Tuesday Rambles…

I was staring at this blank computer screen for a good 15 minutes having writers block, needless to say I am still having writers block.  Instead of wasting more time and not typing anything I figure that I may as well ramble about nothing. So here you go folks, some Tuesday randomness for you!  Nonetheless, I guess it will at least help to empty out or organize the thoughts in my head so I can accomplish the other tasks that are loading up my to-do list this fine day.  Here you go folks…

  1.  Baby babbles, giggles, and screams are the best.  I’m currently listening to all of this along with K blowing spit bubbles while she so gleefully bounces up and down in her jumparoo.  It seems like just yesterday, I was longing so badly to hear these sounds in my house. There are days it still seems surreal that she’s here and my house is filled with such joyous noise again!  I just feel so humbled & so blessed.  As I was driving in my car yesterday, I was looking in my rear view mirror looking at my baby having similar thoughts.  In that moment I felt so in awe that when I look in the back seat, I now see a baby, my baby, staring back at me.  Instantly, my heart overflows with happiness.  A heart that once, not too long ago, felt so sad and longed for that baby.  It’s strange how it was the little things that always triggered my sadness about not being able to get pregnant and although that void is filled you still remember how badly it hurt to be in those shoes.  Not forgetting that pain is what makes me so grateful everyday for K because I know how lucky we are.
  2. I need to reheat my coffee…only the 3rd time this morning, no big deal.
  3. Happy belated Easter to everyone!  It was a beautiful weekend here in WI (minus the wind).  I absolutely loved watching the excitement of E’s face when she woke up Easter morning and found that the Easter Bunny had eaten the carrots she left out and left her a little note.  Then, when she found her Easter eggs and her basket-just so much fun standing back enjoying her in those special moments.  It was nice spending time with my husband’s family, although I missed mine immensely.  The food was delicious too.  I’m feeling badly about opting out of our traditional church service this year (no excuses, I know) but I will admit things would have been extremely rushed for us in the morning if we would have went.  For once I didn’t want to rush through these special moments in time, I just wanted to be present in the moment with my family and enjoy these moments that go by all too fast!  Easter dinner again this weekend with my sister, her husband and two kiddos this weekend at our house-looking forward to that, but sad that the rest of my family will not be joining in.  I miss all the holiday traditions we used to do on my side of the family that may still be special to them, but never seem to be a priority to anyone to make them happen-it’s really, really, really sad to me.
  4. E will be home in an hour.  I hope she’s in a good mood.  She’s been so sassy lately and challenging my patience.  I really need to start stocking my craft supplies/learning materials and misc. fun items for summer when she is home.  I also have to come up with a summer schedule and list of things to go do with her.  I have a feeling summer will be long.  Although I love her to the moon and back, at the age she’s at she’s always happiest and easier to handle when she’s kept busy and doing new and fun things!  This will be my first time trying to juggle her and K and also the little boy I watch during the summer-it’s going to be 1. Interesting 2. Challenging & 3. Exhausting-Let’s be honest, it’s really not going to be all sunshine and roses.
  5. That brings me to my next thought.  My husband and I need want deserve a vacation.  I’m talking about just him and I, kid free, going on a vacation together spending loads of quality time together that is fun, relaxing, and stress free.  We went through a lot in the last few years and especially the last couple years were extremely stressful on us.  We were married in April of 2010 and took our honeymoon the following month, in May, to Naples, FL.  You guys-that was the last and only time my husband and I have ever vacationed together and that was also pre-kiddos.  I think of that time often (not gonna lie, that’s my happy place I go to when I’m in a funk).  We rarely do date night and these days having even a hour to ourselves is non-existent.  When we do have that small window of opportunity we find ourselves falling asleep on the couch out of pure exhaustion.
  6. I want to go shopping.  Not grocery shopping.  Not shopping for toiletries.  Not shopping for my kids or my husband.  I want to go shopping with the full intent to shop for myself.  I want to be able to browse, take my time and enjoy the process.  I desperately need some essential clothing items for spring/summer for myself.  It’s just so hard to find the time to step away to make time for myself.  This is also something I haven’t been able to do for a long time.  My husband needs to do this as well.  His wardrobe is terrible.  I tell him this all the time and find myself laughing to myself as he’s going through his closet in the morning trying to pick out something to wear, like he has so many amazing options.  I hate to break it to him but it’s either his typical work shirt or short sleeve polo shirt-and jeans.  ZZzzzz!  Boring.  I’d love to dress my husband and give him some style.  He has none.  I’m not much better these days though.  Money has been lacking and other priorities have taken over.  Oh gosh-does this mean we are starting to let ourselves go so to speak?  Mental note to self:  Make time to go shopping stat!!!  I refuse to be that 30 something person who lets herself go!!!
  7. E painted this really cute stepping stone for our Garden.  I can’t wait to put it out there and she will be so excited to have something she made on display outside.  I am also anticipating planting our garden and maintaining our yard a little better then last year.  Being pregnant in the summer was hard on our gardens and our yard in general-we were those neighbors and I couldn’t tell you how excited I was this year for it to actually snow so that it covered up the embarrassment and so our yard was equal to the neighbors again (haha)!
  8. It’s 67 degrees inside.  It’s 56 degrees outside.  My nose is cold and my feet are cold. Therefore my nose is running.  I hate that.
  9. K is starting to notice our pets a lot more.  She loves petting that cat and the dog.  Last night the dog was sitting practically in her lap with a smile on her face eating up all the attention.  The cat will come and roll all over on the floor by K when she’s laying on the floor and K just goes nuts over it.  I think she’s starting to recognize what it means when I say “Here comes the cat, meow-meow” because she turns her head and gets the biggest smile on her face, it’s so cute.  She did this just a bit ago.  The thing I don’t enjoy with this is that right now K is putting everything in her mouth and she’s constantly drooling which means her hands are always wet with her saliva-then she pets the animals and their fur sticks to her hands.  Pet hair on wet baby hands is so gross and icky.  How can you deny her of the love of her pets though!
  10. The things going on in this world (that we hear about) are so sad and break my heart.  Seems there is something new and disturbing every, single day.  I wish for every bad thing they would focus on also a heart-warming and good story.  You start to wonder if good even exists amongst all of the bad these days?  If you have any heart warming, good stories please share with me!  I’d love to hear them.  It’s good for our heart and soul!

Much Love,



2 thoughts on “Tuesday Rambles…

  1. Rambling’s always a good bet when faced with white page syndrome. I really hope your husband and you will be able to find some alone time together. As hard as it is once kids are in the picture, it’s even more important than it was in a pre-kid life. It was pretty cool here today as well. We turned the heat down in the house about a week ago because we had a few warm days. I was thoroughly frozen but too lazy to get the heat up.


    • I love that you have a name for it (white page syndrome), I’ll have to use that! It is so hard to find time just my husband and I. We just had a discussion the other day that we need to get out our planners each month and carve out 1 or 2 days a month where we do either date night or find sitters for the kiddos so we can have some alone time. A vacation will not be feasible until my baby is done breast feeding. You are so right though, it is so important to make the time and to also to continue to date your spouse. Regretfully, we just don’t do this anymore and it’s always in the back of my mind to make this change. I’m so glad that it’s almost time to shut off the heat and see our We Energies bill go down! Stay warm!

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