As promised, I told you I would do a follow-up after my daughter’s back yard splash bash birthday party. Well, the day has come and gone at what felt like as fast as I completed typing out this sentence. It was a bit nerve racking because the weather here in WI has been extremely unpredictable (go figure, I mean we do live in WI after all). In years past her birthday parties have been miserably hot and humid, which is what made us come up with the idea of a splash bash in the first place (actually that is a lie, because pinterest clearly gave me the idea first, haha). As my luck has it, the weather this year was partly coudy-sometimes sunny, a little rain drizzle here and there, consistently windy and a high of about 67 degrees. It was not my idea of a good water day. Stupidly though, this mama did not have a plan B and just went with the original plan, and only plan A.

To be fair, there was this sign before everyone entered my back yard. However, I am pretty sure the majority of Etta’s guests were 5 years of age or younger & couldn’t read! As the kids started showing up, most were hesitant to go in the water. Instead, they gravitated to the sandbox and swingset. Thank goodness kids can have fun and be content with the most simple of things because I really had no other impromptu ideas up my sleeve for this party. 

Also, thankfully there is always that one kid who is the life of the party and daring enough to be bold and go strait for the water, even on a below 70 degree chilly summer day. This one bold move got all the other kids in a strait up classic water fight. E was so excited to finally have a splash bash! Among chattering teeth, giggles, screams of pure joy…the kids seemed to have a blast. It was far from perfect. It was far from pinterest worthy…but the kids were happy and having fun and my birthday girl was on cloud 9 so I’d say it was 100% a success!


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