Lets talk birthday parties…

My daughter is turning 5 on June 27th.  She of course wants a birthday party (my definition of hell).  I mean, what little girl wouldn’t want a birthday party though?  Being the introverted person I am I freak out at the word “party” and I certainly don’t enjoy playing hostess.  I am organized and can make mean party food but I honestly don’t enjoy the headache of it from start to finish.  I don’t enjoy having to clean my house from top to bottom, just to have to clean it from top to bottom after everyone leaves me a mess.  I don’t enjoy being around groups of people who in my mind are critiquing my decorating skills, food making ability, and other hostess duties (even though you probably are not).  It’s stressful on me and I overthink everything which doesn’t help.

Pretty much every year, we have had some sort of birthday party for our daughter at our house, except for one birthday where my husband and I decided to take her to the zoo, have a picnic at the zoo park, later going out to dinner, opening presents and having cake and ice cream (just the 3 of us) and called it a day (seriously, that was the best birthday ever because it was simple, no headache involved and I loved that we had quality family time). This year, my daugher decided she wanted a Splash bash in our back yard.  I honestly tried talking my daughter into a simpler birthday with just her dad, me and her sister and going somewhere that she chooses, like the year we went to the Zoo.  My persuasion didn’t go very far because she made it perfectly clear she wanted her neighborhood friends over, her cousins and her 3 BFF’s from school over to help her celebrate with water fun in our back yard.  After trying to persuade her for days that it would be much more fun to pick somewhere to go as a family this year for her birthday instead, I came to one realization.  Apparently, I am not good at persuading an almost 5 year old!

Okkkkkk……so, we are doing this shin-dig!

Sooooo, what did I do? I got on my computer and I pinterested (Is that even a word? Too bad, it is now)  the sh*+ out of splash bash parties for kids. Did you know there are an overwhelming amount of very pinteresty (a word? meh) ideas for splash bash parties?  Well, you do now.  Well folks I will be honest and tell you that anything I have ever tried on pinterest looks far from that perfect.  In fact, I for see that my daughter’s party is going to be the equivilant of the dollar tree version splash bash party instead of the hobby lobby version of these splash bash parties I’m seeing on pinterest.  The struggle is going to be real!  The good thing about it is she is still young enough to not notice the imperfections that this party will be.  Instead, in her eyes, I will be the best mom for throwing her the party she asked for, haha!  This is what I hope for anyways.

Being that I really don’t want to play host or even throw a party, but I am going to because I love my daughter…I did decide I am going to try to not overthink any details and just keep it simple (if this is possible for me).  With that said, this party is going to be geared for kids only.  I am not entertaining adults like years past (although the parents will be welcome to stay if they so choose to help watch their kids).  I am only having the party from 1-4 so that I don’t have to feed anyone lunch or dinner.  I do plan on having a few kid friendly snacks available during the party (probably drinks, munchies and fruit) and then we will celebrate with popcicles, ice cream and cake.  I will do a little bit of decorating outside on our deck and we will provide the water fun (sprinklers, slip n’slide, water balloons and water squirters) and I’m calling it a Splash bash!

Possibly there will be pictures of  this splash bash fail to come (mainly will be for your entertainment).  While you are waiting for those though, kindly tell me about birthday parties you’ve thrown for your kiddos.  How old are they?  What have you done or are going to do this year for them?  Have you ever thown a splash bash party before?  If so, what tips do you have for this clueless mom?!  Lastly, enlighten me with a failed birthday party experiences you’ve had for your kids (pictures welcome)…I need to feel better about this, haha!



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