Father’s Day

Father’s Day has come & gone. As in years past, my heart is always torn about acknowledging the day on social media. I know how I felt during our struggle with secondary infertility when Mother’s Day approached. I felt a mix of joy because I was a Mother already and yet I felt an overwhelming sense of grief because I was struggling to become one again. As much as I celebrated the mom I was and tried to make the best of it, the day itself triggered me negatively. I would be lying if I said it didn’t.

It certainly did not help seeing a million posts on social media with mothers who had multiple children. It was yet another reminder of what was not happening to me. One huge lesson I learned going through SI is that not only was I hurting, but it was so important to acknowledge that my husband was hurting too. I had become aware of this in my everyday actions and even now knowing what I know, it changes my approach on many things.

After praying and mulling over it for a while, I did end up writing a post. This was not in vain, rather from the heart.  For those of you who do not follow me on Facebook, here was my Father’s Day Post:

I realize my post could have very well triggered another, but while praying about if i should post or not, I was reminded by the word hope. No matter how many times I was triggered in a negative way when something reminded me of what was such a struggle on my life, I somehow could use that to also give me hope for my future. That in itself kept my gas tank full. Although I have felt strongly about not acknowledging this day on social media in the past, this year I needed to give a shout out to the amazing men in my life and my kiddos lives. It was such a tough year, and each played such a special role in making it easier by being there. In life, your support system is your everything and well they are a big piece of that puzzle!


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