It’s May 1st already.  When the heck did it get to be May?  I feel like I’ve been in a whirl wind since I had my daughter in November. Most days it feels like all I did was blink and now K is almost 6 months old.  Say what?  I know right!  It just seems impossible.  Don’t get me wrong though. I love the month of May and I am glad we are here.

I enjoy that the world outside, all around us, is starting to come alive again.  The flowers are starting to bloom, the leaves on the trees are starting to bud, the birds are singing & the bees are buzzing.  I love how I see neighbors out working in their gardens, they are out mowing the lawn and how you can hear their children playing.  We once again, for about the 6th year in a row, have a robin occupying the nest in the front of our house.  We always enjoy watching her keeping her nest up to par and keeping her eggs nice and cozy and safe, while awaiting the arrival of her baby robins.  May is just a fabulous month with the anticipation of a beautiful summer to come.

However, the inevitable is happening to me as it does every May.  I turn another page. On May 6th my birthday approaches once again (thankfully, but always bittersweet especially as I continue to move up the ladder in age).  I will be 33 this month.  Again, say what?  I know that’s not old in the grand scheme of things, but dang it I loved my late 20’s.  It’s an obvious fact that I’m inching further away from my glory days and I can hear my biological time clock ticking louder then ever telling me to grab the bulls by the horns and the time is now (didn’t we just do that though?).  It is at the forefront of my mind though as I’m two years away from 35 and in the fertility world that’s when you are automatically considered high risk and in the IVF world things get even more expensive due to age.  Two years seems like a lot of time, but when you are not in control of things and you have a body that doesn’t cooperate and do not have a bottomless money pit in your back yard-it’s a bit more complicated.

Back to my birthday though.  This week is going to be busy.  I’ve got a lot on my agenda each day this week and I will apologize now if blogs are few and far in between.  I typically don’t do anything for myself often, let alone on my actual birthday.  Since nothing will top my Florida dinner cruise birthday back in 2010 (hint, hint), I decided to plan some things for myself this year.  Last year was a very difficult year though and I wanted to start this year off with a little pampering.  I always talk about self care, and it’s time I do less talking and more acting on.  On Wednesday, I am treating myself to a hair cut and color.  I haven’t had my hair colored for a very long time.  With the stress of this past year, and I hate to admit this, but I am starting to sprout grey hairs.  This is my reality and I am not ready to embrace them right now.  Instead, I am ready to cover those up.  I can’t quite decide what I am going to do yet, but I am excited of a fresh pop of color.  Then, on Thursday I am treating myself to an hour long massage.  Then on Saturday (my actual birthday) I look forward to spending the day with my younger sister going to the city wide rummage sales.  I know it will be a day of shenanigans and laughter.  Hopefully in the evening then I will be spending the remainder of my birthday with my husband, and daughters with no real plans (yet).  Maybe we’ll go out to dinner or something because nobody should have to cook on their birthday!

Life is just going by so fast right now, one lesson I am learning, that I know sounds very cliche, is to enjoy each day as if it’s your last, to make sure to slow down and smell the roses & enjoy those little moments that will one day be the big moments and to make sure you find joy in each day, laugh more often, give your heart to those important people in your life, love more, give more and take less, and be kind.  This is my intent this year.  Any advice or tips for me as I reach this new milestone in my life?  I’d love to hear your wisdom!  Please feel free to leave me a comment below!



8 thoughts on “May!

  1. Happy May and a happy early birthday to you, too! Ha, my biological clock is ticking as well… I’ll be 37 next month and we’d like one more baby, though I think honestly that I’d like to wait until my youngest is closer to two (she’s 10 months now)…BUT we struggled to conceive her so…lol, *sigh* life!

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    • Thank you so much! Isn’t it crazy when life doesn’t play out how you thought it would. The infertility journey has sent such a curve ball in my family planning. I honestly thought I’d be done having kids by now and I always wanted 4. I’d gladly take one more and be done and I think even content and happy with 3. It’s so sad that I don’t really get to choose that for myself though. God works in mysterious ways though, so I try to focus and trust in Him.


    • Thank you so much. It is so easy to forget to take time to yourself. I always feel so guilty for leaving my kiddos, but I know they will be in good hands with their daddy while I’m away. I think it’s important for them to have 1:1 time with him too since they get so much 1:1 time with me every day.


  2. Happy almost birthday! Take the opportunity to pamper yourself! And feel no shame about covering the grey, ok? You’re lucky it’s just sprouting now! I’m 33 and have had over a decade of greys. 😦
    I hate those cliches, yes, and living in the moment is hard. My best advice is to keep taking photos and videos and to talk about your day’s adventures/activities with your kids to recap things. I’ve found that helps us appreciate what we’ve done, remember it better, and also make ideas for what to do next. Dinnertime or right before lights out is a good time.

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    • Thank you so much! I knew eventually the grey would start to sprout because my mom’s hair is now grey…but I think I am in denial that it’s happening, I mean I do not feel like I’m going to be 33! I still feel young at heart (well, most days!). I’m a photo snapping queen! Love capturing all the precious memories for sure and I also keep a journal for myself and for both of my girls! Great advice and words of wisdom, thank you!

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      • Ooh, the journal … what a great idea! I guess a blog is a sort of journal, depending on what one writes about.
        I too feel young at heart – and so does my mom at 64! I think you always feel younger than you are because you remember your youth so clearly … that’s my theory anyway. 🙂

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