Summer Break

Guys and gals, my apologies for being quiet lately.  Life just happens and priorities take over.  I love this blog and blogging, yet making the time to write in it (at the bare minimum) weekly just hasn’t been happening lately. I fear there will be more gaps in hearing from me as today is the first day of summer break. This is the first summer I will be juggling full days with 2 kiddos of my own, plus 1 extra part-time kiddo (I care for a little boy in my home too). Not only does life happen, but there will be all sorts of busy in between. This is just your FYI for when more gaps happen, which they 100% will. When they do, please be patient with me because I will always be back at some point in time to write.

With that said, we’ve been busy with the starting of summer sports. My oldest is in both soccer and t-ball. We’ve had practices for both weekly. Her first soccer came was this past Tuesday but she had to miss it because her 4K graduation happened to fall on the same evening (I will back track to her graduation night in a bit). This coming Sunday will involve volunteering 2 hours in concessions for T-ball, t-ball team pictures and her first game. She played soccer last year (and I played soccer) so we are familiar with what goes down. T-ball is new to me (although I get the sport, I didn’t realize all we had to do just to be involved with this sport-fundraising, volunteering, multiple practices, etc). She seems to be enjoying both so far and as long as she’s happy and having fun (and staying active) then I am a happy mama!

Getting back to her 4k graduation. That night made for an emotional mama and filled me with many bittersweet feelings. Her teachers did a great job putting together a special night for the students and parent, family & friends. She even wore a cap and gown. They sang 3 songs, had a picture slideshow that recapped the school year. Then each child was introduced and walked up to shake their teachers hand and get their 4k diplomas. Cuteness overload! This mama is so proud of her and can hardly believe we have already closed the preschool chapter and I will have a kindergartener this coming Fall. Tissues….anyone have a box of tissues for me?! 

Proud parents of a 4k graduate!!!

Not only do I have an almost 5 year old, but my baby will be 7 months on the 17th. She’s currently working on mastering crawling, but can move from one end of the room to the next fairly quickly. She can go from laying down to a sitting position. In other words…time is flashing before my eyes. I’m embracing and loving every minute of every day, but it seems like just yesterday we were struggling to have her…she was only a very big hope in our heart and now she’s here. She’s here, filling our hearts with love and joy It truly takes my breath away thinking about.

Our little love bug!

These two girls keep me so busy, some days I’m lucky if I’m able to squeeze much else into my days but caring for them and entertaining them, and so on. However, it’s my goal to do some fun filled summer activities. I decided to start a bucket list of what I’d like to do with my family this summer (blog post for another day). I’m hoping to knock a lot of them off our list and make some nice memories with the 3 people who are my world! What are things on your summer bucket list? Since ours is a work in progress, I’d love for you to share with me your list! Not only am I working on this bucket list, but I am working on a new summer schedule and list of daily activities for the kiddos and myself. It is always nice to go on new adventures all the while trying to maintain some sort of routine. I will get back to you on that too once I have it all figured out. Wish me luck!

My heart!

Well folks, I could write for days since it’s been such a long gap of time since I last wrote but life is happening and I have things I need to tend to. Wishing you all a safe, happy and quality fun filled Summer! Do things that feed your mind, body and soul and spend time with those you love. I’m feeling so blessed to get to spend another summer with E and my first with K…I simply wouldn’t want it any other way!

My summer side kicks!


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