Summer Family Bucket List:

As promised, I am going to share our Summer Family Bucket List with all of you.  Now, this is only my rough draft of our list.  When I say rough draft, I simply mean that as of now it’s just a very unorganized list of things to do (for you all to scroll down and see) with a few attached links.  It’s nothing fancy at this point and the disorganization of it makes my head spin if I’m honest with myself, haha!  On a side note, disorganization seems to be the story of my life lately (#momproblems #orjustme #help!).

With that said, my goal is to organize this jumbled list into categories to make it a lot easier to look at and for my own sanity in finding things on this long list!  If you are looking to make an organized bucket list, here is what I’m guessing some of the categories names I will include on our final bucket list are in case you are looking for ideas for your own:  Water Fun (possibly breaking this down to splash pads, pools and beaches), Hikes-Bikes-Picnics, Zoo’s, Local Fun, At-Home, Camping, Weekend Get-A-Ways, Day Trips, Special Events, Nature Centers/Botanical Gardens, etc.

Being that I’ve never made a bucket list for our family for the Summer, please hang with me as this is very new to me.  However, I wanted to try making this bucket list for our family because so often we find ourselves going back and forth about what we should do when we have free time.  I don’t know if you find yourselves doing the same thing ever, but it’s really frustrating and annoying to me at how indecisive we can be.  Ultimately this leads to us wasting time.  This also typically will result in us sitting home doing nothing or just doing busy work while the kids play.

I will not let this happen to us this summer! It is my goal to have a quality summer, with less time wasted and more time spent together creating memories, because as we all know time is just going too quickly (and summers tend to go by in the blink of an eye). Having a bucket list will give us a go-to list of things to do when we are in that bind when we can’t think of anything to do off the top of our heads, no excuses.  The best thing about a bucket list is that we don’t have to do these things, we WANT to do these things which will help us to be less indecisive as well.  I also love that we don’t have to do these things in any particular order (although some of the special events and such do have specific dates), there are a variety of activities to suit our changing moods and weather AND we can continually add to our list all summer long.  With that said, here is our list of our first 50 ideas:

  1. Camping trip with my sister & her family. Location TBD.
  2. Camping just us. Location TBD.
  3. Wanick Choute Park/Sherwood, WI Splash Pad
  4. High Cliff State Park-Hike or bike ride and picnic lunch:
  5. Erb Park & Pool:–information/pool-information/erb-pool
  6. Trip to Hayward, WI:
  7. Weekend in Winter WI at my parents Cabin
  8. Go to our local Farmer’s Market:
  9. Outdoor Movies Wednesday evenings
  10. N.E.W Zoo:
  11. Bookworm Garden:
  12. Backyard Campfire and make s’mores
  13. Sunset Beach Day:
  14. Family Bike Rides
  15. Canoeing
  16. Day trip to Door County
  17. 1000 Island Nature Preserve:
  18. Timber Rattlers Game
  19. Brewers Game
  20. Packer Family Fun Weekend
  21. Derks Park
  22. Pay it forward project
  23. Visit Family In Iowa
  24. Dicks Drive In
  25. Visit a new library
  26. Summer Reading Programs
  27. Dave’s Falls:
  28. Maribel Caves:
  29. Play a game of catch in our back yard/kick the soccer ball
  30. Blow bubbles/draw with chalk
  31. Splash bash in our back yard (simple water fun, balloon fight)
  32. Shred Aquarium:
  33. Mall of America:
  34. Slumber Party in our basement (Movies, popcorn & sleeping bags)
  35. Create a nature scavenger hunt and do it together at a park.
  36. Skyzone:
  37. Mini Golf
  38. Roadster rides (my husband has an old buick roadster)
  39. Have the neighbors over to grill out and let the kids play
  40. Polluck Pool:
  41. The Twist for Ice Cream treats
  42. Play Tennis
  43. Go to a performer series at the Library
  44. Explore a new town together
  45. Paint with water
  46. Put up a tent together and read stories in it, play in it, and sleep in it in our backyard
  47. Play flashlight tag at night.
  48. Visit family in Amery
  49. Refurbish our bedroom set as a family
  50. Pick our vegetable garden and make dinner or a recipe with some of what we harvest

*I will share with you my organized version once I have it finished*

Wishing everyone a fun, safe, happy and quality summer with your family!  Enjoy this awesome season to it’s absolute fullest.  Here in WI the summers are just too short!


One thought on “Summer Family Bucket List:

  1. What a list!!! That is a LOT to do in one summer … especially with just 12 or so weekends. But having destinations and options is AWESOME. I love Door County!!! We went there a lot as a kid when I lived in Green Bay. I still remember the Cupola (is it still there?) with the ice cream shop next door – I got Blue Moon flavor every year…..


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