33 Joys of Motherhood…

In light of turning 33 on Saturday I wanted to share 33 things I love about being a Mama. It’s so easy to get caught up complaining about the downsides of being a mom- like the lack of sleep, constantly picking up toys, and the little time to or for yourself (when I’m going to the bathroom for example, it never fails to be the best time for my daughter to strike up a conversation or need me to do/get something for her in that instant) to name a few.

However, I can without a doubt tell you that the benefits far outweigh those down sides to being a mother!  I know that the very things we complain about as mothers are also the very thing another person is praying to experience. I am constantly reminding myself of this very thing often.  Although we are all human and it’s in our nature to complain, I also try to put forth my best effort to find the positives in everything.  Let me tell you, it isn’t hard to find the joys in motherhood because you have pure and simple joy every single day of your life.

The 33 things that come to my mind that I enjoy about being a mother are:

  1. Getting to experience life through my child’s eyes.  
  2. Having the constant reminder to slow down, and enjoy the little things that will one day be the big things.  
  3. Kissing my children’s boo-boos and wiping away their tears.
  4. Watching my children grow & learn and also spread their wings.
  5. My children make my house a home and fill it with love.  
  6. Always having someone to go on new adventures with.
  7. Seeing my child apply concepts they are learning in real life situations.
  8. Watching my child sleep.
  9. Experiencing with them, each new milestone.
  10. They are my world, but knowing I am theirs too is the best feeling.
  11. Being able to nurture another human being and teach them kindness and compassion.
  12. Breastfeeding/nursing relationship.
  13. Firsts. Every single one of them.
  14. Hand holding, hugs, kisses and snuggles.  
  15. My kids give me a real purpose in this life.
  16. Feeling all the feels from them.  They make me have emotions I never knew I had.
  17. Just as I teach my children lessons, they too teach me things.
  18. Having daily inspiration.
  19. Seeing my daughters smiling, playing and laughing together-it truly melts my heart.
  20. Baking/cooking together.
  21. Seeing my own parents as grandparents and my sisters as aunts.
  22. After being away from your children and then coming back to them and seeing the relief and joy on your face that you came back for them.
  23. Seeing glimpses of me and my husband in our children.
  24. The unconditional love.
  25. Baby giggles and big girl laughter.
  26. Making memories every single day together.
  27. The opportunity to be a teacher and a positive role model.
  28. The depths of my emotions for my children.
  29. Watching my husband with my girls.
  30. Having an excuse to be silly or play games.
  31. Reliving your own childhood.
  32. Creating our own family traditions.
  33. My kids keep me young and healthy!

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