Wiggling Octopus

As I mentioned in a past post, making the time to write in here this summer, I knew was going to be few and far inbetween. Never did I think I would be casting this hobby aside so much this summer. Life just got so busy and I have also been spending my free time putting my biggest priority first, my family. I love this blog and hobby, but if I am real, it is much lower on my priory list then other things. Summer is so short lived here in WI that I feel I just have other hobbies I would rather be doing. For those other bloggers out there, I am just curious how you make blogging work during your busy times? When do you blog? What time of day do you generally blog? Where do you blog most, as in what type of environment do you gravitate to most when blogging? Who is around you or are you by yourself? How do you make time for making daily/weekly posts and how long does it generally take you to make your final post? These are all questions I have for my fellow bloggers.

In case you are wondering the answers to these questions about me, today I will be answering them for you. You will also find out why this post is titled Wiggling Octopus as I am sure the title is confusing at first and probably not the topic you thought I was going to be disgussing.

Let me begin by answering my own questions about myself and my blogging habits (which have changed drastically since the birth of K). Then, if you are a blogger I would love for you to answer these questions about yourself in my comments. I cant wait to hear from you all!

First, here is a little about my blogging habits:

How do I make my blogging work during my busy times?

I really do not have a great answer to this question right now and really this is what I am trying to figure out for myself at the moment. Juggling my time and being productive has been hard with two kids as there has been a lot of change to adjust to in the last 7 months. I have been feeling scatterbrained, lost when I don’t have my planner near by & I am a constent mess of unorganized list of to-do’s and have multiple post-it notes scattered over my house as reminders for things I need to remember that I would easily forget otherwise, without them there. I will be honest, in those rare quiet moments that I do get I am typically not blogging these days. This post is only happening because it has been weighing on my heart and mind to get a post up since it has been a while & bumped up on my agenda to make it happen. If and when I ever figure out how to make more frequent blog posts happen again, you will be the first to know. Until then, I am anxiously awaiting to see your secret in how you make it work for yourself amongst your crazy busy life!

When do I blog?

Blogging is quite the process for me these days and when I blog tends to vary. However, lately I am finding myself multi-tasking while doing it. Typically, I am either blogging while nursing K or blogging while pumping for K. Unfortunately for my blog, I am weaning myself from the pump which has cut blogging time even shorter as I am only pumping 2 times per day, whereas before I was pumping every 2-3 hours. K has also started eating more solids, so we have also elimitated a few nursing sessions during the day, again limiting time I would normally write. Since I mostly blog while nursing and/or pumping I never finish a blog entry in one sit down attempt…it can be over a span of a few hours, a day or even a couple days to finish one entry. Blogging has been happening at all hours of the day. Pre-K I would blog my one entry with my morning coffee and be done in 1 sitting. It was the life, haha! Currently, I am typing this sentence while eating my breakfast, alone in quiet. A very rare moment for me. However, an example of a continuation piece that I did not finish yesterday.

What time of day do I generally blog?

Preferably, I enjoy most to blog in the morning. This rarely, if ever, occurs in the mornings for me anymore. This morning I started writing around 7:30 a.m. My entire family is still asleep. However, like previously stated my blogging happens over a span of time throughout the day, sometimes evenings as well.

Where do I blog most? What environment do you gravitate towards most? 
Honestly, 99% of the time I blog while at home. I have also blogged in the car a few times, as a passenger (thought I should clarify I never drive and blog!). I think I gravitate towards blogging at home (not out of favor, rather just convenience because that is where I am most being a SAHM. If I had more “me time” I’d love to go sit at my favorite coffee shop, a library, a park, etc. to blog. Come to think of it, I really should try to change up my environment to help spark more topic ideas. A change of pace can be good for the mind, body & soul.

Who is around me when I blog or am I by myself?

Lets get one thing strait. I am rarely, if ever, by myself anymore.  With that said, being  that I do the majority of my blogging at home, I am typically around my family. Given when I generally find time to blog, typically closest to me is usually my wiggling octopus, a.k.a K. On a side note, it takes talent trying to blog while nursing. Half the time she is flailing her arms and smacking my phone right on to the floor or kicking her legs my sentences look like jibberish. There has even been a couple times shes made her own publications (that I quickly deleted). Below is a quick video of my wiggling octopus, and just a taste of why it is hard to nurse and blog!

How do I make time for daily/weekly posts?

Generally, I dont get a lot of down time right now. I have to basically blog around my kids and fit it in when I can multitask and do it, at nap times, or during those rare quite moments like this morning.

How long does it take you to make your final post?

Truly this depends on the topic at hand and also the amount of time I have to blog during each particular day. I have been working on this piece since yesterday and am hoping to post it shortly today.

Well, that sums up my Q & A for now. Have a fantastic Saturday!


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