Coming Out of the Woodwork…

Did any of you catch Monday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars on ABC?  I did & honestly was blown away!  I absolutely loved the dancers sharing their very personal stories and putting such a personal notation into their dances this week.  One personal story that really caught my attention and brought me to tears was Nancy Kerrigan’s.  She not only put her raw emotions into her beautiful dance, but her dance also told her story. It was heartfelt and it was amazing.

I never knew this part of Nancy Kerrigan’s life before. All I really knew about her was her time in the spotlight as a figure skater, her time in the Olympics as a figure skater and of course that horrible incident she had with Tonya Harding.   However, I don’t want to put the spot light on that part of her life.  Surprisingly (to me anyways) I want to talk about her opening up about her 6 miscarriages after her first born, and making the decision to go through IVF to have her two other children.

This is a hard topic to discuss sometimes to even a friend or a family member, but to openly discuss these topics on National television is a whole other ball game.  She is so courageous for opening up and shedding a little more light on the topics of miscarriage, infertility, and IVF. Personally, I am so grateful when others do openly talk about these topics because it makes me feel less alone and helps me to cope with my own infertility and family building choices & decisions.

Wow, her dance was elegantly beautiful & her story about her losses and her family building option had me in tears. As more and more people come out of the woodwork about their struggles with these issues, I hope by doing so, it continues to inspire others to do the same. We need more people (famous and non-famous) to come forward.  By doing so you join this community of people who stand up for this topic and ard the voice for this.  I believe if we want to see positive changes made, we have to keep honestly and openly telling our stories and voicing our opinions on things in regards to this topic. With April being Infertility Awareness Month, what better time to start spreading awareness!


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