That Left A Mark

My littlest aquired her very first, that left a mark, ouchie yesterday afternoon. I dont know any parent who likes seeing their child get hurt, no matter how big or how small the boo-boo is. Let me tell you, her cries and screams made me believe it was going to be awful. Then I spotted her fast swelling goose egg on her sweet little forehead. Although it didn’t look pretty, all parts of me were relieved there was no blood, no concussion & no need for an emergency room visit. 

Along with feeling relief over that realization, all parts of me also felt extremely horrible that I did not prevent this from happening to her. I learned quickly the first time around that we can not keep our children in a bubble forever & some things just happen. Athough, as parents, we can’t prevent all ouchies from happening, I know that I sure as hell try to prevent most all of them from happening! Oh the joys of motherhood! 

It is hard seeing the legitimate tears of their pain, but being the one to kiss their boo-boo’s away, wipe away their tears and give them that motherly tlc while they snuggle their whole body into you for comfort or hold on tight with a comfort hug, knowing they are once again safe in Mama’s arms is one of the best feelings ever! In my daughters case she comfort nursed and fell asleep. I of course, held her longer after she fell asleep and continued kissing her sweet cheeks.

She is 7 months now and her first ouchie is now in the books. Sadly, I know it won’t be her last. She is a determined little girl who so badly wants to keep up with her big sis! If you are wondering how she got hurt yesterday, she was pulling herself to a standing position on the kitchen chair and the rest is history. Kitchen chair: 1, K: 0. 

Being the little dare devil she is my job as mom is to continue trying to prevent these oopsies from occurring. For the ones that I cant prevent, I will be prepared with ice packs in my freezer, special bandaids and ouch cream in the cubboards and endless amounts of Mama’s healing power and generous amounts of TLC. We all know that Mama’s can make any ouchie better, no matter how big or how small!


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