Food Friday

Being that I am the primary meal planner and cook in our household, I can say with pure exhaustion that this time of year can be hard when it comes to quick, yet healthy meals for my family.  Quick and healthy are the key words I am looking for when finding food to prepare for us all.  This time of year is busy as I’m sure you all can relate to.  Our calendars are rapidly filling up, leaving little time in the evenings especially to prepare a decent meal, let alone sit and enjoy a nice family dinner in a timely matter.  Monday and Tuesday nights will be especially hectic because my youngest will have soccer games and t-ball games when we typically sit down and eat dinner.  With that said, as a mother and a wife, I want to still be able to whip something delicious up for my family and not throw together a below par sort of dinner.

With that said, being able to pull off a dinner that is quick, yet healthy takes some planning on my part.  I’ve learned that this gives me a giant headache, as it’s not my most favorite task to accomplish.  I also learned while grocery shopping, that family grocery shopping may work for some of my followers, but it does not work well for me.  Trust me, I tried it yet again this past weekend (Lord help me) and I almost had a full blown panic attack in the middle of the beans, rice and pasta isle!  It will be a while before I do it again.  Going at it alone is just so much less stressful, productive, and feels like my mind isn’t a web of commotion.  Planning first takes time to sit down, look at our busy schedules and see what types of meals will work best on each day.  It also requires time to look through recipe books or online for recipes.  It requires scavenging through your cupboards, freezer, and fridge to see what we already have that we can use, it requires making a list.   This can be time consuming to do, so I also have to plan around my schedule to do this around quiet times (morning during nap time is usually best for me). I typically plan for 2 weeks, so I typically plan during the last part of that 2nd week and do my grocery shopping on the weekend before the beginning of my 2 week cycle.

My two week Meal plan looks something like this:

Monday 5/15:  Crock-pot Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches, grapes & carrot sticks

Tuesday 5/16:  Left-overs

Wednesday 5/17:  Left-overs

Thursday 5/18:  Advocado-Provolone Turkey Wraps, Cantaloupe

Friday 5/19: Crispy Chicken-BLT Salad, Cantaloupe

Saturday 5/20: Home-made Mini Corn-dogs muffins, brown beans

Sunday 5/21:  Pinwheel Pizza, pineapple & Carrot sticks

Monday 5/22:  Undone Stuffed Pepper Casserole

Tuesday 5/23:  Leftovers

Wednesday 5/24:  Fool Proof Turkey Meat Loaf, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, corn

Thursday 5/25:  Leftovers

***Will start meal planning for the next two weeks.

Friday 5/26:  Home made Chicken fingers and green beans

Saturday 5/27:  Spaghetti and home made garlic toast

Sunday 5/28:  Grilled BBQ Chicken, corn & baked potatoes

***Will grocery shop Sat or Sun

I want to point out that like anything, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan.  Sometimes we are able to follow our food menu to a T and other times, things come up and a meal is pushed over to the next day or two.  For example, my husbands parents like to visit us on the weekends so often times we will go out to dinner, or grill out on a whim or eat at their house or I will prepare a meal that I had intended make to have leftovers for us but gets eaten in one sitting when company comes.  It’s important to leave a bit of wriggle room when it comes to meal planning for this reason (and always have staple items in your kitchen to make a meal on a whim when your plan backfires).

Last night was T-ball night and if you look back at the menu for Thursday 5/18 we had Advacado-Provolone Turkey wraps.  This was the first time I had ever made these and will not be the last.  I loved how easy they were to make.  They were light and didn’t sit hard in our stomach (something that is nice when you eat a late dinner).  They are also perfect for summer, as they are refreshing.  I like that you can prepare ahead and make these an hour or two before you eat and stick them back in the fridge and just grab and go or just have everything washed, cut and all in one area of your fridge to grab and whip up when ready.  I served them with cantaloupe (which I had cut up earlier in the day) and we each had a handful of chips (not usually what I choose to have go with our dinner but it just worked last night).  If you have picky kid eaters at your house like I do mine, you can also modify this recipe to their liking by either making a simple wrap with what the like on it (mine just wanted the cheese and turkey) but asked to have red pepper sticks on the side or just separating the ingredients and giving them a sample of each.  Since this was such a hit at our house last night I wanted to share with you the recipe:


Easy Avocado Provolone Turkey Wraps Recipe


  • tortilla wraps,
  • garlic and herb laughing cow cheese
  • spinach, black pepper turkey
  • 2 slices provolone cheese
  • 1/4 sliced avocado
  • 4 strips red bell pepper.

Layer tortilla, garlic and herb laughing cow cheese, spinach, black pepper turkey, 2 slices provolone cheese, 1/4 sliced avocado, and 4 strips red bell pepper.  Enjoy!

Happy menu planning!  I hope I gave you some ideas for your next meal planning adventure!  Part of the joys of wife-hood and motherhood is making sure your husbands belly and kiddos bellies are happy and healthy!  I hope you enjoyed this Food Friday, brought to you by a mom who is happy she doesn’t have to menu plan or grocery shop for another week!


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