Aimless Twenty Talk Tuesday

Since I’ve got a lot of randomness going on up in my brain, I thought it would be great to establish a little place to put these jumbled thoughts of mine and start a little piece on Tuesdays called, Aimless Twenty Talk Tuesday.  If you happen to look up the word aimless in a dictionary, it simply means:  having no goal.  Obviously, there is going to be no theme or set topic, no organization, no direction, and sometimes no purpose to my twenty talking points.   However, since I have so many wandering thoughts going on, as I take on lots of roles in life (as we all do), I wanted to normalize that we can all be a little overwhelmed at times and sometimes all we need is someone to listen or a place to put these thoughts so others can comment on too.  So here we go for my first ever Aimless Twenty Talk Tuesday!

  1.  I downloaded Podcast Addict about 3 weeks ago and absolutely am in love with listening to podcasts.  I think listening has triggered a lot of these random thoughts I’ve been having.  Guys, I think I’d absolutely love to have a podcast of my own.  How do people even get started doing one?  I have no idea, but I think it would be amazing.  Given that I don’t have a ton of free time (especially because most of the podcasts I listen to are not appropriate for my kiddos ears), I’ve been primarily listening to them when I get dressed in the morning while my girls are still sleeping (in place of typically listening to the radio, primarily country music).  Given that I don’t have a lot of time to listen, I’ve only listened to a few podcasts.  I’d like to give a shout out to the following that I’ve enjoyed so far:  Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe,  The Ben & Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast, and currently I am listening to Matt & Doree’s Eggcellent Adventure.  I have quite a few others downloaded that I am anxiously anticipating listening to but if any of my followers have further suggestions I will gladly accept them in the comments!
  2.   I asked my oldest daughter (she is 5) if she slept well last night because she had a busy day and she seemed to fall asleep rather quickly and pretty hard.  She looks down at the ground and sighs and says, “No Mama, I did not.  I couldn’t stop dreaming about Old McDonald’s happy meals.” I was just thinking to myself how that would not have been a dream, sounds more like a nightmare!  Haha.  The other funny thing she said today while we were driving through Neenah (WI) to get to the Public Library was, “Oh my gosh, did you drive us to New York?  I feel like we are in New York.”  I responded, “Why do you think we are in New York?”  She says, “…because there are really tall buildings and  it seems really busy here.”  Quite the answer from a little girl who has never been to New York.  However, when I asked her where she learned about New York, she said with a lot of sassiness, “New York is part of our World and you should really know that already Mom.”  Ooook then!
  3. Starbursts are one of my favorite candies.  I tend to gravitate towards to original flavored ones, but ventured outside my comfort zone and bought a bag of the Summer Splash ones and I must say I am happy I did, so yummy!
  4. Last night was the last night of my daughter’s T-ball and next Tuesday is the last night of her summer soccer league.  As much as I’ve enjoyed watching her play, it will be nice to not have our Monday and Tuesday nights booked for the rest of summer.  …until the next thing she decides she wants to do, which she’s already been talking about swimming lessons again and possibly gymnastics.  We shall see!  It was so cute though because she got a cute little metal after her T-Ball game and she was over the moon excited over it (her first ever metal).  She’s been wearing it around 24/7 since she received it.  After her game, they did a little pizza/ice cream party.  I am so grateful we are able to let her be involved in activities and that she is learning new skills and what it is like to be a part of the team.  Little does she know right now, these are some of the best moments and times in her life!
  5.  I feel like since I’ve had K that I am so scatterbrained and easily distracted lately.  Is this normal?  Goodness, I can’t complete tasks mainly because I start something and then see something else that needs to get started on so I start that and that reminds me of something I need to do so I do that…it’s just an endless unproductive circle lately.  It’s created a lot of overwhelming feelings to fester lately.
  6. Tacos. I’m totally craving Tacos today-although I mentioned this to my husband last night (Monday).  TACO TUESDAY!  Guess I’ll be adding that to an upcoming Meal Plan.
  7. We went camping this past weekend and I decided to relax in the hammock.  The hammock rope snapped and I found myself going down with it, SMACK into the ground.  I have been hurting pretty badly since it happened (stiff neck, off and on headaches, upper back soreness, right hip and right thigh hurt).  I should probably make a chiropractor  appointment and I don’t know why I am putting it off, but I am.  I should probably just make the appointment eh?
  8. My husband and I desperately need a date night.  I’d love to even just watch a grown up movie from start to finish together or binge watch one of our favorite shows together.  It doesn’t have to be anything crazy.  I rented two movies from the library (The Intern and On The Edge of Seventeen) and had to renew them today in hopes we’d get a chance to watch them together before they are due back again…probably wishful thinking.  I can’t even remember the last time we watched a movie together.  We need to start feeding our relationship, we really do.
  9. I have yet to get a sunburn this summer, which is a first for me (except for small areas of my body I didn’t properly apply sunscreen too).  I’ve been so good about putting sunscreen on myself and not just the kids.  Not gonna lie, I am pretty proud of myself!
  10. Watching E & K play together is one of my favorite things.  Last night E had K giggling so hard it was music to my ears.
  11. I had ordered something and it was due to be delivered on Friday.  Got home from being away and no package anywhere to be found.  However, I had received the email confirmation saying it had been delivered to our mailbox at 3:01 pm.  Hmm.  I checked around with neighbors to no avail and finally called the post office.  Sure enough, they had delivered my package to the neighbors 2 doors down.  I don’t typically complain about things as I am not good at being assertive and I am understanding to a fault sometimes but this isn’t the first time these type of mail mistakes have happened (pretty much happens 8/10 times I order something).  It’s rather annoying.  When I called the post office they were nice about but also talked to me in a non-concerned, no care in the world kind of way.  They offered me this, “Mistakes happen.  Mail will get lost.  Yours was delivered but it appears the carrier delivered to your neighbor.”  Pretty sure I’m really happy this didn’t happen when we were going through the IVF process and ordered specialty meds that needed to be taken same day as delivery that could have jeopardized our entire cycle.  Some mistakes are just not ok and can cause a lot of headache and problems.  I do understand mistakes happen but they shouldn’t be happening as often as they do in our neighborhood.  Houses are clearly marked multiple times (on the mailboxes, on the house, a post with our house number is at the end of our driveway).  When this keeps happening it means someone is being careless in their job and not paying attention to detail-not good qualities for a mail position if you ask me!  Sorry, rant over.
  12. Why am I sweating?  The air is on.  The fans are blowing.  It’s 72 degrees inside (82 degrees outside) and all I am doing is standing here typing up this blog post.  I must have still been pretty heated over that last thought!  Hah!
  13. I’m really behind on K’s baby book, scrapbook and picture books.  I was so good about it with E.  Now I get the whole B K thing that my husband always talks about.  We are living it.  If you want to have an explanation about B K, just ask me!
  14. Gross.  I really need to paint my nails.  I actually thought about treating myself to a pedicure.  I typically do this like 1-2 times in the summer but this year I have not.
  15. I hate clutter.  It’s driving me insane at the moment.  I’m so tired of being the magical fairy that does anything about it.  Poof.  Where is my magical fairy in life?
  16. K is currently crawling on the wood flooring in the kitchen streaking her hand across the floor.  It makes this nails on chalkboard, cringe worthy type of noise and she will sit and do this all day if I let her.  She gets great amusement out of it for some reason.  EEEEEeeeeeeekkkkk, there she goes again.  It’s up there on the list with the worse noise ever.
  17. I finally got my old lady cat pet steps up to our bed.  I’ve had my best fur pal since she was a kitten back in 2002 and as of lately she’s having trouble jumping.  I think she’s got some arthritis going on that is giving her some grief.  She loves sleeping by me and on me at night and I was so happy to see her using the steps last night.  She’s always been strange with new things so I wasn’t sure if she’d actually use them if I got them for her.  Win!  It’s so sad seeing your fur pals getting old (however, it’s awesome when they life a long and quality filled life too).
  18. I’m rather burnt out.  I need a vacation.  I freaking deserve a vacation.  When I know that is not in the cards for a very long-long-long-long time it makes me even more burnt out.  2010 was my last vacation with my husband and that was our honeymoon.  Sad.
  19. Have you ever had that moment when you are in the car by yourself after always toting around the kids and having to listen to kid songs and are halfway to your destination and realize you are still listening to kid tunes because that is just the norm now and become filled with this bubbling excitement that you can turn that crap off and finally listen to your jams!  Woot, woot…that was me the other day.  I suppose that was like a vacation for me…for a few minutes.
  20. I’m really sad this is number 20 because I feel like I could just keep going with my nonsense.  It’s almost like therapy for me to do this.  Enlighten me with you nonsense in the comments.  It can be totally random and I will for sure dig it.

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