Monday Motivation

The beginning of the week is hard for me, especially when this weekend’s weather was doom and gloom and good old Mr. Sunshine was no where to be found.  We stayed busy, but it felt like we were busy doing a whole lot of nothing.  Therefore, I’m tired this morning and still feel like I’m dragging my feet and I still just don’t feel like doing much of anything important.  Although the sun is shining, it’s a chilly and windy 50 degree morning outside which is hardly the medicine for motivation. Currently, my oldest is off to school and I know these semi-quiet mornings are coming to an end quickly because summer vacation is quickly approaching.  I want to take advantage of the pure and simple fact that they are more quiet then they will be.  I want to take a couple minutes to decompose.  I want to not feel rushed or like I’m needed by anyone.  I want to be still and listen and these things are very doable right nice since my baby is taking her morning nap!

This morning, I don’t really have anywhere in particular I need to be.  I do have a bunch of things to keep me busy, but nothing too terribly pressing.  Nothing I have to do is really going to fill my heart with anything that will make me feel accomplished.  I’m sort of feeling like my efforts won’t really get me anywhere, so what’s the point of doing them?  With that said, I just want to stay put at home and just put the busy aside for a moment.  I decided to do a daily devotional this morning.  This is something I used to do daily, but for some reason or another  I don’t always make the time for doing them lately. This morning I did and ironically the one that popped up was “Morning Calm”.  It talked about the importance of using the bible for guidance for how to best spend our time and our energy but also to just stay put and let God work on our behalf. Interesting right since this was just the thing I needed to hear right now?  God listens and God knows what we need always.

I often find myself feeling like if I’m not busy doing something or going some where that I label myself as lazy or unproductive, so I busy myself with tasks that often make me feel empty at the end of the day or I go places that I think will help fill the void and ultimately do not.  I loved this quote from my devotion that said, “A few moments of quiet reflection before starting a busy day can make all the difference to the outcome of that day.  Be with God at the start, and He will be with you throughout.”  I wanted to share those words with you because they really hit home to me.  Sometimes what I think I need and do are the exact opposite of what God wants me to think or do.  If we all started paying a little bit more attention to the things we should be doing that feed our soul and putting more time into those, then just empty busy tasks or going places that have no meaning I think we could all feel a lot happier and feel a lot more accomplished.  When we start feeding our soul, we feel more nourished.

With that said, here are ten ideas of ways to nourish your soul (it’s important for EVERYONE, but for mom’s especially because we are not going to be our best selves or caretakers of our little ones if we first don’t take care of ourselves).

  1.  If you are feeling down and out, like I have to admit I have been feeling lately. Sometimes it’s important to just step away and reflect.  Be still.  Be quiet.  This doesn’t have to take long, even 10 minutes of alone time can be a wonderful breath of fresh air.  In this time, think of something silly your children did that made you really smile or laugh.  Think of things you are truly grateful for and vision your future.  Maybe you just need to still your mind completely, quiet your brain and let yourself be.
  2. Put down social media and actually connect with a real live person.  This could be meeting a friend for an hour or two and having a conversation over coffee.  This could be picking up the phone and calling a friend you may be out of touch with and simply catch up.  This may be taking a walk with your husband and holding hands and talking.
  3. Snuggle or take a nap with your partner or children.
  4. Exercise and practice deep breathing.  This not only  helps you let go of stress it actually helps fuel your day and clear your mind.
  5. Read an actual book or do a daily devotional.
  6. Simply slow down.  In today’s world everything is go, go, go and fast paced.  If you are like me and always feeling rushed walk a little slower and take time to notice the beauty that surrounds you.  If you are doing a task, only do that one task from start to finish before moving on to something else.
  7. Pray for someone or have someone else pray for you/with you.
  8. Take time to actually sit on the floor and play with your kids or go outside and do something together as a family.  It’s about quality time.
  9. If you have pets, take time to love them…play with them…pet them.
  10. Plant a garden.  Now is the perfect time of year to do this.  Not only is it relaxing, but you will get to see your efforts grow and you will reap the benefits once your fruits and veggies start growing.

Now ask yourself, is your soul feeling nourished today?  If not, what will you do today to feed your soul?  We only have this one life to live. Time already feels like it’s going fast.  Make each day, each moment count!  We all need to reflect on whether or not we are just living our day to day accomplishing empty tasks and going places that are meaningless or are we filling our days with meaningful tasks and activities that are hearty and fuel our souls?  On this Monday, I challenge you to just be and listen to the whispers of God and see how it affects the outcome of your day.


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