contacts.  Even though I look like I have pink eye, I am relieve that it was just a little soap in the eye and the discomfort will pass quickly without needing an antibiotic like I would need with Pink Eye.
  3. I’m beautiful with or without make up.
  4. If E chooses to be a Girl Scout this will be a great opportunity not only for her, but also for the both of us to have some mother-daughter bonding.  It will also help me get out of my element a bit.
  5. I am fortunate to have Hulu, so even if I miss Dancing With the Stars tonight I can watch it another time at my leisure.  Even though I can’t fit in my full evening workout, I can do a little here and there during the day.  Doing something is better then doing nothing.
  6. It’s almost summer break!
  7. It’s good to try new things.  This way we know our true likes and dislikes.  I’m so glad I didn’t order an entire box of the mint mocha coffee and just got the sample pack.
  8. It’s good to feel like you are a day ahead of yourself because then you kind of feel like you have an extra day and I’m not as behind as I feel like I am!
  9. I’m happy I have my priorities strait.  My family and friends come first and I know what is important to me, my to-do’s will always be there but time spent with family and friends may not always be there.  I’m so glad to have found a little time to read my book, this is the most I’ve been able to read in a very long time.
  10. April Showers bring May flowers. 🙂

Not gonna lie, #3 was very hard for me!


5 thoughts on “Pessimistic Monday or Grumpy Mama?

  1. I absolutely love this! You are a rock star for changing each one of those negatives into positives!! ❤
    Also, I have gotten soap directly into my eye before like that and OH MY WORD, lol, it stung SO much! I know what you’re going through. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great way to turn around a bad morning! 🙂 And I bet you felt better after writing the flip side, right? I too feel so thankful I can have hot showers whenever I want one! (Well, theoretically .. if only i had the time…)


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